When do babies know their name?

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My sons started to recognize their name when I’d say it to them around 5-6 months they would turn their heads and look at me

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Probably around 6 months my son would start to look when someone said his name

7 months for one kiddo, then my son who is autistic was closer to a year

My son between 3-4 months he would move his head and smile when I called his name

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Around 6 months my son started responding to his name

All tho they act like their deaf and cant hear me when I talk to them but yea :woman_shrugging::joy::joy:

My little boy was 3 to 4 months xx

About the average time they start sitting up and crawling

Probably around 7 months our son responded to his name consistently.

My first started responding to his at about 5 months.

I think it was by 4 months!

Anywhere between 3-6 months.
But it seems like when they get older they forget, because I often catch myself screaming at the top of my lungs and still no reply🤣