When do baby start teething?

My son is 6 months an he has 2 teeth coming in. How old is your baby when he or she got teeth in?


5 months and 4 months.

5 month’s had got his two bottom teeth by the time his first birthday came he had all of his teeth

3-4 months now she is 6 months with 3 teeth.

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My granddaughter 6mths and has 3 teeth already

My second child was born with 2 bottom teeth.


My baby will be 5 mnths on sat and has 2 teeth

My son is 6 months and has one tooth coming in now. He was a month and a half early

My first 1 had all her teeth in before she was 1! Started at 4 months.

My first son had 5 teeth at 6 months. My second son didn’t get his first until 8 or 9 months

She was like 4 or 5 months. But once two started coming she got 4. And now she’s getting 4 again.

12 months. Her first teeth were the top side incisors.

My first was 3 months old

I know I was 10 months before I got mine. My son doesnt gave any of his yet, but his pediatrician said they can come in as early as 2 or 3 months and may nopity come in til a few months after a year.

Both mine were 3-4months

4 mths, 5 teeth at one time

About to be 6 months and he just got his first tooth :tooth:

1st was 10 months
2nd 6 months
3rd was 14 months

My 1st on the day he turned 5 months My 5th when she was 4 and a half. The rest out of 7 kids around 6 to 7 months

My son got two at 5 months! And now he’s trying to cut two more on top.

He got his first at 4 months exactly. He had 8 by the time he was 8 months. He’s 9 1/2 months and starting to teeth again

I can’t remember for my older 2 boys, but I have twins and my girl just got her first. My boy already has 5. 3 upper teeth and 2 bottom. They are 7 month.

My son had all his from 3.5-8mons.
My daughter started at 3 mons but took until she turned 1 to get them all

My 8 month old has 5 almost 6 teeth. She got her first 2 at 5.5 months old.

My 3 month old has had his top two poke out and go back in since about 9 weeks…

My daughter was about 5 or 6 months before her first tooth though.

But some babies don’t get them until closer to a year.

Mine didn’t get his til 13 months

My son was 6 months and my daughter was 9 months

My son was born with 2 and my daugther 6 months

Teething at 2 months 2 teeth at 4 months full set at 12 months. All came in 2 at a time

My son is 10 months and has two teeth

All of mine were different. First was just 3 months, 2nd was close to a a year and my 3rd was around 5-6months☺️

My son had his first two teeth at 5 months!

5 month 4 teeth at the same time

My first one had his at 2 months. I believe it was around 5 months with the second.

My daughter had all of her teeth at 8 months

My son is 8 months and doesn’t have any yet.

I haven’t checked my sons month in a while but he got his first two teeth at 5 months old on Christmas Eve :sweat_smile: last I checked over a month ago he had 4 fully in … he’s a biter so I try and stay far away from his mouth :joy:

They say the later the better!
My oldest was around 5 months…believe my youngest was about then too

My son is 9 months old and has 7 teeth (4 up top, 3 down the bottom)

My son didn’t start getting teeth until 8 months. He’ll be a year next month and they all started coming in like four at a time!!

My 10 month old niece still has no teeth :sob:

Mine was 8 months, but she was also 4 weeks early

3 months, she’s now a year old and only has 4 teeth to come in now

8 months 2 at the time

2 teeth at 2 months 2 more at 4 months and so forth and so on lol.

4 months old my son had his 2 bottom teeth cut.

My son is 10 months and his two front bottom teeth are just now coming in. My older son was also a late bloomer. All my girls were right around 5 or 6 months.

My sister was born with two bottom teeth poking through!

My girl was 5 months when her first tooth cut. He second followed days after. She is now 9 months and has 6 teeth

My baby boy is 14 months and only now getting his first tooth…

My son had two at 5 months with the next two at 6 months

My daughter is 7 months almost 8 months and yes has 3 teeth ( they just came in)

5 months & kept getting her teeth in by twos & threes

My first was 11 months, my second was 7 months.

About the same age one walked at eight months the other at nine months juess they were in a hurry to explore :grinning: