When do they check for dilation?

when do they start checking usually to see if your dialted? like how many weeks? & when do you start going every 2 weeks to your ob? i don’t remember from my first 2 kiddos. it’s been 4 years!


Apparently, you’re supposed to be checked for dialation when you go every week, but I go to a crappy ob and they don’t check at all unless you request it while making the next appointment. But usually when you start going weekly.

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I’m 32 weeks and I started going every 2 weeks when I was 30 weeks and usually start checking between 36-38 weeks

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I think all of that starts at 36w.


My dr checked me at 30 weeks because I was having Braxton hicks, dilated to a 1… usually don’t start checking until 36 weeks if having contractions or pressure


You start going every 2 weeks around 30 weeks. A lot of doctors prefer not to check cervix too much unless you are having symptoms that may suggest that you are nearing labor. It is best to avoid checking too much to keep risk of infection down. Once you get to about 36 weeks you start going every week

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I’m 37 weeks an have an appointment every week and my ob doesn’t check me for dialation yet. With contractions and pressure. This will be my 3rd full term. Only was told to go to L&D if I have pain or pressure 6 in an hour. Was checked at l&d though an am only 2cm

I’m 36 weeks still haven’t been check but now I have to go in every week! So hopefully they start checking…

You go in every 2 weeks at 30 weeks, and then every weeks from 36 weeks until the end and start checking at 36 weeks

I’m 36 weeks and 3 days and I go every two weeks now til the baby comes. They told me that they don’t usually check that til 39 weeks. But military is little different then the civilian doctors.

With my first two it was every 2 weeks at 30 weeks then every week at 36 weeks. My third I was having appointments every 2 week starting at 16 weeks checked for dilation at 36 weeks with all 3

I am 31 weeks I started the two weeks appointments at 29 weeks and they haven’t start checking me yet

They usually dont start checking your cervix until after 35 weeks unless you’re known to go into preterm labor theres no need to check you before that because it can cause irritation if you’re constantly prodded

27weeks the won’t start until your 30weeks they don’t start checking your cervix until after 35weeks

My ob started to check at 38weeks

I have been going every two weeks from the beginning in both of my pregnancies. I have high blood pressure and I am diabetic. So that is why. This time I go see a specialist once a month. Since I am over 35 years old. If I remember right I was like 36 weeks when she checked me with my first.

I started going every 2 weeks starting at 28weeks. My doctor didn’t check dilation until 36 or 37 weeks (i think 37 but it’s been almost 2yrs & a lot of craziness since then lol) i started going every week starting at 36 weeks

I started going every two weeks around 28 weeks. I’m now 35 weeks on Wednesday and have an appointment, my doctor is checking me for the first time then. I’m going every week now