When do babies start teething?

My son will be two months on Monday. And he seems to have several teething symptoms. But I feel like he is too young to be teething already. Is it possible that he is teething? I’m a ftm so it’s all a little new to me.


Yes! My first son had his first two bottom teeth cut through at 4 months :slight_smile:

My son is 7mo and has been drooling heavily since very early on. That was the main symptom and he got his first tooth at 6mo.

My granddaughter got her first 2 teeth just before she turned 4 months old.

Both my kids 2 bottom teeth at 4! Working on the 2 top now at 6

Yes it is possibly. My daughter cut 2 top and 2 bottom at 3 months. It was crazy! Luckily she didn’t get bothered by them too much. I did take her to the doc and they said it does happen. By a year old she had all of her baby teeth and not one bothered her. They told me because she was so young it was easier for her gums to break them through thus not causing as much pain.

All babies are different so totally could be teething. My first started around then & had teeth by 5 months. My second is 9 months & still doesn’t have teeth

Completely possible. Teeth go to and back down before finally cutting threw. Long painful process for poor little ones

Mine started teething at 2 months.

My little lady just turned 9 months and she has 4 teeth. I’m not quite sure when she started teething but I would assume it’s possible, every baby is different :heart:

My son has been teething since he was 6 weeks old. When i spoke to my health visitor they said that babies can start teething at any point and can even be born with teeth.

Yes he can be teething.

My oldest cut his first 2 teeth 3 days after he turned 2 months. And kept getting them In pairs. He had 8 teeth for his 6 month pictures and 15 on his first bday. And he started losing them at 4 yrs old. It’s completely possible

My daughter got her 2 front teeth on the bottom at 3 months

My baby started getting her first tooth at 1 1/2 month by 12 months she had her whole mouth full.

Not too young at all. my son started teething around 2 months as well, it was rough. Rubbing a very small amount of whiskey on his gums really helped a lot… orajel and baby tylonal/Motrin didn’t help him at all. Good luck mama!

Never too early. Trust your instincts. They’re almost always right :heart:

My daughter just turned 3 months old and she has been having teething symptoms for about 2 weeks everyone keeps saying is too soon but trust me if you see it everyday it’s probably happening

It’s certainly possible.

Yes it’s possible I have one of my kids start teething at a month n a half

Yes, they can teethe early my son did but he didnt have any pop thru until he was 4 months

Yes normal my daughter had 8 teeth time she was 1

Babies can be born with teeth even

My 2nd daughter’s two bottom teeth broke in at 2months old, so yes, it’s very possible

Yes he can be…my son got his first little nubby tooth at 3months

He isn’t too young. There is no such things. Babies can be born with teeth.