When do babies start walking?

What age did your baby start walking? I feel like my baby is a little behind…


Each baby is different I walked at 9 months, my son was 9 months 1 week, my daughter was 12 months ,my neice and nephews were all over 13 months. It honestly depends on the child. Watching them learn is one of the most precious things take it all in. I’m now a grandma and every one of their milestones they accomplished I would get a lump in my throat in wonder.

There is no set age. My daughter walked at 9 months, my sisters oldest didn’t walk until he was 15 months but her youngest at 7 months. As long as they are sitting up and scooting and crawling, trying to pull up and a doctor has said they’re ok I wouldn’t stress about it.

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behind what?
My daughter walked on her own at her 1st birthday - though we are sure she pretended she couldn’t before.

If you google it, it says between 10 months and 18 months they start walking.

My first was about 13 months and my second was about 14/15 months.

Behind who and how??

My oldest was 13 or 14 months. My youngest is almost 9 months and JUST started crawling. Every baby is different. Don’t judge yours off of someone else’s. If you’re honestly concerned talk to the pediatrician.

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My baby started around 9.5 months, both of my kids actually. Always told that was early but i was walking at 9 mos when i was a baby :woman_shrugging:t3:

My first born didn’t walk til she was about 18 months, never crawled and my 2nd at about 10 months and started crawling at 7/8 months. They are 12/13 now and perfectly healthy

My son was 11 months & my daughter was 15 months

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I have one that was walking before his first birthday, one who was probably a year and a half (he has a muscle disease), another 2 that were after their first birthday, one who took his first unaided steps 2 days before his 1st birthday, and my almost 10 month old just started pulling up in her playpen last week. But she doesn’t even crawl yet.
Each baby has their own individual time line. As long as your baby isn’t crying or refusing to put weight on his/her legs when held up it’s probably not an issue with the bones or muscles. Always ask your pediatrician if you have a concern but most likely your baby is just developing at his or her own pace.

Please dont ever compare your baby to others. They all grow and learn at their own pace. It’s not a one size fits all type of thing

My first born was 10 months and my 2nd was 17 months. Every baby is different.

1st- 11 months
2nd- 10 months
3rd- 10 months
4th- 16 months
Every baby is different

All babies are different. My son started walking at 11 months but my daughter was 15 months.

My first daughter was 13 months and my second daughter was 8 months

My oldest walked at 13 months, my youngest at 10 months.

Both of mine never walked until 15 months or so, but my older one was a big kid so I was told that would make a difference

My first was walking at 9 months. My second was 1.
Every baby is different and learns at different paces.
My friends son wasn’t walking until 14 months.

My daughter was 17 months when finally started walking. I was told not to start worrying until after 18 months but she started walking just in time. They all learn and hit milestones at their own pace.

My son was 16 months when he started walking.

My first born started around 18 months, my second just started and she’s 13 months.

My first was 8.5 months my second was 10.5 months.

She started standing on her own at 10 months & started walking at 11 months . Every child is different.

1st was 16 months, second was 11 months and my third is one next week and just started taking steps this week

First was a day before his first birthday, second was 13/14 months, third 9 1/2 months.

Eldest was 9mo and middle was 13mo

My first was walking at 10 months my second didn’t walk until 18 months and my 3rd is still to little (6months)

8 mos, boy. 1 year, girl

Mine started at 13 months :slight_smile:

Behind who? Don’t judge your baby based on other kids. They all have different experiences and milestones. My baby was about 18 months. My MIL was freaked out because her son, my husband walked at 10 months. I also walked at 10 months. My daughter did walk along furniture, walls, tables, etc until one day she was brave enough to let go. I was reading my newspaper and suddenly she walked by the kitchen door. :joy::joy::joy:

My son was 10 months and my daughter was 14 months but she was a preemie

mine walked same week as she fully run. at 14 months. she just refused for long time lol

This is something you need to discuss with their pediatrician, not the internet.

All babies go at their own rate but if not walking by them selfs by 18 months see a Dr.

I have my 2 year old in physio cause he wasn’t walking at 15 months. Now he runs

My son didn’t start walking until he was two. Turned out we were right and he has delays.

Think as long as between 9 and 18 there’s no concern

There’s a lot of things to consider when thinking your child is “behind”. But, honestly every baby learns what they are interested in at their own rate. My daughter wouldn’t roll over but would push herself into a seated position at 4 months :woman_facepalming:t3: If you are concerned consult your pediatrician.

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Not all babies walk at the same time so there’s no answer to your question