When do babies start talking?

My 17 month old son STILL hasn’t said many words. He has only said hi, hey and mama twice… what are some ways to encourage my little man to talk??


My son didn’t really start talking until he hit 3 years and now he’s almost 5 and doesn’t stop talking lol. :rofl: in all seriousness, though, he will when he’s ready. I wouldn’t stress unless his doctors seem worried or you notice unusual speech patterns…

Just keep talking to him and hopefully he will learn. Maybe mention it to his doctor and see if he/she may think he’ll need a speech therapist

Doctor told me to try to get my son to say things before I gave them to him and lots of reading to them but he will when he’s ready

Oooh, but I do remember buying some flash cards and my son would repeat what I said were on the cards…

Try baby sign language and just keep talking to him
Narration helps promote talking because it shows more sounds, like just talking to yourself at the store about which box of cereal to get
These are things my sons speech therapist has showed us and its starting to really help!! My sons 19 months and he’s starting to say more than mama now

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Have him watch Blippi! He’s a very educational guy who does amazing videos. My son was about that age and he was f saying a lot of words. He can now count to 10 tell me colors, Say sentences etc and he just turned 2 all thanks to watching blippi!

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Please get him tested, he may be Autistic !! There is so much more help and information out there for Autism and the many diagnosis of autism’s characteristics. I have an autistic granddaughter and she is so AWESOME AMAZING !!! I cannot imagine her being different !! She brings so much Joy and Enlightenment to the World !!!


My son talk and sang with barney but would get shy if I try to get him to talk to anyone.

My son didn’t really start talking till he was a little over 2 years old pediatricians don’t usually show concern until they’re 2 he’s still got a few months just keep practicing with him and talk to him as much as possible

Speak to pediatrician and ask for a referral to early intervention services for speech therapy. Yes some kids take longer however if you are concerned then it wont hurt to have little one evaluated by speech therapist.

My youngest daughter didn’t say anything but mama dada and puppy from 9m-18 months and now at 21 months almost she says 3-4 word sentences "i want that " “me need a drink " " please and thank you” “i love you” and like 75 other words… like sometimes I gotta do a double take to see if its her or my 4 year old! Lol

just talk to him, he will speak when he is ready. please do not speak baby talk to him. the clearer you speak the better he will speak

My oldest wouldn’t talk until she was like three and a half… She’s 14 now and doesn’t stop :rofl::rofl:
Kids will talk when they are ready to, and not before, but you can always talk to their doctor if it’s something that concerns you.

My nephew went from pointing and saying things like ‘wa’ for water to ’ Hello. I’m so glad to came to see me. Are you going to visit? Etc, etc.’ And it happened in one week. He was about 21 months old. It was like someone pushed his on button, and almost 40 years later he hasn’t stopped talking.
If your child doesn’t have a hearing or other physical problem, then don’t worry about it. They have their own timeframe.

My son didnt say many hes18 and a half months now and talks a lot. I talk to him constantly and especially while play time and when he says a new word we clap for him. He still doesnt talk much around other people but does all the time around people hes familiar with

Kids learn at different paces my 2 year old doesn’t say a whole lot but since he turned 2 his vocabulary has expanded a lot compared to 17 months old

Were signing at 14 months she has 20 signs and 10 verbal words.

Have conversations with him. Read lots of books. That’s how my 17 months old started talking. He says lots of words and try to copy whatever I say.

I am sorry I touched a nerve. My Tristan is and Always has been the Most Special Child !!! I knew she was different when she was days old. I am so glad she was diagnosed and got help. She will soon be 16 years old and I am wishing for her a lifetime full of all the Joys any young woman would Love: Falling in Love, Having a fulfilling Job, Getting married, Having children of her Own, Living the Most Happy Life !!! Her report card this semester was So Amazing: 100s 90s 80s !!! We have waited 15 years for these kinds of grades but all have been a Blessing!! She is Smart beyond measure. … but we know her Measure !!!

Just keep talking to him he will get it. If you get worried you can always have him tested but some kids just devolpe language at different times.

My daughter is 17 months too and her doctor said he wasn’t concerned about how many words she said as much as she interprets what you say. She can only say hi mom, dad, sissy ugh oh, owie. But she understands so much! She knows where her nose, eyes, ears, belly, teeth, hair, hands, feet, butt is at, if you tell her to go her her people or baby she will go get them, or go throw something away…go get her coat. Want to take a bath? I’d work with him on things like that… words will come! I hope this helps a little bit :blush:

Sing to him. It works. Dance too

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Just keep talking to him

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My son was recently diagnosed he’s on the Spectrum he is autistic <3 hes still not talking only says few words <3 hes still the same little guy hes just more special <3 he will do extraordinary things <3

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Just continue reading and sharing the book and talking to him.when he finally takes off talking, you gonna be wishing he’d just shut up for couple of second, give you time to think.

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He’ll talk when he’s ready & when he does you"'ll be wishing he didn’t so much.


Have you had his hearing checked? At almost 2 1/2 yrs old one of my children had no words, only a couple sounds. From the time he was a yr old it seemed like we were constantly going from one place to another looking for answers. When the dr finally agreed to put tubes in his ears he began saying words.

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Speak to him in adult words. No baby talk. Make sure he’s around people often and hears conversation.

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Don’t worry he’s listening to everything you say and when he’s ready you won’t be able to stop


Going through the same thing. My sons about 19 months and only says a few words too

Do you have older children? My son didn’t talk til he was almost 2 1/2. We saw the pediatrician, ENTs and speech pathologist. It was the speech pathologist that told us to have our oldest stop speaking for him. We had not realized that when she was near she would always speak for him. After some adjustments his vocabulary started to expand and he started talking a lot more.

Just talk to him, read to him, and don’t LABEL him as ‘speech delay’ because every child develops differently. I’m sure everything is in his mind, he just hasn’t SAID the words YET. But he will. Don’t label him, encourage him.

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Sing sing sing. Kids love to sing. Sing everything, even your conversations with him, let it all be musical. Thats how i taught my babies and mokopuna. And its fun.

Don’t panic and just talk to him. Lol. Its not abnormal at a year and a half to be saying just a few things. He’ll get there on his own time. He’s still a baby. If he’s having trouble at 3, then consult a speech therapist… in the meantime you could have his hearing checked too if you’re super concerned but I really wouldn’t be. :slight_smile:

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17 months, honey he may have a speech problem, or he can’t hear very well, my daughter is 8 months, she says mama, daddy, sissy, and bye bye

Read and talk my son is 3 and he is just now using 3word sentences

Talk to him or sing all your daily activities…my grandson and I did that and by 2 he was using very complete statements…(this is the way we brush our teeth… brush our teeth)or this is how we scramble our eggs scramble our eggs…but each child learns at THEIR own pace . he’ll get there

Everyrhing he points at or sees … Name it …
Car, bus, clock, dog, plane, tree, colors, yellow, blue, ect ect … He’ll catch on and then one day hell just start talking to u out of no where

Read and repeat same words over and over. He will catch on. My kid went from 15 words to like 50 withing a month.

Went through the same thing with my now 4 year old one day he just started talking at about 2.5-3yrs and hasn’t stopped!! Don’t worry they all catch up , good luck!

All children are different. He will eventually start speaking. As he has started saying a few words, slowly he will speak up more and then he never gonna be quiet instead you will be tired :joy::joy::joy: