When do kids start losing teeth?

is it normal for a 5 yr old to have a loose tooth? is it to soon?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When do kids start losing teeth?

Between 4-6. My girls were 4-5 when lost teeth and my boys were 6 nearly 7 xx

My oldest lost hers at 4 and my second is almost 6 and has a loose tooth. :woman_shrugging: just depends.

Yes its normal no its not too soon this is the age they normally start falling put

If they are older cutting their teeth as a baby,they are older losing them…They still only keep their teeth for the same amount of time

Yup definitely normal both my older 2 started losing their teeth at 5

totally normal my daughter lost 2 teeth she is 6

Mine lost his at 4… Yes it’s completely normal

My 5 year old has lost a top and bottom tooth in the front. My other boys didn’t even have loose teeth until 6.

My kids pediatrician said the earlier they get teeth the earlier they will lose them. My son is 6 and has already lost a total of 8 teeth.

My boy is 5 and has lost 2 teeth

Normal. Watch to make sure they come out when new tooth grows too. My youngest 2 bottom front teeth had to be pulled at dentist

Not sure if it’s normal, but my 5yo has 2 teeth out and his 2 adult teeth broken through in their place.

Mine just lost a tooth and he is 5

my son is 5 and haven’t lost any yet. I remember I lost my first tooth when I was 5. not excited for my son to start losing his teeth because he’s so dramatic :unamused: i know its going to be rough.

between ages of 5 and up mine started between 5 and 6 and then after loosing teeth left and right

My oldest lost his first one at 4. Took two years for it to come back lol and yes he lost it naturally. My 6 year old just now has her first loose tooth

Aye it’s normal as fur the teeth bin them

Normal!!! My daughter lost her first one at 5, and now she’s almost seven and so far has lost 3 in total!

My oldest lost his first tooth a couple of months after he turned 5, and I thought the same thing. It’s normal.

It’s normal at that age. My son is almost 7 and just recently lost his first tooth and that’s considered on the late end for losing teeth.

My daughter started losing hers when she was 5… she’s lost 11 and us 6.5

My daughter lost her 1st tooth at 4 and all of them were out by 10 which was early to be done dentist said

My 5 year old lost 4 teeth before turning 6. But she also got her first tooth early as well, 3 months old

Six year old great grandson has not lost any yet. His sister was older too

My 5 year old now , started losing them at 4.

My five year old lost his first tooth this year and just recently lost a second one. It’s normal. After he lost his first one, I took him to the dentist and his doc said it was completely normal.

When they start getting mouthy​:+1::joy::joy::joy:


My son is 5 he lost his first tooth a few weeks ago

My son start at 4 he got his 1st tooth at 1month then they all started coming in by 5 months he had 4 on top and two on bottom

My grandson is six and just lost one I also thought it was early.

My 5 year old has lost 2 teeth so far

My daughter was 5 in December and just lost her first this past week!

I feel.like my oldest was 5 when he lost his first

My daughter is 7 and still has not lost a tooth!!!

5 1/2 year old grandson has lost 8.

All kids lose teeth at different times. My 5 year old step daughter lost 2 teeth already and is about to lose # 3&4. I think it can also depend on how early they got their first teeth as babies but don’t quote me on that because idk if that’s true or not :woman_shrugging:t2:

My 5 year old lost his first tooth a few months ago.

My daughter lost her first at 5. I believe 5 is normal for girls and boys are a bit later at around 6. This is what my kids dentist told me.

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My daughter was 5 and my son was 4. However my younger daughter is 6 and not lost any I think it depends on the kid

My five year old just lost her first tooth

My son turns 6 next month and has three super lose teeth right now. Yes absolutely normal

Between 5-7 is normal

Yes mine has already lost two

My daughter lost a tooth and she’s 4!

Yes. I work with five year olds and they are like sharks


My daughter was 4 when she lost her first. She is 5.5 now and has lost 4 total. I think it’s normal🤷‍♀️.

My daughter had just turned 5 when she lost her first one. She is now 8 and has lost them all earlier than her cousins that are around the same age. I have a 6 year old also and she doesn’t even have a lose one yet. All kids are different :woman_shrugging:

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My girl started to lose hers at 4 years old. Some kids can take up to 6 or 7 years old. Depends

My daughter lost her first two at 5. She is about to lose her next two and she’s just barely 6. :slightly_smiling_face:

My five year old lost her first tooth a week ago her second was already growing I think it was that one that pushed her first tooth out

My 4 year old is about to lose her first tooth. Of course her first tooth came in at 3 months

Avoid the face when punishing the child and they won’t loose so many lol