When do babies start crawling?


Any tips or tricks on how to get my little one to crawl?


Tummy time and toys around them make them curious.


Work with them everyday, i put a rolly ball in front of my son and he kind of just learned how to belly crawl after it, then after a week was crawling. I did the same with my daughter but she had no interest. So dont be upset if your child doesnt crawl till later.

You can also lay them on their tummy on a blanket folded up and stand over them lifting both sides of the blanket so they work the muscles they will need to crawl

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There really are no tricks they will crawl when they are ready. Just play on the floor with them and eventually they will start


Any tips on how to get my 1.5 yo to stay stationary for just 10 seconds?

But really. I wish I never wished for crawling, walking. It goes too fast.


Don’t do it, it’s a trap lmao


I have video of my daughter crawling for the first time. We put her in front of a big spongebob toy.
Dont rush it though. Enjoy every little stage. :slight_smile:

Tummy time for 10 minutes every four hours. I did it with my oldest she start crawling at 2 months

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I feel like there is no tricks. I had 2 kids who walked before they crawled. And yes tummy time helps.

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My daughter rolled around and then army crawled till she was 9m at 9 months she crawled standed and walked before the 10th month

Ask a pom any that I ever worked with where experts… Some could even fit right up the bosses bum

Put his favorite toys etc in front of him and encourage him to crawl to it :slight_smile:

Wait until they’re ready

Some don’t crawl. Some just stand up and walk one day or turn into monkeys.

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Keep moving toys and things just out of baby’s reach. I always used food cause my baby is a big eater. Or my phone.
But ultimately, baby will crawl when ready

My 8 Mo has no interest in crawling and trust me I am happy with that bcos once they start the real trouble begins lol

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Mine just turned 7 months today and she roll/bear crawls everywhere.

I increased floor time and it still took some time. They do it when they’re are ready. However if you put a favorite toy a bit out of reach that may give a little incentive to crawl. My son is 9 months and started scooting backwards on his butt when he was 8 months. Now does this odd crawl, I really don’t even know how to explain it. Swings one leg in front of him to move himself forward and drags his other leg across the floor lol. Its hilarious to watch. Honestly faster that way too. He crawls normally when he feels like it. But as long as he is mobile whatever works for him I guess. Dont worry soon your little one will be into everything and you will be like why did you have to start crawling lol. Just takes time and patience. Good luck

As I mom of grown children when they are ready they will crawl, walk and talk. Each kid is different. Once they start you can never go back. As I mom of grown children I would go back if I could I miss those days. I also know how hard those days are. Good Luck. Some kids don’t crawl they just walk. But they all get their.


Lots of floor time. Less container time.

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Don’t rush it cause before you know it they’re walking :joy: both of mine walked at 9&10months old :woman_facepalming:t2: they crawled at 5months. In all seriousness, just lay them on their belly & play with them they will soon pick it up :blush:

They just do it one day & then you get to sit on the couch while they’re destroying your house & reminisce on the days he/she couldn’t move :joy:


My boy never crawl he pulled up to end tables and couches and started walking around them and just took off

Support them from behind with having their feet digging into the ground whilst having something amusing in front of them or having someone encouraging them from in front.

My little guy “army crawled” for a few weeks, crawled for literally one day then decided to walk. Some babes don’t crawl…
I tried moving toys, helping him physically, explaining… everything.

Lay them on their tummy and place your hands on the bottom of their feet and give em a lil push. The baby should push back n try to crawl

I had one that started crawling at 6 months and didn’t walk till the day after her 1st birthday. My oldest never really crawled and went straight from cruising at 8 months to walking by 9 months. Every kid is different and have their own pace. Lots of tummy time, spreading object out of reach on a blanket with help. Johnny jumpers, exersaucers will help build leg muscles… but when they are ready they will do it.

I put the round puffs container on a carpet and my little girl crawled after it really wanting her puffs XD

My son crawled at 8 months.
My daughter is almost 9 months and refuses to crawl, whereas her cousin was full on walking at 9 months.
All kids are different .

My son will be 6 mos in 2 days and he can turn himself 360 degrees, but he can’t sit up (always leans forward to put his feet in his mouth :woman_shrugging:) and he won’t push up on both arms and legs at the same time. He SO badly wants to crawl though.

My oldest liked his bottle so I put him on his tummy and his bottle in front of him to grab. It worked lol

My first I would put a folded blanket under her like a U and lift her just a little bit so her hands and knees could reach the floor still, and supported her while she crawled around towards things she wanted until she could do it by herself, she was crawling at 6 months. This baby I didnt do that with, just tons of tummy time and shes been crawling since 4 months. I kinda wish she didnt start crawling till at least 6 months like her sister, but I guess I have no control over that, she just wants to move.

Tummy time, they will when they’re ready.

They do it when theyre ready. Why rush it???

Have you heard of the popcorn analogy?

Tummy time! Lots and lots of tummy time! Strengthen that tummy, bubba! Put things in front of him that his interested in. And when they start being interested at moving towards an object. Use a thin blanket that’s folded, and place under them. Keep it from the under pit to the bottom of their belly. That’s the support. When they prop up you hold the ends of the blanket above and let them move on their own pace.

I was always on the floor doing tummy time with the baby. He sat up at 4 months, crawled backward at 5 then forward a couple weeks later. He was cruising since 4 months too, and then 6 months his first steps, then at 7 months he was walking.

Always be encouraging. Smile when they do something awesome. Clap when they do it and be happy! :heartbeat:

Each baby is different but still development is so awesome to see and it should be celebrated! Your little humans are learning cool stuff!

My son never crawled, he rolled…then walked at 8 months old. Just let him crawl in his own time.