When do babies start teething?

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Whats the earliest age your LO started cutting their first tooth? I’m not sure, but it looks like my 2 month old is cutting a tooth :flushed:


I think my son was the one who got teeth early and he was like 4 months old

3 weeks old. Had his first tooth pop through at 5 weeks old.

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A little over a month. First one was a breeze, did it even know until it popped up lol

My cousins baby boy was born with a tooth.
My daughter got 2 teeth at a time starting about 2 months old.
It varies immensely

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3 months it popped out. He began teething a month before.

Not un common. Babies saliva production starts at 2 months, this will explain drooling.

Some babies are actually born with teeth!
It’s never to early to start teething!

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Babies can be born with teeth so it’s possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know someone who had a baby that was born with teeth (at least one tooth anyway)

It is possible. My daughter got her first tooth around 6 months, but started showing signs (excess drooling, sleepliness, being cranky, chewing EVERYTHING) around 2 months. Happened off and on

My son cut his first two at 3 1/2 months. My daughter is 4 1/2 months and she just got her first two.

My little man started teething at 6 weeks

Almost 3mos. And her top 2 teeth came in first. Her twin brother didnt get teeth until 13mos. Lol. All kids are different

My son was born with a tooth

3mo for my 2 youngest kids

My girl dropped both her top fangs at 5 weeks old!! She looked like a freaky little vampire coz she didnt cut anymore til she was 6 months old!! :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son was born with a natal tooth.

3.5 months. It poked through at about 4.5 now at 11 months he has his 4 front and a molar that pokes through and more coming

2 months, good sign… the gums where the tooth is pushing will be white and every where around will be swollen and tender

My son has been teething since 2mos. Very common.

4months he is now almost 9 and has 3 teeth

I believe my son was 3 months. My niece is turning 8 months and just starting to cut a tooth.

Daughter One started all the signs at 3months but we never saw a tooth starting until about 5/6months.

My daughter was 3 months when she started teething by 5 months old she had 4 full teeth two bottom and two top once they started coming in they didnt stop! She had a full mouth of teeth by 9 months old.

2 months is definitely possible to start teething.

My son was born at 36 weeks with a bottom tooth and his 2nd came in around 2-3 months old

This is gonna sound stupid. But how do you know when they start cutting a tooth. Id Google it but everyone tells me to stay away from Google.

2 popped in right at 4 months. And then 2 more at 5mon, 2 @ 6mon and 2 @ 7 mon. He is 13 months now and working on his molars

My 10 yo had all 4 front teeth by 4 months old. Idk remember when they started coming in. My 5.5 month old chews on his gums like a toothless old man and drools fountains, but I don’t feel anything yet. :woman_shrugging:

My first didn’t have her teeth until after her first birthday…but my youngest daughter had her at 8 months.All kids are different from each other

My youngest was actually born with her bottom 2 teeth

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My daughter cut 6 teeth at once at the age of 4 months

My first had popped several teeth by 3 months old

My daughter started early. She had all but her back molars by the time she turned a yr. By the time she was 15 months she had all her teeth. Including her 2-3 yr old.

Mine was 4 months and now at 10 months she has 6 teeth

My first born didn’t start teething until 6 months old got a tooth at 7 or 8 months, my second though started teething at 3 months, shes 4 months now and no tooth yet.

2 bottoms teeth popped through at 4 months. But I have a friend who’s 6 week old already has 2 popping through.

My daughter started at 2 months by three months we had two front teeth on the bottom

Considering they can be born with their first teeth i would say its normal if your LO is teething already

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Some babies are born with teeth. Your baby will be cranky, chew on anything he can get to his mouth. Sometimes fever. Crying. Loss appetite. Good luck. If you put a clean finger (yours) along his gum, you’ll feel the swelling and poss. the tooth edges as it comes through. My babies loved, frozen baby wash clothes. They’d chew and such on them for a long time. Wet them before freezing. Baby Tylenol drops help.

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3 months 4 teeth at once

My son has been threatening to pop a tooth since 2 months but it keeps going back down under the gum. He’s 7 months now and still nothing. Lol. I think my daughter was 5 or 6 months old when she started getting teeth

6months and they come in pairs… Now at 8months the two front teeth are coming and he is drooling, fussy and needs to breastfeed more and take more naps.

Sometimes they’re born with a couple. It varies

My friends baby was born with a tooth so it can be anytime

My son 3 1/2month and is teething