When do kids stop napping?

Not daily…
My 3 year old naps about 2 times a week. And has done that since she was 2

Depends on the child and how well they go to bed at night after having a nap during the day

Does he still fall asleep in the middle of the day? Then yes. Each kid is different at 3. My oldest still napped everyday at that age, my youngest is 3 now and he doesn’t need one.

Mine did and has only recently outgrown it. Whereas a friend of mine, her daughter stopped napping at 2. It really depends on the kid I think and their needs.

Ask his MOTHER!!!


Im 50 and still squeeze in a nap lol


Try and stop him and you’ll have a miserable child for the last few hours before bedtime.

Honey, I’m 37 and I still take naps, lol. As long as it doesn’t interfere with him sleeping at night, naps are fine at any age.


Does it really matter ? He’s 3 not 13 .

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Depends are you the one raising him ?

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My 3 year old doesn’t nap everyday but she usually needs to

Yes absolutely he should take a nap mine napped until they started school they still take naps from time to time and they are 30 24 and 22

Depends on the kid. Some do still until 4 or 5 sone quit as early as 2

My son stopped taking a nap at 2 (not by my choice). Now he’s almost 6 & tells me he’s going to take a nap lol

Can’t stop a child sleeping if there tired there tired 🤷 my son is 3 some days he’ll nap others he won’t doesn’t bother me all kids are different I don’t see a problem with it tbh.

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No my sons stop napping at 2 in a half…

My kids napped all the way until they were in kindergarten :woman_shrugging:t3:

My daughter is 3 and she usually doesn’t take a nap

Some schools still do naps in kindergarten

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I don’t think it’s any of grandmas business. It’s up to the parents to make those decisions.


If that’s what the parents want and he needs one yes. Mine stopped a little over a year on their own but each child is different

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If he’s tired why not? All kids are different.

At that age they still need about 12-14 hours of sleep a day. So it really depends on their bed time. If they go to bed at 9-10pm and wake up around 6-7am then yes give him a nap. If he goes to bed at 730pm then no nap. I run my own large daycare all my kids take naps until they go to school. 4-5yo. But each kid is different. My own kids go to bed at 730pm and wake up around 7am. This works better for them. They don’t take naps. It all depends on their bed time routine. As long as they are getting those vital sleep hours then you could eliminate naps. I guess also what ever works for your schedule.

I’m 20 and still take a nap…

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My son is 3 and naps.
I’m 35 and take naps.


Yes it’s always good to nap if their showing signs or nod off mine did till 1st grade full day school.

I’m 33 and I still nap. :joy::joy:

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I’m 27 and still nap.


Yep until they’re 18… for Mum & Dad’s sanity :joy::joy:


My kids stopped napping after they turned 1 but they slept 12 to 14hrs at night.

If he needs one. But if it’s a fight to get him to sleep and then another fight to get him to bed, probably not

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My son quit wanting to take naps around 3.

If he’s going to daycare he’ll be taking a nap until at least 5 or 6 . I think kindergarten still makes them take naps too


My 5 1/2 year old still naps in the afternoon if he is home!! He plays hard and basically just passes out!


Yes naps are very important at that age. My step daughter is 3 and still naps. It helps their growth and also gives them and you a break

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Each child is different

Most preschool and kindergarten kids nap

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Sure. It’s good to unwind and rest. Just maybe not to close to bedtime.

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If he doesn’t he will regret it once he starts middle school :rofl::rofl:

Yes if he needs one and most of the time they will do it on their own

My 3 year old will take a nap if he’s had an eventful day but he won’t if it’s been a relaxing day. I think it depends.

Yes they grow when they sleep. My 6 year old grand daughter still naps

When we were in kindergarten we took naps. What’s wrong with it? We are humans, no one is the same. Some need little to no sleep, some need lots, let them be the person they are.

I’m 26 and sometimes do when my 1yr old does :joy:

Depends. My kids stopped napping around 3 because they refused to sleep at night. It was a nightmare :joy:

Yes, even adults need naps.

My daughter will be 3 in September and there’s days that she doesn’t take naps

My son had quiet time , in bed when he was 3. He rarely napped at 3. Occasionally he fell asleep outta bordem but usually he talked to himself quietly.

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My kids stopped taking naps by 2 years old. If he slept for 12 hours I would see that as a huge win. You’re doing just fine mama.


Well, I’m 30 and haven’t stopped napping. :joy:
Some kids just aren’t nappers and one are.
All my kids stopped napping regularly at around 2/3


mine are 17 & 20 & still take naps

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That’s when my daughter stopped napping as well and I’m grateful as she started sleeping longer at night giving me more time to myself where I wasn’t needed to do “daytime” things. So from this moms perspective you’re right on track lol.


When my son was 2, I would let him read books but, not touch his toys. I always called it quiet time and said he can either have a nap or read a book. By 3 he stopped napping at home and now at 4 he won’t nap at all apart from kindy or the surprise sleeps in the car/at the table avoiding dinner.

My daughter is 1 and still has 2-3 naps a day. She cat naps though so no more than 30 minute at a time.

My twins stopped napping at 2.5…:grimacing:

My daughter stopped around 2. I like to sleep in so I keep her up a little later. We start bath time around 8 and lay down no later then 9. I normally let her watch a cartoon and she will fall asleep on her own. We wake up around 9-930.

My youngest will be 3 in June and I try to generally take him up to his toddler bed the same time every day and let him be for about an hour and a half and whether he sleeps or not is on him some days he doesn’t other days he does and his napping has never fully affected him at night. I’d say if his personality doesn’t seem to be too different then when he’s more rested or fed say to just not force him. Even my 5 year old with his pre k shut down right now he will sometimes take naps just because lol everytime he’s a little grouchy I’ll be like do you need to eat or do you need to sleep and he will tell me which one or even both lol

Mine napped till she was 4. All kids are different.


Whoa… my kid napped until the day before he started kindergarten. And would sleep every night from 8pm till 7am. Guess it depends on kid


That’s wicked! No nap needed if he’s sleeping all night.

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I left it day by day at 2. I stopped allowing afternoon naps period but in the beginning on fussy unbearable days I would let them have an hour long mid morning nap.

Daycare, preschool, and even full day Kindergarten requires naps daily so Ive typically tried to match our schedule to their schedules. I think Kindergarten just made them be quiet for 30 minutes and if they weren’t tired they could do quiet play after 30 minutes until mid year they allowed those who were ready to have no nap/quiet time. My oldest 2 napped the whole time. Good luck!


Mines up at 7am and usually in bed by 8. He needs naps still or he’s crabby as heck then hard to get to sleep because he’s over tired. He’s 2yrs n 3mo.

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My four year old and 6 year old don’t take naps during the week (in school) however on the weekends I do make them lay down for about an hour they can pick a book or quiet toy to lay in bed with just so they have some time to mentally check out and sometimes they fall asleep and sometimes they don’t

My almost 3 year old as not napped in about a year

My son stopped napping when he was about 1 1/2 years old lol.

There’s literally no right or wrong way to do it! I know some kids that still took naps when they were past 3, and some kids who stopped all together by the time they were 1. Every child is different.

You don’t have to try to force anything, you’re doing great. :heart:


Each kid is different. My youngest two are 20 months and 4 years old, and they both are absolute terrors by 4pm if they don’t take a nap after lunch. So they wake up around 8 AM, take a nap after lunch and their bedtime is 8:30pm.

Oh girl, take the break. Let the boy play quietly and pretend he is napping.

Mine took naps until school quit letting them. They weren’t happy about not getting naps anymore

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Kids that young need up to 13 hours of sleep for a fully functioning brain, including naps. I would just take it day by day. As long as they are getting enough sleep per 24 hours, do what works for you guys! Good luck momma!

I kind of let my kids tell me when they were done. If you still need “mommy time” where they are in their rooms quiet and safe, you can have a reading time or something like that so you can have a few minutes of peace.

Both my kids quit napping after like 18 months. They stop when they’re ready.

My have a 6 year old, 3 year old,and 1 year old and the 1 year old takes about 1 nap a day and sometimes none. I don’t make the older two nap unless they are being crabby butts and clearly need it.

My daughter stopped napping as soon as she could crawl out of her own crib (10mo) and hasn’t napped a day since! She’s 5now…her and her big brother (7.5yrs old) go to bed around 7p.m. and wake up very well rested by 7a.m. for school. Nothing wrong with that at all, sometimes you just have to work with their body clock and yours and it works out eventually when everyone finds a balance

Every child is different but my kids stopped taking naps around age 4

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My 3 year old is day by day. If he has a busy morning (and doesn’t fall asleep on the car) he will fall asleep on the couch and nap. If not he will fall asleep in the car around 3-4 and get a cat nap. Then bedtime is between 8-9 depending on the day. No matter what he wakes up between 6-7.

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No nap needed. Mine stopped a bit before this age and was in bed by 730pm up at 7-8am and still till this day sleeps like this

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When we stopped nap time, we started quiet time . I still wanted that short little break in the day and thought it was important for independent play for the kids too. You don’t have to nap, but it’s quiet time so you can do any kind of play in your room but you must stay in there unless needing to pee etc. it was only about a half hour . But it was really nice for me to be able to catch my breath during the day


My sisters kids stop taking naps around 2. I wouldn’t force it if that’s what works for your kid.

My child is turning 6 and he still naps. This few months it’s only been 1 nap a day because he’s now in kindergarten. He rests his eyes after school and we’re in bed by 8 or 9. School starts at 9. I wake him before 8. I don’t force him to take a nap, he’s just wired to take a nap. When he gets tired he gets fussy and all I say or ask him is if he needs to rest his eyes.

Some kids stop napping after age 1. Every kid is different.

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Mine is 17 years old and still naps. :person_shrugging:

If the extra rest/ quiet works for you guys, then do it! Every little is different, every family is even more different. My daughter is about to turn 3 and she stopped regular naps at 1 and a half. Every once in a while she will fall asleep somewhere but she won’t sleep through the night if we nap her.

I thought you said nagging at first. I was thinking never. Hahahaha. Anyway, each of my kids were different.

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My son goes to his room every day at 1pm for minimum of an hour so I can have time to relax for a few minutes or get caught up on house duties. Most days he naps during that time and sleeps up to 2 hrs sometimes. But if he decides not to nap he still spends that time playing in his room so I can do mommy stuff.

My oldest stopped napping during the day around 2.5-3 years. My youngest would still nap if she was allowed to at school lol. Maybe have him watch a movie to rest if he needs a little wind down time during the day. Doesn’t have to nap, but just rest.

My kids took naps through kindergarten

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My son was 3 when he stopped napping.

stop the naps. my oldest stopped at 1.5yr middle stopped at 2.5-3ish and my youngest
well she’s slowly growing outta them and shes 18m…sadly lol

They are all different. My 2.5 naps. Because mama needs time alone and to get stuff done. The bed was rough for about a day but that’s it. She knew the routine and that I wasn’t breaking it. Closed the door behind me as normal, got the monitor on and she played a bit but then laid down.

Wake him up by 6.30 or 7am.work a program 4 him. Like getting up, wash n shower breakfast by 8.activity 4 about an hour or two. Snack at 10. Cooling down. By 11 a short nap. Lunch between 12 and 12.30. A bit of TV. Play tym, reading. Then some outdoor activities n a short nap. Snack, read or some thing that may like. By 5 try supper, bath, read, a bottle or a cup of warm milk, till around 7.get him ready 4bed. By 7 he should be tired n sleep. He needs a routine. Avoid sugary, junk food. Dat keep him awake


My kids never napped or they will not sleep at all at night. But now theyre on a schedule and sleep from 730pm till 630am. As long as they sleep 12 hours they should be fine. It depends on the kid too. Some kids need the nap time some kids are just fine without it.

Dinner at 9pm?
I think waking at 9am is good but I’d get him in an earlier ruiteen so he is used to being up dressed and out the door before 9 so yous are already in a routine for him starting nursery/pre-school or kindergarten whichever it’s called were you life lol
I had my son on a 7.30pm -7am bedtime
And now he goes to bed at 7pm till 7am
Or if he has a nap after nursery 4-5pm
Then I will let him stay up till 8pm and give dinner around 6-6.30pm

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My oldest stopped napping at 2years unless we had an extra early morning or a particularly busy morning, which were not often at the time. My youngest didn’t stop taking afternoon naps until 5-6. Sometimes she’d come home from kindergarten and have a short nap. Each kid is different.

Im going 49 and im still napping lol

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I don’t think they do
Often my 8 yr old will fall asleep on the lounge
Until we wake her up for dinner
II’m 54 yrs young and i still have a nana nap in the afternoon

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Day by day. All kids are different. Let him go if he can. Don’t force it. He’ll tell you if he’s tired and if he doesn’t ,keep in mind they get fussy when tired. But, at any age ,a growth spurt will always cause for a nap. I also noticed when my kids would come home from the first day at school,they would crash as soon as they walked in the door. :joy:. Just play it by ear. You’ll know. Your doing great. Also not napping during transition will help him become accustomed to his new bed. Keep doing what your doing. Great Job ,Mom. :clap::clap::clap::v:

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My boys 2 and each day differs. He climbed out of his crib at 1 so we got him a toddler bed type that sits on the floor. It was a struggle at first but we got him a night light that spins allover walls and got him in the same night routine with books n cuddles and we put a gate up in the door way so he wouldn’t get up and do anything dangerous around the house.
Now he has days he’ll nap, but then he has some he skips them. I just sort of go buy how he seems about stuff.

All children are different. My first child gave up naps at 1 1/2, second took a nap until he started first grade.

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My daughter is 18 months she gets up at 5:30 am or 6am and gets her naps at 1pm and I put her to sleep at 7:30 or 8pm but sometimes she falls asleep early like at 6pm and wow that’s late dinner maybe that’s why he’s up late and late start in the morning also.

Day by day. My son was 4.5 and having 3 hour naps. My other 2 cut naps at 1. Think about yourself with sleep. Some days you are tired some days not