When do babies roll over?

My son is 6 months old. He rolls over from back to belly perfectly fine, but has never rolled from belly to back. He’s just about able to sit up with no support, and almost on the verge of crawling it seems. Should I be concerned that he hasn’t rolled the other way yet? Like I said he is 6 months but he weighs 25lbs! Does his weight have anything to do with it? Lol

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You shouldn’t be worried. He’ll get there eventually. If it’ll make you feel better talk to your pediatrician the next time you go.

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Nope. My daughter is 6 months tomorrow. Still has only rolled from belly to back once. I guess it’s a lot easier for her to cry and have mommy do it for her! :roll_eyes::joy:

no. dont worry. just like some children never crawl till after they walk. diff beat, diff drummer. its all good.

My son is almost 5.5 months and has only rolled belly to back maybe 5 times. Has not done back to front yet. Hes trying to I think. He is able to turn to his side but then rolls right back lol

Some babies are different my son rolled from his belly to back at 6 weeks old …hes 3.5 months now and hasnt rolled back to belly yet

My daughter didn’t do any of that! He started crawling on her own at 10months and then officially walking at a year and 1month.

My baby has rolled from belly to back but it almost always seems to happen accidentally, she can also roll from back to belly. She just really wants to be on her belly so she can look around! I wouldn’t worry about this, maybe your baby just prefers to be on belly!

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No you should Not be concerned at all. But I’d suggest asking your pediatrician