When do I give mommys bloss gripe water?

Mommy bliss gripe water
Reviews and give it only when fussy or can I give it to her every night before bed ?

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We used mylicon and you can give it to them after each feeding if they’re really gassy.

Gripe water is a life saver!! I gave my son some just about every day

I use it for when my son gets the hiccups because nothing else works! And he gets the hiccups every time he gets to laughing too hard so quite often lol

I give it to my son when he is fussy before bed or teething almost every night now. the nighttime one is the best. My doc said he gave it to his kids almost every night when they where younger and said because it is all natural no need to worry about anything :slight_smile:

Gripe water is herbal supplement and shouldn’t be given to babies. It can cause seizures and other issues. And is 100% placebo. You should never give a baby anything that isn’t regulated. Natural only means not tested in no way does it mean you don’t have to worry about giving it to your child. That is the most dangerous advice I’ve ever heard

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gave it to my son almost every night … worked like a charm

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It definitely helps but I only use it rarely… using too much gripe water can sometimes cause constipation.

I would only give it to them if their gassy. No point in using it if their okay and not fussy. But is safe to use every day.
I used it with my second child.
Also gas drops helped. I used that with both my kids more then I used the gripe water.

We used every night. Granted, she was gassy every night. On a sleep schedule by 6 weeks old!

My daughter had colic my son had acid reflux dr recommend gripe water they had it since birth it was a life saver plus the dr had us do gas drops with it the night time gripe water helped them be able to sleep better then the day time one i definitely would recommend the night time gripe water

I use it constantly, mine would get gas so bad he would scream and once i started using that, it was almost instant relief for him

Only give when needed but loved it.