When do you get your period after birth?

I had my daughter in November and still haven’t had my period. How long did it usually take others to have their period? (I’ve had a regular cycle since I’ve started my menstrual)


My mom hasn’t had a baby in 3 years and hasn’t had one yet

If your exclusively breast feeding you may not get one until you are done. I know some women who didnt get their cycle back like 6 months after they gave birth. I breast fed for about 2 months then got my period around a month after i stopped breast feeding

It took me almost 7 months to get my period after I had my daughter but I also breastfeed

Are you breastfeeding? Could be as long as you breastfeed. It’s different for everyone.

I breastfed and didn’t get my period back until 11 months pp

Took me 7 months to get mines back AND my period is in regular

I didn’t have one for 10 months while I breastfed. Once I stopped, it hit hard and fast

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Everyone is different, I bled for 2 months after having my kiddo and would stop for a week then started back up again

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Are you breastfeeding? That can cause you to not have a cycle

I breastfeed my boy hes 6 months and i just got my first post partum period