When do you feel baby kick?

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I’m currently 11weeks pregnancy with baby #3. Lately at night I’ve been feeling little flutters. Not sure if’s too soon to be feeling baby move. I’ve heard the more kids you have the sooner you do feel everything. My second baby I felt move at around 14 weeks. But 11 with this one? Is it possible? Also I’ve been wondering if it’s gas but I’ve noticed a difference with gas, with gas I feel it all over my stomach. With this it’s just below the belly button.


My 1st one I felt around 13/14 weeks, but I only have half a uterus due to a birth defect. My 2nd I didn’t feel until around 28 weeks, because my placenta was in front of him.

I had an ultrasound tech tell me that it’s impossible to feel baby before 19 weeks

I felt flutters at 13/14 weeks. An the a big roll at 16. U know your body. So if u think it’s movement it probably is

The fetus moves right away! Some people can feel it sooner depending on how sensitive they are. I felt flutters early too

I’m 11 weeks with my second and swear I have felt flutters but its possible it’s just gas bubbles.

I felt flutters around 9 weeks with my 3rd one. Yes the more you have the earlier you feel them.

I felt my second at 12 weeks. It’s definitely possible

It’s possible! Feels like a butterfly

This is my third and I’ve felt fluttering for a long time.

Totally possible. I felt my twins that far in.

Talk to your doctor!!

This is my 5th and I have definitely felt him/her a few times

I started feeling flutters from 9 weeks, I’m 12 weeks and 2 days and I can confirm I definitely felt a kick :smiley:

I felt my 3rd that early

This is my first and i felt it at 12 weeks

Lol I’m 11 weeks with baby #3 too and I’ve been feeling baby as well (:

yes…that is what you are feeling.

I’m also pregnant with baby #3 and I felt flutters at 9 to 10 weeks with this one now I’m 19 weeks and I feel small little kicks when I’m either laying down or sitting down

It is possible. Im on baby number 2 at 13 weeks and can feel flutters since around 11 weeks or so. Theyre very deep and gentle but i definitely know thats what it is. I feel gas all over my belly as well and the baby very deep below my belly button.

Everyone is different

I felt my first at 12 weeks and my 2nd I thought I was crazy but I felt movement from 4weeks on everytime id lay down, Id feel it for hours until id get up.