When do you get your period after birth?

Hey mamas ,

I had my daughter may 16th and i havent yet gotten my period…when my daughter was only a month in a half i had took a pregnancy test and no lines showed up at all a week ago i took another one and it came out negative but my stomach has been like cramping up when i lay on my stomach and sometimes when im walking around places it starts to hurt alittle but. Was wondering is this normal and maybe i will get my period or am i pregnant?


Are you breastfeeding?


It’s normal if your breastfeeding…


Have you been having unprotected sex

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With my third i didn’t get my first period til my baby was just over 4 months… I didn’t breast feed. Everyone is different tho

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I’m breastfeeding and my baby is 4.5 months old. No period yet :woman_shrugging: I’m going to call that a win!


I’m breastfeeding, my son was born May 15th, no period

Sometimes the cramping is your uterus still shrinking back down to size. It can take a while, and my friend has been breast feeding for 1.5 years and is still very irregular on her periods.


Not breast feeding and yes to unprotected sex

Are you breastfeeding…you may not get it for a while if your bf. If not give your Dr a call.

Even if you aren’t breastfeeding it CAN be normal. My daughter is 3 months and 1 week, I just got my period a few days ago.

I had similar issues and found out there was retained placenta, but pain was almost unbearable. If it gets worse please go to doctor. Fingers crossed it’s just normal stuff.

I also had my daughter may 16th… I already had my first period. Not breastfeeding.

Are you breastfeeding?

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My youngest is 16 months and he weaned at 14 months off the breast and I still haven’t had my period yet.

If you’re breastfeeding that can delay it. And you’re uterus has to contract back to normal size so that may be the cramps you’re feeling

Depending on how long it’s been since having unprotected sex, you might want to give your OBGYN a call. Do a pee test, check your hormones, and maybe an ultrasound. These things happen.

Might early to be having sex

I had my daughter made 12 and had a super quick period soon after I quit breast-feeding beginning of June. I’m cramping but I’m still waiting on my first official period. But we’ve used protection lol

I had my daughter February 23 and still have not had a period. My Ob told me that some women don’t have a period until they stop breastfeeding. I’m not sure about if you aren’t breastfeeding but I think that may still be normal.

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Maybe call your OB Dr…just a thought :sunglasses:

If you’re breastfeeding you may not have it! My little one is 11 months & I still have yet to have my period!

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If you are breastfeeding then you might not get a period for awhile. However, you can still get pregnant while breastfeeding and having unprotected sex. Some people think breastfeeding is a automatic birth control, it is not!

I breastfed my son and didn’t get a period until 11 months pp.

I breastfed and I didn’t have a period for a year. Hope you figure it out!

Please call your doctor.

Gallstones?? Where are you cramping?

If you are breastfeeding it is very likely you will not have a period.

My son was born May 4th and I have not gotten a period yet! I am also exclusively breastfeeding.

After my mom had me… She went back for her 6 week check up and they told her she was pregnant with my brother!!! But were Irish twins and closer then any friend i ever had … Dont be scared!

I just got my period and my son was born Feb 19. My doctor said that most women get their period back within 6 weeks of giving birth but he’s seen some not get it back for almost a year

Are you breast feeding because if you are sometimes you won’t have a period, that’s normal

My neighbor didn’t breastfeed and didn’t get it for a year but bow when she did get it it was horrible. Always talk with your OB but sometimes it is normal. If your tired, tender and maybe slight fever you could have a clot so it is always best to speak with ob.

Had my baby may 8th and still haven’t gotten my period

Ur more fertile after you’ve had a baby but breast feeding delays period sometimes i’d still test to b sure

If your are breast feeding you most likely won’t have a period until you stop. I didn’t get a period until I stopped breast feeding. But if you are concerned talk to your ob.