When do toddlers stop napping?

Anyone else have a toddler that refuses to nap? He just turned 2 years old and will not nap anymore. Is it normal for them to want to stoop napping? I really hope it isn’t because I need a nap during the day.


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My son stopped napping around 2 years old. But my daughter is about to be 2 and she still naps everyday. Every once in a while she won’t nap but rarely.

Mine do! It ducks some day but we just bumped up bedtime.

My 4yr old only just stopped napping when he turned 4 but he has autism and is overly active

My 8 year old still naps some days so I have no clue. He’s on the spectrum so he gets over stimulated all day and crashes at home

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My daughter stopped napping at 2 almost 3 years old but she would sleep 12 to 14 hours.

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Every kid is different - what’s “normal” fir one may not be “normal” for another … Hell sleep when he’s tired :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


My sons 5 and still naps,

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My daughter stopped napping at 15 months I’ve looked after children that are still napping when they start school some just drop it earlier than others

Average age is around 3 I believe.

My almost 4yr old still naps during thr day. He does at kindy and does at home

My almost 3 year old still naps but I have to rock him for like 15 mins lol

All my kids stopped around 2 years old. They slept better at night too.


My son never napped after he was about 2. When he wakes in the morning he goes until he crashes at night. He is 9 now. My 5 year old will still take them occasionally. Everyone is different.

I want to know when I get to nap again :thinking:

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Mine just dropped his nap and he’s a little over 2 years old. It kinda sucks I don’t get the break during the day, but at the same time he sleeps alot better and longer at night without the nap so it kinda works out

Definitely normal
For them to start refusing naps at 2. If you stay firm and persist most will go back to napping. My two did anyways :sweat_smile: good luck!

My nephew is about to be 5 and still naps

When my daughter turned two she had a span of time when she refused to nap - it was like an inverted sleep regression. She eventually went back down.

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My son stopped napping around 3. One day he just decided not to nap and never needed one again :woman_shrugging:

I think it’s normal once my daughter turned about 2 she didn’t want to nap.

My daughter hasnt hardly napped since she was around 1, only if she’s poorly or in the car xx

My daughter just a little after 3 stopped napping. Maybe ask the Pediatrician. Maybe that is just his time to stop napping. But if your concerned I would ask the Dr.

My daughter turned 3 in December and she still looks forward to her daily naps.

Normal and all kids are different

Mine stopped napping when they stopped drinking a bottle of milk my 3 and a half year old still naps a couple of days a week

It normal my kids went grew that they grow out of that stage n there body makes there shedule as time goes on

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I stopped naps when she turned two coz she would not go to bed n now she goes to bed at 6 n sleeps till 7am if she does fall asleep it’s a late night

My 2 1/2 year old hasn’t been napping as much as he used to, it’s been hard figuring out nap times with a new baby, so he is new up missing them a lot of days.

First napped till 6,second till 2 and a half, third 2,we shall se about the fourth. Each child is different, no need to force them. Maybe Just find a time in the Day for rest and quiet time… Maybe some yoga and breathing excersizes, reading books…

I think it’s important for young children to nap during the day. It’s normal for them to want to stop it, because toddlers have fomo. However, if you can’t get them to nap, I suggest you encourage an afternoon rest. So dimmed rooms, quiet activities like reading a book.


All kiddies are different. My son stopped napping at 9 months. ( this was years ago he’s nearly 10 now).

And now my daughter, sometimes she naps and sometimes she doesn’t. She’s nearly 2. But when she does nap she’s asleep for almost 3/4 hours so I consider those days a bonus.

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Yes it can be normal all kids are different but if he dosent nap then he obv dosent need it if he was tired he would nap my son is 2and half he stopped napping at around 1and half how come you need to nap in the day you can do when he joins nursery if you can’t nap in the day the less you do it the more you’ll get used to it kind of thing does your child sleep all night if so then I wouldn’t even worrie that he dosent nap I’d rather have a better night’s sleep

My daughter stopped at two years old only coz someone put it in her head that only babies sleep during the day. I said ok, as long as your not grumpy by dinner time lol

Every kid is different. My first stopped at almost 4, Second 5 and the 3rd could still take a nap a 7 years old lol

My son turned two stopped his nap then started school and now we all nap before soccer practice at least 20-30 mins after school

Mine both stopped around 18 months to 2 .

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My four year old still takes a nap and my 1 1/2 year old takes 2 naps

All kids are different. My one kid napped everyday up until first day of kindergarten and went to bed every night with no worries at 8pm. Out cold. My other child stopped at 5 and if she did nap she was up until 11 or midnight. Mama couldn’t hang with that schedule so it was all dayers for her. Every kid is different

5 for my daughter and 2 for my son :woman_shrugging:

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The moment my daughter turned 2 naps stopped, it was honestly such a sad day

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My daughter stopped at 4 years old. She used to nap for 3 hours at a time.

Mine stopped at 1 and a half

My son was about 2 1/2 years old when he stopped napping everyday. He is now 3 about to be 4 in a few months and naps occasionally but not everyday. So I’m sure it’s pretty normal

Ive got 7 children some napped till 4. One stopped napping at 16 months. They were all different. Just like adults children have their own individual sleep needs. Some need more and some need less.


my two year old naps some days not so much others. when she doesnt nap shes in bed like 2 hours before her actual bedtime when she does nap. i dont force it

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My son is about to be 7 and still naps on the weekends :grimacing:

Yes it’s normal! They want to play! My daughter stopped at like 4 years old.

My daughter stopped naps at 2, she would have the odd nap here n there but for the most part they’re done with lol.

Once my kids starting walking naps were impossible. Good luck momma!

My son is 4 and still naps, despite my efforts to cut it out.

My daughter stopped napping for good around a year or so. My son is 4 and still naps most days. Just depends on the kid


My 2 year old doesn’t nap, he stopped napping around 8 months. But he has always slept through the night and sleeps in, in the morning. If I didn’t wake him he’s up between 11-1230. I wake him about 9 or 10. But we do relax time where he watches a.movie or plays independently.

Depends on the kid. My 2.5 year old is almost done with naps but my son was 4.5 when he stopped napping.

My son is 4 and still requires a nap. Just depends on the child

Every kid is different. My youngest took naps until
He was like 18 moths and that was it. I wanted to sleep at night so no naps during the day worked well . My four other kids stopped naps at different ages and that’s how most kids are you have to try and figure out what works best for both of you.

My daughter stopped napping at 2 but when she gets up early or has a busy morning I’ll make her do quiet time where she can lay down and relax and watch a movie then she still feels refreshed when she gets up. My older 2 kids napped until about 4.

All kids are different but my 5yo definitely still passes out on the weekends for a few hours each day

No lol my 3 year old is in daycare all day well I work and they do naps everyday after lunch

My daughter stopped napping at 2

My oldest gave up napping at 16 months. My second is four and still takes a daily nap. All kids are different

I hv a 4 and 2 year old both take naps still 1-3 hours depending. If he won’t sleep I would design a quiet time area then, put soft music on, dim the lights, he can relax, read a book, color etc. At 2 they definitely still need naps, and children need lots of sleep. Every child is different though but I would suggest a quiet time, you could even do a few minutes of meditation and deep breathing exercises with him, just to quiet the mind, few minutes.

My first is 16 and would still nap, my second stopped napping at 18 months…
We just did quiet time during what was nap time.

My 3 year old is hit or miss on taking a nap. Daycare/preK has a scheduled nap time of 12-2. Some days she naps for an hour, sometimes 20min, sometimes the whole 2 hours. Majority of the time she lays down and looks at books or plays quietly with soft toys while the other kids nap. At home? :joy::joy: what’s a nap? She’ll nap if she’s in the car long enough but again, majority of the time no. It definitely differs from kid to kid.

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All my kids stopped napping at around 2 years old… So I started putting them to bed earlier…

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When they start kindergarten

They say most kids stop napping around 2-3.

My 4 year old don’t take naps anymore but my 6 year old still naps
She needs it more then my 4 year old

My son stopped at about 2… Would occasionally have a nap if he fell asleep laying on the couch or in the car but apart from that it was very rare and exhausting but every kid is different

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From my experience…with 3 kids of my own…you’ll get that nap…when they start school…:expressionless:

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Nap time usually stops at about 2-3 years old, so that’s probably why he’s not napping. That’s how old my two older ones were they stopped on their own.

From what I’ve seen between 3/4 is when most kids stop napping, some will try earlier but you can always still have them take one until they’re a bit older

All of mine stopped taking naps at 2 years old.

my 6, 3, and 1 year old all have quiet time. you may not want to sleep you can play quietly. 6 usually naps. 3 naps sometimes. 1 naps everytime. and mommy naps everytime lol

My grandson stopped napping at 3. I’d tell him he just had to rest and could watch his favorite cartoon. He’d fall asleep every time.

My son stopped at 2 as well but we still had quite time it also helped him sleep better at night.

My three yr old still naps lol but he also doesn’t sleep to good at night

My oldest stopped around 7yrs. My middle was around 4yrs. My youngest (3yrs) is starting the nap fight, she’s taken one nap in the last ten days…

Naps normally stop around that time but you can do a rest time, where they have to lay down to watch a show

My twins stopped napping at 2

My daughter stopped napping after 1 year old.

My son is 6 and will nap at least 3 days out of the week for like 1 hr.

Every kid is different but mine took naps all the way up until they started Kindergarten

Mine stopped at 2. It wrecked me for a while cause that was my me time. Now I just stay up super late and feel like crap the next day :woozy_face:

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6 living and they all stopped naps around 2-3 yrs old. I know some parents still try to force it or at least a quiet time for their sanity but I find letting them stay awake and active helped them sleep better for the night.

Both my girls started to refuse naps by one yrs old.

All mine still nap… 5 year old is told to go have quiet time with a book while the younger ones take their nap… the younger three are ages 2, 2 and 3 and nap anywhere from 1 to 2 and a 1/2 hours… They are all good sleepers though… they go to bed at 7pm and get up at 7am…