When do you start baby on solids?

When and how do you go about starting baby foods? Any tips and advice would be great thanks.


I started around 4 months. Just little spoonfuls at a time til they get the hang of it. N ALWAYS start with VEGGIES

I started at 4 months. Just took a few days before she learned to take bites. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks yet and she knows when it’s time to eat and she goes after the food. They say start with veggies first but i did fruits but she loves anything i give her.

Consult your doctor before starting. Most will recommend you wait until 6 months. But we started at 6, baby foods. One at a time. Your doctor can usually give best recommendation on how and when to start.

When? When the doctor gives the ok for you to start. 6 months generally. Research open gut and the dangers of giving food too early.

How? Veggies first and fruits last. That way they don’t learn to like the sweet stuff.

Also, it’s way cheaper and healthier to make your own and freeze it if you go the puréed route. Maybe look into baby led weaning if that’s something you want to do.

When u feel your child is ready for it!

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I work with a pediatrician who says starting at 4 months Is ok. What you want to do though is 1 new food every 3 days just to make sure there are no allergies. So peas the first 3 days then on day 4 you can do peas and squash and continue that for 3 days.

I started at 3 months in a bottle with formula just put a little slit in the nipple

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Please wait till your child is 6 months at least. There are a lot of dangers will feeding children food too early.

Stairt with one for about a week like bananas then go to a nother for week and just keep going

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Look up baby led weaning. I didn’t do baby food with my youngest and did the actual food instead. She will eat just about anything now at 3.

I started at 3 months old I started by giving small spoonfuls and started with veggies

My pediatrician told me 4 months but since he is 6 weeks she gave the ok to add a teaspoon of cereal in a 4 oz bottle to get him to sleep more than 30 minutes. But consult your baby’s doctor. When going to actual food vegetables,meat, fruit in that order

When my daughter got her first tooth at 4 months

Wait until at least six months. Breastmilk or formula should be the main source of nutrition for a year. Start with one thing for a day or two, then try another and so on. Also for in between meals, you could try age appropriate baby snacks. My both both loved gerber yogurt melts. Best of luck!

I gave my son a spoon to play with a learn to chew on kind of, we started him on baby food at 5 months and he seemed to really take to it

Skip baby food and do baby led weaning. So much easier and better in the long run

Don’t start with fruits.

6 months and up.
They say you can at 4, but it’s safest at 6 so just start at 6 months.
And then stage 1 and stage 2 are fine. Stage 2 is just bigger jars of stage 1. Stage 3 has chunks of food so don’t use that.
Veggies first. Try a new one every week. You wait a week in case baby has a reaction to something.

It’s really pretty easy. Just confirm with doctor first.
Oh, and rice cereal is useless. There’s no nutritional value. It’s just a filler. If you want to fill baby up, why not fill them up with nutritious foods?