When do babies start walking?

My son is now 13 months old and refused to walk unassisted. He will walk along the couch table walls in his walker pushing his push toy maybe take 3 to 5 steps in his own But will not walk on his own. He’s been doing this since 8 months old. He has walked down the hallway and to the living room (way more than 5 steps unassisted) for my husband and 2 older kids but not when I’m around if he sees me he stops sits down either crawls or puts his arms up to be held. (I do not give in I don’t hold him I encourage him to walk) Idk what else to try or do to get him to walk on his own especially around me. Any one else have this problem? He is the youngest of 3 his sisters are 5 and 10.


Sounds like he just wants to be mommies baby a little bit longer. If you know he can walk I wouldn’t be to worried about it.

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I think that’s normal for his age. I wouldn’t worry about it. Every kid is different.

Mine did this for a few months before he just started walking around one day :woman_shrugging:

Take away the walker! Period!! My daughter on used a walker from about 5-7 months and that was only when i was doing the dishes ot somethings… Never in itmore then 10 mins and once a day!! She walked at 8 1/2 months and has been walking since.

My son didn’t walk until 15 months. We took him trick or treating and he saw all the other kids and decided he wanted to keep up!

My daughter didn’t walk till just before her first birthday. Every babe does at their own pace, I wouldn’t worry just yet!
Some kids can take up to as long as 18 months before walking unassisted.

My son didn’t walk on his own until he was 15 months. Every baby is different.

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He will do it when he’s ready.

He will walk when he’s ready. My eldest was walking at 9 months my youngest was 14 months. They all progress at different rates but they all get there in the end. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Make him walk EVERYWHERE. Grocery shopping, grandmas house, upstairs, downstairs, make him do the constant movement. It works well with people who are dyslexic (they read everything) math (adding and subtracting every single thing) the consistency of working on it works well with people who are bad at different things that can be challenging in life

Give in. Hold him. Carry him. Snuggle him.

He will walk when ready. My kids were 11mo and 14mo when they walked. Let him grow on his own schedule. :blush:


Hey there momma, I know it’s frustrating but hang in there. Eventually he will stop and just walk. You got this!

13m is pretty young :woman_shrugging: he doesn’t want to yet, you know he can though. My oldest son didn’t walk unassisted until a week before his first birthday… He could if he wanted but why would he wan2 when we could just hold him :woman_shrugging::thinking::joy:

Might sound bad but I had to bribe my son with a crisp or asomethig he liked held it up till he stood then I would walk backwards and he would walk after me (sounds like I’m training a dog) :woman_facepalming:

My youngest just turned 15 months on the 9th of this month. also has done the same thing he just started walking by himself a few weeks ago and honestly like other women have said in this forum that I think it’s just him wanting to be mommied you know

My oldest didn’t start walking till 14 months. He is now 11 years old and one of the faster runners in his age group. My youngest started walking at 10 months. Every childs progress is different. I wouldn’t worry too much about it now. I would give him alittle more time. However if you’re very concerned I would personally schedule an appointment with his pediatrician.

My youngest didn’t walk unassisted till 16 months, and I cought her doing it when she thought was alone for a while first. He might want to get better at it before he shows you. Babies do that sometimes

Every child is different and goes at their own pace, my son didnt walk until 15 months!

My daughter didn’t walk until almost 15 months. I thought she was never going to walk

My son was almost 15 months before he walked

Get rid of the walker

Incentivise it. Play with toys and get him excited and interested in the toy. He’ll forget about pretending for mommy.

My daughter refused to walk or crawl till 15 months old… I thought there was something wrong with her but really she just felt it easier to roll across the room. Lol shes perfect and a healthy 3 yr old now. Kids hit milestones when they are good and ready lmao not before.

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My daughter is 16 months she just started to walk a few weeks ago. She is getting really good to fast

He stll want the security. You will soon be saying "he never lets me pick him up,

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My baby walked at 13 months and still wanted us to hold her hand while she walked everywhere. So I don’t think it’s abnormal.

My son was 15 months when he walked. My oldest daughter…who is 11 now walked at exactly 1 year and my youngest daughter who is 8 now walked at 9 months. They’re all different !!

My daughter is 15 months and I know she can walk but prefers to crawl as it’s faster

Not ready. He’ll do it when ready. No hurry


I took away the walker and in 2 weeks my baby was running and walking around.

Let me clarify: he is only the walker when I do dishes for no more than 10 minutes.

He will walk for you when he is ready.

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As I told my Daughter. Don’t be in a hurry. He just wants you. Enjoy that while you can. Because he won’t need you before you know it. Boys always need their Momma. My grandson still clings to his momma and he is 5. He doesn’t cling to dad just his momma. Your son will be fine. Enjoy the extra time.

Give him time. He will do it in his own time. Girls and boys develop differently. Every child is different. You know.

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Dont feel bad every kid is different my daughter didnt walk till 15 months, my son was 10/11 months…

My two first didn’t walk fully alone until 15 months. Sit on the floor with a space between you and your husband and encourage him to walk back and forth between you two. Clap and cheer when he does. Then make the space a little bigger each time.

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Just remember he will be walking on his own for the rest of his life. So don’t worry about it. :pray::pray:


Try putting his walk along toy further and further away to encourage him to walk more

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Don’t worry! Once his confidence is rock solid, he’ll be running! Let him build his strength and confidence while you simply relax and enjoy his toddling moments!

Both my boys only walked at 15 months alone they always used other things. Just try to encourage and help his self esteem like you can do it walk to mommy and stand like jot to far

Some kids don’t walk on their own until 16/17 months! And that’s completely normal. Just keep doing what you’re doing and he’ll do it eventually. If you have any concerns talk to your doctor. My daughters 13 months and in the same boat! Just started taking a few steps on her own. We just keep standing her back up and encouraging her to walk. Hoping we get there soon!

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He will walk when hes ready. Mine did the same always walked with assistance. She was 15 months when she finally started a few steps on her own. Now shes full force. Let him be. He will get there when he is ready

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My daughter did this. My mother in law and I sat down across from eachother one day just a few inches apart. We had my daughter walk to us back and forth with us assisting her by holding her hand. My mother in law and I would scoot back everytime and after a few times we stopped holding her hand and made her walk back and forth unassisted while scooting back farther everytime. She got it down within mins and has been walking ever since that day.

Give him time. My first walked at a year old but the second didn’t walk til 16 months. He’ll get there.

He’ll do it in his own time. Don’t worry.

My son fully walked on his own without assistance at around 15 months. I was concerned but his pediatrician wasn’t at all worried. All babies do things at their own pace. You will soon wish they went back to they crib stage :joy:

Keep encouraging! You will be surprised and shocked the day it happens out of nowhere

My daughter is 18 months and has barley started walking.

He will walk when he’s ready

My daughter didn’t stand until 22 months and didn’t walk until 23 months. We did EVERYTHING imaginable to get her to walk and even took her to physical therapy. Nothing was wrong… other than her just being stubborn. He will walk when he is ready… not a moment sooner! <3 I know it’s SO hard when other people are wondering why your kiddo isn’t walking yet. It was the most frustrating part for me. I knew in my heart that she would do it on her own timeline. <3

My son was doing the same thing pretty much, he would crawl and walk using things he could hold onto but he wouldnt walk on his own for a while. His dad came home and started holding his hand and letting him walk beside him and then after that he started walking more and more❤ your baby will learn it at thier own pace. Dont be to discouraged!

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try having him hold on to baseball cap and hold other side if he walks you can let go and leave him holding the cap, but no need to rush

Just wants mom to hold him
He will start soon
My great grandson walked at 10 months

He’s 13 months…a lot of kids don’t walk until after this age. Don’t rush it. He will walk all the time soon enough and won’t want to be picked up as much and u will miss it.

My daughter furniture walked from about 10 months until 14 months. Christmas day she got up from playing and just started walking. Each child learns at a different pace. I’m sure he will walk when he’s ready, right now just sounds like he wants Mommy’s attention. Just keep encouraging him, maybe involve your daughter’s in a game of some sort to help him be more mobile :slight_smile:

I didn’t start walking till I was 2yr old. Then shortly after that had braces and couldn’t walk got a long time. They’ll walk when their ready, and when you’re least expecting it!

My youngest didnt walk until almost 14 months. He is now 5 and never sits. All babys learn different. Keep encouraging and talk to ped if you are too concerned

Hes only 13 months. Average age to walk is 14 months and I’ve see kids as old as 17 months just start walking.

My daughter didn’t start walking until 15mths
She is an advanced and a healthy 4 year old now. Worry more about cognitive milestones opposed to walking. Your baby will catch up!
Sounds like he knows how to sucker you… and wants you all to himself :rofl:
It’s the baby of the family. They know their roles and how to play them lol.