When do I get a bigger carseat?

When do you go up a car seat? My baby will be 1 in a few months so I’m trying to get ready for the changes. What age is normally the age you go up a car seat? Also what kind do you recommend? Thank you.


Chicco is an amazing carseat

My daughter has been in a convertible rear facing car seat since she was like 8 months old.

I changed from the bucket seat to a rear facer at like 7.5-8 months. My son just outgrew it. The straps were on the tallest setting and it was too short. And his head was peaking out the top. Thats when we switched.

I have the Graco 4ever car seat. It goes rear facing and front facing. It says 4-100 lbs. it turns from a rear facing car seat to a front facing one and then into a booster seat. My daughter is almost 4 months and loves hers. She looks super comfy in it. You should look into all the things it can do!


You can use a convertible seat at birth as long as baby meets the weight requirements so you can go up now. I loved the Graco Extend2fit because it has the tray you can put out for when their little legs get longer.

I didn’t change until a year 1/2. I kept her infant carrier

I changed from infant seat to convertible, rear facing of course, at about 6 months. I hated carrying that bulky infant seat and I baby wore a lot so it was easier just to keep her in a convertible one. Technically speaking convertible car seats can be used from birth up.

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It depends on the size of the baby and your personal taste.

Honestly, whenever you’re ready. Some parents wait until their child out grows the carrier, either reaches weight/height limit if not both at the same time. Other parents make the switch when they no longer need to use a carrier. Personally I switched my son into a convertible car seat at 6mo old. He has the Graco Extend2Fit and I love it, I highly recommend it. :heart: Good luck in your searches!

From an infant carrier i switched at 9 months she was 18 lbs and 26 inches she is now in a car seat she will be in till probably 4 yrs then to a high back 5 point harness till 5 then just booster till 8 yrs

You have until they reach the max weight and/or height, whichever they reach first, the car seat is no longer safe to use


Its by weight, not age.


… Not to be the asshole of the group but car seats don’t necessarily go by age… you do NOT want to change your carseat just because the child is one. It’s by weight and height. You can always switch from the bucket to a 3 in 1 but I would be 10000% sure your child is the correct height and weight. We have a 3 in 1 safety first and I HATE it… I wish I would of asked recommendations before I bought it :joy::sob:


Whenever they max out the weight or height I suppose. I switched my daughter from the infant seat to an upright rear facing at like 9 months I think. Since she was sitting up on her own and all that jazz. I was sick of hauling around the seat. Usually those go like 5-40 or 50 pounds.

I usually switch over to stage 2 convertible seat around 6-7 months. I felt they were getting bigger for the infant seat ( i have tall babies.) But you dont have too. And they liked the convertible seat better, it sits up more.

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Go by weight get not age. My daughter is 6.5 still in a car seat because she weighs so little

I went to a convertible at 6mn with both of mine

I want to skip the carrier this time and just use a stroller

Carseats don’t generally go by age but by size of the child so while some have a child that fit in an infant carrier well passed a year others change to a convertible carseat after a couple of months.

Use Google and check your states regulations. Some states might be different. Might not.

I switched all of mine around 6 mos to a convertible seat. I have a graco forever and a evenflo safemax. The safemax is better priced and I like it a bit better. It is very bulky so not great for a car but I have a suburban so it fits good even next to the graco.

Its more about weight and height, not age. Rear facing is best for as long as possible. My kid didn’t turn forward until almost 4.

Why are you getting ready to change up his/her car seat because he/she is one? Car seats go by weight not age

If you want to upgrade to a bigger better car seat that’s great, however I would make sure it is (like most are saying a convertible) because a one year old definitely still needs to rear facing. Most bigger seats are from infant to toddler these days so you can still get a bigger one but keep it rear facing

We have graco 4-1. Grows with the baby.

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My first stayed in her infant until she was 18 months(she was small) and then we went to safety 1st 3 in 1. My second will probably be the same way, shes little too.

I think it was 6 months she was looking uncomfortable in her infant seat so we moved her up to a graco extend to fit rear facing of course and she loves her big girl seat.

Graco extend 2 fit. My son is almost 3 and still able to rear face even though he is in the 99th percentile for height! It can then forward face when needed.

More by size than age and every car seat is different

When they max out the current seat. And check your state laws. A lot of states now require a child to be 2 before forward facing