When do babies start talking?

Hello, does anyone have any issues with their kids not talking yet?

I have a 2 1/2 year boy who makes sounds, gibberish talk, and says basic words but no real sentences. I can half understand him, and he gets frustrated when we don’t. The pediatrician wants us to go a hearing test and speech therapy. I know he does not have a hearing problem. He can hear the car come into the driveway, hear the ice cream man down the street, and hear a vibrate from a phone. He just has selective hearing I say. Lol. We read, watch baby lullabies and sing together. We repeat words with him, but he just won’t say them. He understands a lot more, and knows what anyone is talking about. Everyone tells me that he might just talk when he wants to. And I believe that, but should I still worry? When did your kids start talking? And how does speech therapy go about? Another thing, he is very unhappy when anyone “messes” with him. It’s a struggle. Whenever he sees a doctor, dentist, brushes his teeth, gets medicine, clean his nose. He acts like you are kidnapping him. I just don’t know what to do.


Same issues but I have a daughter 2 yrs 3 months

Just because he can hear a car in the driveway and the ice cream man doesn’t mean he isn’t having problems hearing things that have lower or higher pitch and decibels. My cousin could hear her mother when she spoke but could not hear her father’s voice very well when he spoke. a hearing aid and speech therapy got her caught up and now she won’t shut up.


Do as the doctor says!!!


I had a similar issue and I finally decided to take my son to a speech therapist after the evaluation I found out my son was about a year behind in his expressive language as well as how much he understands when someone is talking to him. He has been in speech therapy for 6 months now and he has almost completely cought up with his age group


I would get the hearing test just to rule it out but my son had this issue, to the dot.
Still is this way and he is 3 and a half, and was diagnosed with autism.


Start speech therapy asap. At least get a consult. You get it done through your school district. My son was 2 when he started and it helped so much. It wasn’t instant but you could tell it helped. They also tested his hearing and when he gets older have them test for dyslexia, it often goes hand in hand.

Speech therapy is helped my granddaughter. They ones notice her tongue tie needed clipped. Since then her speech is improved alot. Still has some problems with certain sounds.

Needs total assessment. Autism ?? Hearing is good idea. He is little but start now. Glenrose assessed my grandson, diagnosed at 2 with Aspergers. Sooner the better. I wish u the best

My son learned alot of his words by watching cocomelon on youtube. Its wheels on the bus and other songs. He has learned so much from watching these songs.


My daughter at 2 1/2 was the same hearing tests came back clear. Attended speech therapy and tests showed she could fully understand and makes needs known with pointing and some makaton we had began to learn. Going to pre school helped her massively, listening to and being around children her own age. She still mis pronounces a lot of words which we think she may hear slightly wrong but she’s talking now. Still extremely shy around unfamiliar people and still working on confidence to speak to people she’s unfamiliar with but she all of a sudden at about 3 years old she went from speaking only a handful of words to sentences within 6 months, it was all a bit over whelming for her and took time to get the hang of a new skill so quick but at nearly 4 she’s nearly caught up with kids her age and doing perfectly well. Try not to worry and go through all the tests to rule things out and get the best support possible even if it turns out to be nothing

I’d get him checked for a tongue tie, or to see if the pallet on the top of his mouth is really high, because that could stop him from being able to pronounce certain words

My almost 2 year old daughter is behind in speech too. She can to does a lot of babbling and making sounds but it’s so hard to make out what she’s trying to say, she can combine 2 words together but that’s it… she says is it, I see. She doesn’t try to repeat after us either. We had her hearing tested and it was perfect. She has been in eci for a couple of months now.

My first born son was always so hard to understand only me and his dad and a few close family members who really knew him could understand him. He would talk so fast and pronounce his words wrong up until he was 4… now he’s 5 and still talks fast but for the most part you can understand him. He’s in preschool now and i mentioned to his teacher i thought his speech was an issue but she didn’t think so. Now my 3 year old son is the same way. Most of his words are hard to understand… their pediatrician has never mentioned it to be an issue or suggested anything so I never really thought to much into it. But if the doctor were to recommend anything I would definitely do it and at least see if it helps or what the professionals think! But I’m definitely in the same boat with my kiddos

A hearing test isn’t harmful or painful I’d definitely do it. It could just be one ear or not the problem at all but it’s worth checking.

Possible autism? I would say get him checked out and see what they say about autism.

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Definitely have him seen by a speech pathologist. The sooner the better. Its possible he will start talking on his own but you have access to tools that can only be of help to him so you should take advantage of that💖

Yes do take him to an ear, nose specialist, this happen to my sister’s son (my nephew) and it was caused of not hearing. After the little surgery (tube) he could hear.7

My daughter didn’t talk till 3 1/2 yrs, but she was evaluated in school with a learning disability. She has to have an I E P till she graduates high school.

My daughter was literally the same way… Still is sometimes… No one could understand her except me bc I’m stam so I’m with her 24/7 I had to translate to everyone what she was saying… She did speech therapy starting at 2 ans they just played with toys and games but her therapist would have her say repeated words. My daughter learned alot by educational videos on YouTube. She is bout to b 4 on Feb 21st and still has hard time saying words but is 100% better then what it was others can hear her and understand her well. Sometimes I have to have her show me what shes talking bout. But shes in speech class in preschool and its helped her tons. Definitely would recommend getting him into speech therapy

My oldest was the exact same way. We did the hearing test and it was perfect, we then did speech therapy and she has something called “cluttering”. Basically she thinks faster than she talks so her words get jumbled. My youngest who will be 2 in March doesn’t really speak much. We have restricted pacifier use to only nap and bed time. I say everything I am doing, we sing songs and read. Her speech has progressed a bit but others still can’t understand her. By 30 months if it’s still not where it should be I’ll be going back to speech therapy with her just to rule out anything. Some kids are just late talkers and it’s okay.

Talk to pediatrician for a referral to an early intervention services speech therapist. While he may just be slower to talk it never hurts to be proactive and get them evaluated early. The sooner they can be evaluated and start getting help the better off they’ll be when starting school. We waited with my son and know regret it because he is struggling in school.

My son is the same age. When he was 26 months I started to get concerned bc he didn’t have the 50 words that they say they should have by 2. I had him evaluated for early intervention (thy qualify for that until they’re 3). Everyone thought I was jumping the gun and told me that 1) he’s a boy, boys talk later 2) he will probably start rambling off in sentences later 3) he’s an only child. I still decided he needed to be evaluated bc what would the harm be in him qualifying for speech therapy. He qualified and in only 4 month he is talking SOOO much better. I don’t know if it is because the therapy or not, but regardless, I’m glad I did it. He will continue til he’s 3 and then they help with the transition to preschool. For us they recommended speech therapy once a week for an hour and they come to your house and most insurances cover it at their age. In my opinion, it was better to get ahead of it now rather than wait til he starts school and it be a problem.

My daughter is three year old she can say a words and little sentences but she understands what people are talking tho i have put her in speech therapy. Fist thing they asked me if she have autism i say i don’t know because she never test for it and asked me if have ADHD and ADD i say i don’t know too so ? Just waiting on them back

My son is like this he was diagnosed with nonverbal autism in September 2018 when he was 3 he did have hearing test done he had mild hearing loss in his right ear so we got a tube put in he hears fine now still not talking yet though he’s 5

Get him tested for autism.

He will need a hearing test before any good speech therapist will see him

You needs to follow the advice of your pediatrician. Your son may have a partial hearing loss where he hears some frequencies but not others. It would hurt to get him evaluated.

Have his hearing checked.

Go get it done don’t take any chances he may be able to hear but he could have hearing loss in one ear so if he is on that side of you the words could be muffled sit in front of him and say words and get him to repeat he could even be tongue tied and if so it is an easy fix

I do my son just turn 4 and he getting speech services he wasn’t talking for awhile and come to find out he can pronounce a lot of of things that’s why he was talking but my 2 year old wasn’t talking at all at one and it was he just shy and her 2 talking some kids talk around certain people my 2 year old is like that but at home he’s talking like no tommrow

My daughter was the same early intervention has been coming out and working with her for 6 months now she went from nothing to chatterbox that just wont quit

I have a almost three year old, he’s had 39 hearing tests, no lie, he says maybe 5 words and signs over 20 words, his cousin and other family members are deaf, he can’t hear low tones and the tones that are supposed to startle him don’t, (fire whistle at bay, trucks, motorcycles) he can hear a bus pulling up outside and recognizes different vehicle sounds. Like who’s coming. Can’t understand much of what he says but also delaying in colors and numbers. And potty training is a nightmare!!! Have you taken him to an ent sometimes they develop fluid in the inner ear and can make them to not form words.

Start with speech before jumping all into autism. Speech can make a huge difference.

i went through this with my now 6 yr old she didnt really start talking till about 3when started preschool and barely at also at2 1/2.

I would do what the doctor suggests. It won’t hurt and can only help.

Do what the doctor suggests. Hearing tests are simple at that age. He sits in your lap in a booth, they play a sound and when he turns his head to it, they put a cartoon on a screen as a reward. He’ll need it to be cleared for speech. My son has been in speech therapy since he was 5mos old. He had feeding issues and transitioned to regular speech services when the feeding issues resolved. He is four now and only has a mild speech delay despite having Down syndrome. I partially credit that super early intervention with why he’s speaking so well now. Early intervention is free until age three and will come to your house. Get the speech therapy. It can only help him especially with his frustration. They play games, read books, blow bubbles, etc. It’s fun. Not torture.

Speech therapy is wonderful and will help him alot

I’m going through this now with my 2 1/2 year old. Pediatrician sent us for a hearing test that was fine(as we knew it would be but she said it’s their first thing to always check) we had him evaluated with a speech language pathologist and started speech right after his second birthday, we still have a long way to go but we’ve come a LONG way! My advice is to always remember that YOU are his advocate. Don’t let anyone make any diagnosis at this age or label him and don’t be afraid to get him a boost of help if he needs it

Get him evaluated through Early Intervention.

My son was a late talker and was eventually diagnosed as HFA. He’s 12 and communicates pretty well now, though.

My son turned 2 in Oct and he barely talks. Lots of his words are basically mumbles or gibberish. I can understand him though. I’m not too worried.

You do know what he is suggesting don’t you. The hearing test and speech will rule it out. Better to the test and a little therapy and he is better. He is trying to rule out Autism. Let just pray he need a little speech. It sounds like you are a good mom reading to him. Singing at his age he will learn best by. You two singing and you reading to him. Use pictures to communicate with him so he doesn’t get so fustrated the two of you trying to understand each other. Also sign language, gustures, o
Pointing anything I you can get command mean. At 3 he can start school if he still have problems with speech. Done work just go with flow to know.than worry about some unknow.

Girls start talking before boys, so is not a big deal by 3 he should be fine.

Have his hearing checked and tell all of this to his pediatrician