When do you get induced with preeclampsia?

How early were you induced with high blood pressure/preeclampsia?? I’m almost 34 weeks, and have to do NSTs twice a week… for my blood pressure. I had my daughter at 36 weeks due to the same reason. But this time my BP is higher. And I’m afraid I’ll be induced soon.

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I was induced at 38w 2d

I was the same way, and induced at 35 w 3 d and she came at 35 w 5 d

34 weeks 3 days.
Emergency but not EMERGENCY c.section, if that makes sense.

37 weeks 1 day w/ high blood pressure

I was induced at 35 weeks

My last two were both born early due to preeclampsia and it causing IUGR. My middle daughter was born at 31 weeks and my youngest at 30. They were both C-sections.

I was induced at 37+2 because of high blood pressure had my son 37+4

37 weeks with pre-eclampsia and IUGR

39+5, for gestational hypertension, but they didn’t diagnose it until that day. I had high BP the entire time, but it wasnt until I went in for bad dizziness that they noticed my heart rate, and baby’s, were wildly jumping up and down.

With my first 37 weeks with my second 36 weeks.

32 weeks 6 days delivered next day 33 weeks exactly

Exactly 35 weeks she was healthy and strong just needed to learn how to suck spent a night in the nursery that was it.

I was not induced at all with my second. Due to high blood pressure I had a csection at 40 weeks exactly. My first I was induced at 40 weeks 5 days but I didn’t have high blood pressure

37 weeks. I started showing signs of preeclampsia around 27 weeks… my BP was fine… and if it was elevated she sent me in to see if there was protein in my urine… my results always came back negative. They induced me at 37 weeks because my BP was too high and there was a little protein in my urine. My preeclampsia was bad tho. Me and baby didnt go home for a week!

I was 34 and 4 when I delivered, they gave me the steroid shots for his lungs a week before. He only had a short NICU stay of 6 days.

Emergency c section at 33weeks due to preclampsia. They were suprised i even walked into the er because my bp was extremly high. My 32 week appointment was the first time it was high.
Currently pregnant with #2 and im 23 weeks and was put on bed rest at 18weeks due to high bp and protien levels. They said to expect to have this baby early anywhere between july and my due date september 3rd. But their not gonna let me go past 37weeks they said at my appointment last week

I went into natural labor at 33+6 but they planned on letting me be pregnant as long as possible (as long as it was safe for both me and baby)

29 weeks. They did an emergency c-section. I had high blood pressure, had gained 25 lb of fluid in about 10 days and protein in my urine. I only found out cause i didn’t feel good and went to urgent care. 2 lb 4 oz baby boy and a 72 day NICU stay.

Make sure you and your doctor on the same page. And your doctor’s not a complete moron. My best friend had preeclampsia super high blood pressure and protein in her urine put on 80 lb during her pregnancy and her doctor let her go two weeks overdue. Her son was in the NICU for 11 days because he swallowed the meconium and it completely clogged his lungs. He was born blue by C-section. So make sure if your blood pressure stays high that they take your baby early for your sake and for his sake or her I don’t know