When do babies start crawling?

Anyone have any experience with 9 month old baby not crawling or pulling themselves up yet? I talked to her doctor today but am getting a little frustrated and worried. My daughter rolls and army crawls from side to side and isn’t even close to pulling herself all the way up from a laying down position. I feel like there are so many physical milestones she’s getting behind at right now. My doctor said she wasn’t worried at all but to keep working with her… anyone have this happen and what has helped?


My daughter didn’t until a little after 9 months! All babes are different and will do it when they’re ready :slightly_smiling_face: don’t rush it, you’ll wish you didn’t mama!!

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This worked wonders for my youngest…he didn’t start pulling up or have interest in walking for the LONGEST time. Got him this when he was almost 9 months old. 11 months old he was all over the place!!!

My daughter was walking at 9 months!
I don’t remember with my oldest son!
My youngest son army crawl until 10 months then started crawling on all 4 about 2 weeks before he started walking!!

Give him time he will get it soon enough

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My son started crawling at 9.5 months

My son would not crawl. He was content to sit and play with toys as long as he could see me. Tried and tried to get him to crawl - no way. One day when he was a year old he had been fed and was sitting on a blanket while we were having dinner. He stood up and walked over to me and that was it.

My son was a late bloomer when it came to crawling didnt start until he 11 and half months

74yrs. I have saw this many times. Just keep up with what’s going on and soon you will be surprised. Love does work wonders.

My daughter did things on the late side of normal. She’s 16 months now and still falls a lot when walking. She started walking at 14 months. She didn’t sit up until 7 months and army crawled until a week or two before she started walking. Army crawling was fast and she could still hold onto her toy. You can YouTube teach my baby to crawl for some instructional videos but I wouldn’t been worried yet. There’s time.

My little one didn’t start crawling until 10.5 months. He’s a year and still only crawling. He pulls up to his knees but that’s it so far. His ped isn’t worried. They all get there in their own time.

I have 4 children. Only one of them was crawling by 9 months. They are all smart, kind, amazing kids. She will be just fine Momma and you’re doing a great job!

I wouldn’t worry to much about it mama all babies grow and learn and move at their own pace. I have 4 girls all of which did things a little different than the others. Keep at it and keep up the good work. Trust me she will surprise you one day when you least expect it and just come out of the blue. They always do. Xoxoxoxo

My almost one year old didn’t crawl till around 10 months and then she started talking off!! Shes days from her 1st birthday and letting go of things to walk!! I was worried at first but chalked it up to how she was always so happy just being next to momma​:heart: she was also a little late on eating food and getting teeth! Still only has 3 teeth but will only eat normal food​:joy::flushed: I can’t win! Enjoy your little while they are little!

My youngest didn’t start until after 10 months, wasn’t walking until closer to 14 months. Big brother didn’t help matters, he always pushed him down.
Johnny jumper, the ones that hang in the door way, will help strengthen the legs.

My oldest never did the traditional crawl. He army crawled and barrel rolled to get around. Keeo an eye on it, but stress yourself. She could learn to crawl, pull up and walk all in the same day.

My daughter was always slow to move herself around. She finally starting crawling at 10 months and then refused to pull herself up or do anything other than crawl until 21 months. We took her to physical therapy and everything checked out. She was diagnosed as stubborn. :joy: She finally decided to start walking a month before her 2nd birthday and she has been on the move ever since!

I have preemies so. My oldest was 13 months before she walked on her own, she would cruise and pull up. She never crawled, she would just butt scoot. My youngest is only 6 months so well see. If your doctor isn’t worried, i wouldnt be. Babies do at their own pace.

Omg im worried about the same thing :woman_facepalming:t2: my baby just had his 9 month check up and I mentioned it to his pediatrician and she said she thinks he just likes mom and dad carrying him everywhere but she gave us the number to a physical therapist and said its up to us if we want to take him. She said they will teach him to crawl

It’s fine don’t worry :wink: my niece didn’t want to crawl at 11 months she directly start walking​:hugs: so she didn’t have the crawling period at all

My son (oldest) didn’t start crawling until 10 months and my oldest daughter (2nd child) didn’t start crawling until 13 months. Every baby is different and develops at different paces. Just encourage her by her putting in on her tummy often.

I used a jolly jumper to help strengthen his legs. He was walking by eight months…running at nine months. A friend offered this jumper and I put him in a hour aday

At my daughters 9months appt she wasn’t pulling herself up, but started to a week or so after. Once she started she took off with it pulling up on everything and walking along future. Watch to see if your daughter will get up on her knees or rock on her knees that’s a sign she’s practicing to crawl soon.

My son is 14 months old and only walks holding a hand. Didnt crawl til almost 10 months. He pulls up and stands independently but only a step or two here and there. No one is worried.

My baby is 8 months n shes the same she rolls over. Kinda sits up . No pressure though . Babies are all different

Dont panic on these things or the rest of their lives will panic you. Your babies/kids/young adults will do things when they are willing and able. Watch their eyes and see all the little “lightbulb” moments when they are contemplating grabbing something or simply just watching the world around them. When they learn how to put things together or read or draw. Everyone does everything in their own time. Just like you! Whatever they do and whenever they do it is just as it should be. Dont judge your kids on other peoples’ milestones. They aren’t on the same path as everyone else. Enjoy mama!

If you look back on this and read this in years to come I guarantee it will make you smile. All bubs are different and do everything in their own time. Worst thing you can do is compare your bub to other bubs. My youngest didn’t walk til 3 and she’s fine. You’ll be fine

This happens my cousins was 13 months would only sit refused to crawl then one day just got up and started walking around never crawled at all i would be worried!

Some baby’s are slow learning. Don’t worry stand her up in play pen. Shell learn to hold on and when she falls it won’t hurt and she’ll won’t to get back up

My oldest never crawled normally, she went straight from the army crawl to walking at about 10ish months

My second son never walked until he was 19 months old. He was a very content child. He will be 31 in a few weeks, is a dentist, athletic,and to this day very content. No worries.

Not all babies are the same if and when he is ready he will do it on his own, don’t be worried he will get their.