When do you get your period after giving birth?

I’m 8 weeks postpartum and still haven’t had my period. Is this normal? I don’t breast feed.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When do you get your period after giving birth?

My dr told me it could take up to 4mo before I would have a period again. I’m also 8 week pp without a period. I was told to be careful though as its really easy at this time to get pregnant again

I didn’t have my period for almost 4 months and I didn’t breastfeed either. Just make sure you’re using some type of protection during sex if you don’t want any more babies.

1st birth I got right at the 6 week mark 2nd birth I got closer to the 18 week mark

Probably should say if youve had sex or not​:joy::joy::joy:

I did breastfeed and got it on time like clockwork but we are all different


Honestly I was told that it would return 6-8 weeks post postpartum, I believe I got mine within the 6-8 weeks I just don’t remember exactly

I got mine after 3 months and it’s horrific. I hate my period now.

Several months from my own experience

After I stopped bleeding from delivery I was on schedule every month with both my kids and I breast fed them both. It sucked because my milk production went down during my period and with both c-sections ( not by choice ) 20 years later I’ve had heavy periods and horrible back pain the day before since.

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Mine came at exactly 4 weeks with all babies

Bout 1 month after birth like clockwork

I’m 5 months postpartum and still have yet to have a period. I am breastfeeding/pumping though

About 4 to 5months. Everyone is different

I bled for 10 weeks postpartum. Idk.

I’m 10 wks pp and no period yet.

I have 2 that are 18mos apart. I didn’t get my first period until after the younger baby was about a year. So 2.5 years after my daughter. Everyone is different.

I think I got mine around 5 or 6 weeks and ever since my first kid it has been way worse than it ever was before. It sucks

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It can take anywhere from a month to a year. I’ve seen varying ranges.
If you’re concerned after 2 months, definitely go get seen. :black_heart:

I went straight from postpartum to my period.

It’s different for everyone, I didn’t get my first PP period until 2 years PP because I’m still breastfeeding, though if you’re not breastfeeding it should return in the next month or so, more than likely.

Depends on how long your postpartum bleed is some vary, between postpartum bleed can last from 4-10 weeks so that will change your cycle. Depends if you’re breastfeeding or not. What birth control you’re on after. Everyone is different.

Depends on your body. I had mine with my son (7 years ago) 4 months pp. with my daughter (18 months) I had it 10 months pp, and was bf.

I didnt get my period for 19 months after giving birth woo hooooi

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I breastfed my daughters for 12 and 14 months and didn’t have a period until a month or two after I stopped breastfeeding them. It just depends on your body!

Daaaamn. I bled like a stuck pig running for its life in the middle of summer, for almost 12 weeks

I had mine at 6 weeks breast feeding. With both. Every body is different

When it feels like turning up. I’ve had 8 babies. Some I breast fed some I didn’t. My period just did what it wanted and turned up whenever . It’s pretty annoying

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Check with your doctor.

I never had one, but at 8 weeks got an IUD and have had it for almost 3 yrs

My first two children my cycle came back at 8 weeks, my third it came back at 3 months and was irregular. Every pregnancy and postpartum experience is different, your body is healing and rebalancing your hormones.

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Had mine about 4 months after having all my babies

I didn’t get mine for 2.5 years. I was still breastfeeding.

I got mine about 12 weeks after giving birth to my first. Only breastfed for the first couple of months.

I was seven weeks out and then I didn’t get it again for a few months and ever since then it’s been really funky. I’m three years out and just now seem to be regulating

Took 5 months with my littlest. She just turned a year

Everyone is different I did breastfeed mine so I am not sure maybe talk to your Dr about when people who don’t breastfeed typically get their period back

I think at about the 9-10 week mark.

I breastfed all of mine for at least the 1st year. With my oldest and my twins, it was over a year before my cycle came back. After #4 it was only 3 months.

I gave birth in January and I just got my period this month! I didn’t breast feed/pump this time around either.

Everyone is different. Talk to your doctor.

I didn’t get mine for 17 months. It was alarming. I have the worst luck with extra long periods when getting on birth control but I’m fortunate when I’m breastfeeding (at least this time) to not get my period at all

After having my 4th I still haven’t had a period and Oct 12th will be 5 years I haven’t had a period…