When do you normally put up your Christmas tree?

When do you normally put up your christmas tree? My husband is trying to make us wait until december 15th and it makes me so sad


We are a blended family and so we try coincide the tree decorating with when the children who don’t live with us are over. It helps to make them feel involved in our families activities so they don’t feel left out

I usually wait until Thanksgiving day but we put it up 1.5 weeks before this year.
He can’t “make” you wait. It’s your home too. Just set it up anyways.


Normally we decorate and put the tree up day after Thanksgiving this year we were a week early

Me and my son put up ours a couple of weeks ago

I’m the one that does it every year, so I put it up whenever I decided.


Okay so my family has always waited to buy a tree until after the 1st snow. It’s already snowed but general rule is after December 1. Kids have fun with this stuff so remind him this isn’t always about him as an adult

Weekend after thanksgiving all the Christmas decorations go up in our house. To me waiting until December 15th seems like the tree wouldn’t be up long enough to enjoy it, however, to each their own.

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My parents started the tradition with me and my sister we always had put up our tree Thanksgiving night, I stuck with the tradition and I’m now doing it with my kids. My tree been up since Thanksgiving


It makes me more bitchy to only have the tree and decorations up for 10 days :joy: so I put it up whenever I want! Sometimes its before Thanksgiving. Sometimes ots the weekend after, other times it’s the week after turkey day. Sometimes there are 2 trees!

If it were up to my husband we probably wouldn’t put a tree up :sweat_smile: good thing i am in charge :rofl:

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Halloween night after the kids go to bed :joy:


I put mine up when I have time to enjoy doing it and take it down whenever I am ready to clean everything up to start the new year clean.

The day after Thanksgiving unless my daughter is with her father, then we wait till she comes home

My daughter’s birthday is on Dec 4th we try to wait till after that all thou Xmas lights are out outside

We usually put it up either thanksgiving night or the night after. This year we were late it got put up last night.

I put mine up when I hVr

Normally before or after thanksgiving… but this year have to get a new tree as my husband broke ours last year :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes:

2 or 3 days after Thanksgiving

Whenever you feel like it. I put mine up before thanksgiving this year :joy:

Canada - whenever I want. This year it was up middle of November

The first day after thanksgiving which is Black Friday!!

I usually wait till December 1st.

as a kid my mom always put the tree up on christmas eve day after my brothers bday and took it down on jan 8 day after mine. she tried 3 times to have a christmas baby and finally got one with me she was ukraniane. as an adult i always put my tree up beginning of dec not thinking about mom’s tradition until many years later. after the birth of my son whe he was a year old i started putting it up on the 10th or 11th to keep chritmas and his bday dec 8 seperate. several years ago it dawned on me the reason that my mom put up the tree when she did she was separating birthday from christmas and celebrating ukraniane christmas with it up. i lost one of my bonus daughters in 2005 her bday was the 10th so now in honor of her and my son now 35 i still do not put it up untilthe 11th and take it down on the 8th the kids love this tratdition since the never got to meet grandma and this is my way of celebrating christmas with her. hope you all have a awesome christmas season. my husband who just turned 75 wouls like it if i didn’t even put upa tree. tell hubby to quit being a scrooge

Frig him. Mine was up 2 weeks ago.

what?? no way, and enjoy for just one week? he is nuts lol grinch :rofl: :joy:
i do after Thanksgiving around 1st of December the latest!!!

Since November 12 lol… it’s a lot of work, I’m enjoying that bitch for as long as possible.