When do babies start crawling?

How did you know what your child was going to start crawling? What were some signs mamas? :blush:

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Scooching on all fours is the biggest indicator

My daughter would get in crawling position and rock back and forth. Then she would just kinda push herself so she would go forward but fall


When they rock back and forth


Army crawled across the floor at a birthday party with a bunch of older kids, she was unstoppable ever since

Rocking on all fours.

Rocking back and forth.

Mine crawled backwards first 🤷🏻‍♀🤣

Getting on hands and knees rocking back and forth

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She was army crawling toward us, and we’d quickly move around so she had to go farther. She didn’t like that. She figured out how to get on her hands and knees because she was pissed off, lol.

First one would bounce on all fours, back and fourth. The second one just simply started army crawling lol

Usually around tummy time, they will start wanting to move around more after they learned how to roll over

My kids went into crawl position and rock back n forth. Then again before it start they started army crawl. Then they would try

When they start pulling themselves up on their knees is a sign, of when they are on their tummies they start trying to pull themselves forward

My daughter crawled out of nowhew. She would wiggle her butt while on her stomach but other then that nothing. Before she started crawling she would roll everywhere. All across the room. My husband and I though she would skip crawling. Then one day she just started.

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