When do babies start walking?

My beautiful daughter is 10 Months, has great balance, walks with toys and a walker, but refuses to try and walk on her own. We encourage her but also don’t want to push her too much. My question is, how old was your little one when they began to walk?


Baby #1 @10 months
Baby#2 @11.5months

My son is almost 11 months old and he is teaching himself. Of course we help him but he walks quite a bit on his own

My son didn’t walk until 15 months. His doctor told us that they work on one skill at a time and my son was a big talker so he was working on language before walking


With a walker 8.5 months
On her own 13 months exactly

  1. 12 months
  2. 10 months
  3. 13 months

My son was walking at 11 months and my daughter is nearly 10 months and barely crawling :laughing: they’re all so different

My daughter is 15 months and only takes a few steps others were 9 & 10 months every kiddo is different

Baby #1 boy - 16 months
Baby #3 girl- 11 months

My kids all walked by 13 months, my youngest twins who are two months early didnt walk till 18 months (16 months adjusted)

11 months, 11 months, 18 months.

Mines 14 months stands on own walks with toys and furniture and doesn’t walk yet. They take their time!

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9 months old …she walked early but never crawled

My first started a week before he turned 1 , my little boy started at 13 n a half months, he was afraid to try for a long time because he had fallen when he was furniture walking.

Place her in the middle of the playpen or living room on her feet and have her walk to the edge. If she tries crawling pick her back up and try it again.

My 8 month old walks in her Walker but only backwards :sob::sob::sweat_smile:

13 months. I would not worry

11 months and 13 months. Patience is key. All kids are different.

My two oldest were solid walkers by 12 months. My daughter is just getting it down at 15 month and prefers to crawl

My son is the same age and he does the complete same! I’m stressing if he will be walking soon or not

My son is 10 months old. He cant even crawl yet. They told me since he was so big at birth and still heavy he will be behind.:disappointed:

My daughter 2 weeks after her 1st birthday. My son a month after 1st birthday. Also my nephew didnt start until he was 15 months. Every child is different

My daughter was like 13 months, my son was 9 months.

Hi hun, I work in a nursery and am a qualified childcare practitioner with 4 years of studying child development, average age for a child to walk independently is 12 months so please don’t worry, she is doing great :blush:

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Baby #1- 14.5m
Baby #2- 11m

My daughter was 9 months old

8 months,12 months,15 months 18 months those ages without assistance.the one that was 18 months i thought something was wrong took her to the dr he checked all her muscles etc she was fine and able to walk didn’t want to…plain and simple

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Baby #1 at 10 months taking steps fully walking at 11 months.
Baby #2 started walking at 11 months was fully walking just before her first birthday. So both was walking by there first birthday.

Mine didnt walk until she was a week over 13 months. She would walk with toys and along furniture then one day just basically ran across the room :woman_shrugging: it’s been a never ending tornado since.

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Building confidence is important. Start with small steps forward at first with one person on each side, eventually moving farther and farther apart.

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8.5 months with my 1st 9 months for my 2nd

13 mos for my first, 11 mos for my second, 10 mos for my third and 13 mos for my 4th… just depends on the kid, I wouldn’t worry too much yet!

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My son was 15 months and my daughter was 18 months. Don’t stress it, every child is different.

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Son 12 months and daughter 9 months

1&3- 14 months
2- 8 months

My first was 10 months, my second, a year old.

18 months when my daughter started walking.

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Around 15 months. My doctor advised me to take away all walking aids.

Well past her 1st birthday & she’s smart as a tack. Don’t worry mama.

My oldest 2 were 10 months old. My youngest was almost one. She was 11 months.

My son was 9 months old almost 10 months!!

4 kids ranged from 9 months to 15 months… just depends on the kid

They will wall when they are ready. They’re usually a little afraid of falling and won’t walk on their own until they’re pretty sure they’re not going to get hurt. Sounds like she is almost there.
My daughter took her first steps on her first birthday. She didn’t actually walk until she was about 15 months though. And then she was running :joy::joy:

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My oldest was 13 months, our youngest 10 months

Take away the toys they are a crutch. She depends on them and will not have confidence without them so she is better off on her home. Plus she will strengthen her core practicing without them. My daughter could walk at 10 months but refused to do it out of fear until I took the toys away and then bam she took off on her own

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my son was around 10 months, my nephew was 9 months, my daughter is 14 months and still wont take more than 4-5 steps unaided (shes a scaredy cat lol) all babies r different they learn at their own pace.

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My oldest was 10 months my second one was a couple days after she turned 11 months

Also 10 months is early for a lot of babies, especially if her head is in a bigger percentile like my kids was :laughing::laughing: give her time and don’t rush it!!

10 months… but don’t worry. They go at their own pace .

My daughter walked at 9 months my son is 8 months and can only stand on his own he’s not walking yet

I had one at 13 months and one at 9. All different!!

My first was the day he turned 10 months, my second was toward the end of 11 months

Mine were both over a year i have a 9 month old now hes almost 10 months and isnt even close to trying to walk

2 weeks before he turned 1 and 2 months after he turned 1 :joy: they were so different

9 1/2 months he useda stand up Walker for a week then all a sudden took a step then 4 until and progressed til he started walking everywhere!

7.5 months and the other one 10.5 months

My daughter is 13 months and just started walkinh last week

Around a year but usually happens when we don’t expect it or trying to get them to …:wink:

My son was about 13 months and my daughter was 10 months

My son was 13 months. Started crawling at 9 months and didn’t show much interest in walking until 11 months.

All kids are different. My son ran by ten months but my daughter was over a year old. Once they go they won’t stop lol

Great Grandson was9 mths

10 to 11 months both babies

My first and 5th walked at 11 months, my 2nd and 3rd 12 months and my 4th he was 13 months

Mine was 10.5 months .

My son was 10.5/11 months old

8-9 months my oldest and 10 months my youngest

All kids are different but both of mine started walking at 12 months,

Infants develop at their own pace. An average infant starts walking between 10-14 months. There is a wide range because no baby is the same and all start when the are ready. My first was 12 months and my last was 11 months.

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My son was 11 months, my first daughter was 14 months and my 2nd daughter was 12 months…

My baby girl started walking a week before her first birthday.

She actually began walking around 3 days after her 1st birthday. She was walking since 10 1/2 months but that’s when she really took off

My son was 7.5 months and my daughter was about 15 months. Kids truly just do things when they’re ready and you can’t force them to change their minds, only encourage them. I was worried my daughter would never walk.

My oldest was walking at 11 months. My youngest is almost 9 months and he still only moves along furniture. I never really tried to encourage walking in either…just let them get it on their own…🤷

My daughter and niece were 9 months when they started to learn, by the time they were 10 months they were officially walking. The funny thing was that they taught each other because of how close they are :heart::heart:

I have 3 children and do home child care. Around a year is typical. Generally by 13 months has been my experience. It sounds like she’s well on her way, just give her plenty of opportunities to practice and you should see some progress around 12 months :blush:

My first was 9 months, my 2nd was 13 months

Good God, she’s only 10months old. Still a baby. Let her go at her own pace. Most dont walk until after 1

My daughter turned one on the 7th of this month and still isn’t walking :woman_shrugging:

My oldest son would walk holding on to things starting around his 1st birthday. He didn’t walk unassisted until he was 13 months old. My 2nd son was running after his brother at 7.5 months old. There is no reason to push them to do things, they will do them when they are ready and not a second before.

Over a year. Your child is doing way more than mine was at that age. Don’t rush it.

#1 was about 13/14 months
#2 is 7 months and already cruising around furniture.

First son was 11 months. Second was still very happy on hand and knees at 14 months until he met wet grass.

Oldest was 18 months, second was at 10 months, and youngest was at 14 months.

Around her first bday I didnt walk til just after my first bday…use what ever motivates then …my daughter loved suckers and buttons to push shes get attitude but she would eventually take steps…be strong dont give in have her work for it