When do they test kids for autism?

When can a child/baby get tested for austim I am almost 100 percent my daughter is; she’s 13 months. Won’t hold eye contact , doesn’t wave or point, response to name sometimes ; and she moves her left hand as if she’s saying by with fingers up and down constantly ….

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My daughter got referred at 18 months and officially diagnosed right before she turned 2.

i wished this would get pinned but do the Mchat survey. and go to your dr right away. my daughter was diagnosed at 18 months. and there was a long wait to get there. start now.

Depends on where you are. My son couldn’t get the referral until he was 2. I put him on several waiting lists in multiple states and it took 2 years for a spot to open up for his evaluation.

Go to a developmental person doctor…the earlier the better