When do toddlers get their molars?

When did everyone’s babes start getting their “2year old” molars .
My son 20months and and the last 4 he needed in the front started coming in a couple weeks ago . (Teething has never really bothered him ) but he has been drooling excessively and sticking his fingers in the back of his mouth and crying ect …
And I cant get him to open his mouth enough for me to see .
Anything I can do to help if it is his teeth back there ?

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20 month old here had just started cutting his , both sides at the same time. And he’s the same I do calpol and nurofen for night and cold water or ice lollies in day along side teething powder, cold fruit /carrots bananas ect x

By 2 my kids had all their teeth.

Pop cycles! Fresh veggies anything hard & cold basically

When my son started teething for his back molars I would kinda flip him down with my arms and tickle him to get him to open his mouth enough to see. Might take a few tries to get a good look tho. He has fun and I can get a look at his little teeth