When do babies start teething?

Is it possible for babies to grow their molars at say like 9 months old? Anyone have a LO that has their pre molars before 12 months old?


Completely possible. My daughter had her around 9 or 10 months. It was brutal but we got through it :relaxed:

My 15 month old has had molars for about 5 months.

My daughter. She got her top 4 and bottom 4 pretty early. Just noticed yesterday she got a molar on the bottom come in. :grimacing: she’s 11mos.

my son had all his teeth in at 11 months…

My daughter had her 1e month molars at 9… She had a lot of teeth come in super early.

My oldest had all her baby teeth before 12 months old!

My daughter had all but 2 of her teeth at a year

That was tge 1st tooth my daughter atarted getting at 5months old