When do babies start walking?

My daughter is 15 months and a week old and is still not walking. We have talked with her doctor and if she doesn’t start walking in the next month we have to start going to PT with her. Any moms out there with late walkers and have any tips??


My daughter did not start walking until 16 months and is a perfectly healthy 17 yr old now

I had a late walker. 18 months. No PT. I held her a lot. Carried her every where. I blame it on that. Your little one will walk when they are ready.


She will start walking if she is ready trust me

They will when they get ready

I was told by my dr with my first child that the average age for a walker is 18 months… and sure enough she was 16 months when it started to happen… every child is completely different, and when she is ready she will do it :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter was around 17 months if not 18 when she started walking. She was chubby and very lazy Haha. She also had no interest in walking because she was the baby and everyone carried her everywhere.

If she has normal leg movement and strength otherwise, help her stand and she should eventually start walking.

My son is turning 24 months end of April and he just started walking next month

Yes, my first was a last walker, he has high functioning autism. He went to PT and had braces on his feet. He walked well with the braces. But ultimately, it was the autism that stunted his ability to walk.

If you have access to parks you can encourage her to start giving the first steps outside! Because they love to explore being outside is a big motivation! Is she cruising already ? Does she stand up holding on something ?

Same my son stood n wobbled by tables holding on - found his feet were pronated like Flat Footed n leaned inward s tiny bit - got arch supported stride right type high top shoes n heck couldn’t stop the kid once he got walking lol

My oldest was 2 years old when he started walking. P T really helped him.

My daughter was 15 and a half months she figured shuffling on her bum was easier

Don’t rush it. My daughter was 15mos. She would not even try. About 15 and 1 half she took off on her own all at once. It was a wonderful time. Give it time.

My son personally started walking at 10 months, is now 15 months, but he’s always been determined to be independent. but I have 13 nieces and nephews and I remember at least half of them being late Walkers, roughly 14-18 months. I’ve always been told that as long as they’re at least able to stand holding a hand or furniture and sometimes take a step that way it’s normal?

My son was 16 months. PT is a waste of money for that reason. It only presents as a problem if not walking by 2. Wait til then and see.

I was 14/15 months old before I started walking … my mom said it was because there was a huge age gap with most of my cousins and siblings and everyone carried me nonstop

Just keep encouraging her to walk with you and get her a Walker if she doesn’t already have one

Have you tried different flooring? My daughter refused to walk on carpet. One day I decided to see what happened on the hard woods & she took off! Just a thought :woman_shrugging:t2:

Does she cruise the furniture?

My daughter didn’t walk until she was 18 months, n then last year on mother’s day I woke up to her running around the living room all smiley, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen by far in my entire life so far. My daughter also has autism and has been significantly delayed in meeting all her milestones

My daughter walked at 12 months and my son at about 10 months depends on they child… if she’s using her legs I wouldn’t worry to much…

My son did not ask into 15 months.Dr.said to put him down and walk away. I did and he started to learn walking

This kid right here. She didn’t walk until she was 15 months. Don’t stress, Mama!

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My little girl was 14 months old my best friend start holding her hands and walking with her all the time then she got it

My daughter was around 15ish months too.

My oldest daughter (now 7) didn’t walk until she was 22 months old. Doctor said she just wasn’t ready. All kids are different and hit milestones at different times.

My oldest was damn near a year and a hlf before she started walking

My son didn’t walk til 16 months. I took him to the dr and he told me to put him down and stop holding him all the time! He was walking within a week lol

Every baby learns at their own pace. If the doctor isn’t worried about it i wouldn’t stress on it

My son didn’t start walking until around 18 months, then he hit the ground running. 15 months is a touch early to start worrying.

18 months for both my girls

My 2nd child wouldnt walk until he knew for sure he could do it. And he never really walked he went straight to running!!!

My daughter was about 14 months or so when she finally walked. Do you have one of those walking toys? That they lean on and walk with? We finally had gotten one for her and that’s when she finally took off lol she was just lacking confidence

My daughter was 15 months old. She is almost 25 now.

my daughter was walking at 10 months and then my son didn’t even crawl untill a year old and didn’t walk untill 18 months…then all of a sudden he was just running like crazy

My youngest didn’t start walking on her own until around 16 months… We were concerned because my oldest started walking on his own 8 days before his 1st birthday & my second was around 11 months old when she took off, but my 3rd she just took her time gettin there… Nothing wrong… Kids learn & develop at different paces as long as you’re working with her she will learn & should be up & running you ragged in no time… Lol :relaxed:

My twins didnt start walking until they were about 16-17 months.

Do u have any walking toys she can hold onto? Try holding something like a bottle or sippy cup a little bit from her and have her try going to it just work with her… My son was full walking at 11 months old so he was an early walker

My daughter didn’t walk till she was 18 months x

Mai gurl was walking by 9 months but that’s cause her koro would hold her hands and walk around the house with her I think every beyb is different just do what suits you

my pediatrician said, 13 months is average, 18 months is late and when they would get therapy or whatever to help them learn to walk.

My son was 22months before he started walking …he had to have therapy and at 5 years of age he still gets OT and PT at school he still has some delays but it’s not the end of the world get your baby help as soon as you can!! I waited to long I still wonder till this day had I got him help as soon as some of the problems started what road we would be on today!! Best of luck!!

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My 3 year old started walking at 21 months. My twins are 19 months. And they’re trying to walk. They all are just lazy.

My son was 15 months…He is now an attorney, and a rugby captain…i.e. Nothing wrong with him!!! Don’t fret

And I was 22 months when I started walking.

My daughters Achilles tendons were growing wrong so she had trouble walking unassisted so what i did was take her around my entire apartment complex and walk with her we would do like 5 laps a night and that did the trick

My nephew turned one in September and just started walking less than a month ago. It happens. They’ll walk when they have somewhere to go.

Take her to a strange place, that usually helps. In other words somewhere she’s never been.

My youngest is the same age. She can’t even stand on here own yet just keep working with her. It will happen

Mine walked at 16 months, 22 months (delay). 11 months and 17 months.

Mine didn’t walk till 18 months all children are different x

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My oldest didnt start walking until 18months and he is perfectly fine no therapy or anything.

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I have 4 kiddos. 2 boys and 2 girls. Both girls didn’t walk until after 18 months. No PT needed. Pediatrician was not concerned. Just late in that area. And honestly, there were no tricks that seemed to helped them. Just one day crawling and the next walking. Don’t worry yourself yet momma.

Are you English… Don’t worry they are known to be crawlers… Especially when the boss is around

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My son was 15 months when he started
I tricked him
I put a kids cape on him and told him it was magical.
This is the first time he walked.
What it came down to though is : is she not walking or can she not walk.
My son could walk and he just didn’t realize it or was scared.

My son walked at almost 18 months. He started standing and pushing his walker at 14 months but had a foot surgery at 14 and couple of days so with a cast he couldnt use his leg for a month which delayed his walking more. Dont worry each kid is different

My daughter started walking on Christmas day, she was 14 months. My doctor said if she didn’t walk by 18 months then we would look further into it. I’m sure your little one will walk when she’s ready! As long as she’s standing and/or furniture walking, I think she’ll be fine :blush:

My daughter was 14.5 months old when she really started walking

Help them walk. If they can stand, walk with them.

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My son was 16 months old he was a lazy baby and that is because everyone did everything for him she will walk when she is good and ready she just has know where to go right now

My daughter didn’t start until she was almost 18 months…we ended up doing PT and all the tips helped…and there was no pressure from the Dr once she was in PT…and they never pushed her to do anything she wasn’t ready for. You can try putting a favorite toy/food/object a few steps away to encourage walking. Or even play “pass the baby”…sit across from someone on the floor, turn the baby around and have her take a step or two with assistance…then gradually lessen the assistance and make the gap between he two people a lil larger. I used to have her stand at one end of the couch…place a toy at the other and help her walk along the couch to get the toy…eventually she would do it on her own while holding on and then without holding. Have no worries Mama…she will walk when she’s ready :blush:

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I’ve had 2 children who didn’t walk till they were 18 months…they totally skipped the crawling stage…

My daughter just turned 15 months literally starting walking 3 days ago. Relax

My daughter walked at nine months and hasnt stopped… My doctor told me using walker,bouncers or anything similar would delay her walking. So she was never!! In a walker or bouncer once she started sitting up on her own… I always let her play in the floor and she would stand up and hold onto things… She never really crawled. Not saying your child has been in one of those things to much. I just giving my experience. I pray and hope that your little one starts walking for you soon.

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Wow alot of moms said they babies didn’t walk till they were that old. My son who’s 7 now walked at 9months and my daughter who’s 20 months walked at 10months. She’s also potty training and speaks okay for her age. I have no advice but to at and your babies up at a week old to build leg strength. Don’t pick them up at home make them come to you then you will see how fast they stand up.

Mine turned 15 months on feb 9 and isn’t walking! Nice to be reminded I’m not alone. They’ll do it in their own time, though I’m definitely ready for him to start lol

Mine daughter was walking on her own at around 15 months. She was a big kid so not sure if that’s what it was. She didnt really like to crawl too much either. I worried too but you should see her go now as a toddler. I think they’ll do it when they are ready. :blush:

My son wasn’t walking at 16 mos. At 18 mos they were going to run “tests” to see what was wrong with him. Anot 17 mos he took off and was he’ll on wheels!!! He just wasn’t ready!! My 1st walked at 12 mos. They are ALL different!!

My daughter started walking when she was about 15 -17 months … i wasn’t worried when she hit 1 and wasnt walking … every child is different && they will walk at different times … the only other think i did was not push my child to walk … i knew she would walk in her own time

I put cheerios on the couch, she walked to get them, a little encouragement helps.

My daughter was a preemie and they also gave her till16 month to walk and she started walking at 16months to the day

My son was 2 before he took his first step and then it took a while for him to get going

If they have birth to three where u r I would ask the Dr my daughter was 18 months when she started walking and they found out she was delayed in speech and they can come to ur house or daycare to work with your daughter. Once she turned three she did speech, occupational,and physical therapy

My daughter is 10 years old and still doesn’t walk , they will when they are ready , u can get a hip xray to make sure there isn’t anything going on preventing her from walking . I would consult an orthopedic doctor . Is she delayed in any other areas ?

Mine didnt walk till almost 14 months.

Kacies uncle Stewart was 22 months old before he could walk he shuffled on his bum the same way xx

My son was 17 months before he walked !

My daughter is EXACTLY the same age and isn’t walking either. Don’t sweat it. They’ll do it when they’re ready!

My son was 16 months and did fine.

10 months and walking

My just turned 1 and she can walk while holding on to something. Every baby is different