When do babies start walking?

my son is 16 months. he will walk as long as he is holding on to the couch or my finger, but not alone. when should I start worrying?


Whenever the doctor tells you to! They all do it differently

He’s fine. If he wasn’t walking at all I would say worry.

Haha my first was walking by 11 months 2nd and 3rd not till least 18 months I have 14 month old twins and still not walking yet I’m not worried as theyll do it when theyre ready not when we think they should be doing it

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My first didnt walk till she was close to 2 1/2! Iv always tjought it was because I always carried her everywhere :joy:


Dont worry. When hes resdy he will walk on his own.

I wouldn’t worry. I would encourage it. Having them hold onto things and clap and have them take a few steps to you or put out their favorite toys and have them take a few steps for them. Do you have a toy that is kind of like a push toy that they can hold onto the handle and push? That would also be a great idea. My 2 girls were late walkers. My son started walking at 9 months. Each child is different.

Every child is different, he is probably just a little more careful. He will be running before you know it!

Do you have hardwood floors?

That’s fine and it’s good he’s trying while holding on to things. I have 4 kids and my last two were slower in walking and both didn’t start until one was 17m and the other 18m. My first two did it right before 12m so I was freaked out at first. Kids are all different and When there ready they will do it. I remember worrying about it also samefor even sitting etc but they did it :grinning:

My first one did that. I got a clothes pin( the round type you slide on not the clip type one) and let him grab that and I would let go of the pin. He would walk with his arm up but after awhile he caught on i wasnt there and just started by himself.

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one of mine walked at eight months two at ten months and one was eighteen months she would stand but not walk for a long time but finally did nothing wrong with her she just wasnt ready and she also never crept on her hands and knes she use sit on her butt and hitch herself across the floor they are all differant

My son was 10 months. But my brothers were 18 months every baby is different. I wouldn’t worry hes trying.

All kids are different, they will walk when there ready. Just keep encouraging him. :blush:

When he’s ready he’ll turn loss watch out

My son is 16 months old and just got confident enough to walk on his own a few weeks ago. Don’t stress it, I’m sure he just wants to make sure he’s got it

My son was 12 months my daughter was 9 months it just depends on when they are ready

When my kids started trying to walk they wouldn’t attempt it without something to hold onto. Hand him a toy when he’s standing already. It somehow gives them a sense if stability lol


No. He will get his inner strength and let go of his fear on his own. Just encourage him and praise him when he takes a step.

Trust me once they start walking and talking after time you wish they never did! Give him time no one is the same… When he is ready he will be walking and then you will be running after them all day!

Please save this post for when he is literally running everywhere and you have to chase him :rofl:


18 months is usually the worry age. Standing and walking against the couch is the start, prepare yourself, because it’s coming within the next month or so. He’s going to be everywhere.