When do kids nighttime potty train?

I need help. my twin boys were 11 week premature. they are almost 6 and have been daytime and nap potty trained since 2 years old. they still have to wear pull-ups at night and are wet several times a week. is this normal? any ideas?


It’s normal even without the preemie aspect. Especially with boys

My son did it until he was 10yrs old!! It drove me insane at times. I tried everything I googled and nothing worked.

My brother wasn’t born early at all and wet the bed at night till he was 12 they told my mom his bladder was small and needed to catch up size wise

As long as they have pull ups on they will wet, take them away. Put heavy wets under the fitted sheets.


Normal.even in under wear

Yes it’s normal, my son is 9 yrs old and still has accidents

Yes, normal. My son was a micro preemie, just turned 10, and still occasionally has accidents at night. From what I hear from his pediatrician, personal friends and on this thread, this is pretty normal. If it goes beyond 12 years old, I’d get concerned. I did find that removing the pull ups decreases the accidents. I think there’s psychologically a comfort level there when the kid knows the pull up is there. Changing the sheets everyday for awhile will be a pain in the butt, but it may help.

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My advice is remove the pull ups it makes them to secure.
I also had twins 10.5 weeks early.

Before you go to bed gently guide them to the toilet to wee. They will eventually do this themselves.

Pull ups or nappies at this stage give them the idea that they don’t need to go to the bathroom at night.

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Also stop all liquids a few hrs b4 bed time

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Lots of kids need them up until they are 8ish.

Totally normal. Bladders are harder to deal with at night. Some kids will randomly wet the bed til they are 10…sometimes older. Harder with boys i find too.

Yes it’s normal even in kiddos who aren’t premature. I had one premie and one full term and both wet the bed until they were about 10. Seems to be more common in boys then girls

My son took awhile too compared to my daughter. Then one day he just stopped! So I believe boys take longer and your fine.

Well said Julie your a mother of twins. You had the experience of changing alot of sheets at night. That’s parenting!!

Sometimes things take time. Be sure they go to the bathroom before bed.

It’s normal my five year old is still in pull-ups at night

May have bladder issues

Most of my kids were out of pull ups by 3…my oldest daughter was 9 though. She would sleep through it.

Idk my 7 year old still wets whether he has a pull up or not and the pull ups are useless really because he pees through that. We have tried cutting of drinks 2 hours before bed, going potty 2 hours, 1 hour, and 15 minutes before bed, then waking an hour after bed and waking before I go to bed. He still wets so idk.