When do you start feeling pregnancy symptoms?

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I started feeling nauseous about 3 weeks in, I was pregnant with twins and was sick for about the next month then amazingly had a fantastic pregnancy

Around 4-5 weeks I felt super tired and irritable. But didn’t think anything of it until 6 weeks when the nausea set it. This was the same for both of my pregnancies.

Never really had any, boyfriend noticed my nipples were huge 4 weeks in

I was sick almost immediately with my first, the second I never once felt bad just a missed period, and the third I didn’t even realize I was pregnant until I was 4 months along due to regular periods in the beginning :exploding_head: all so different but it literally can begin a couple weeks in.

Between 4-6 weeks. I usually start throwing up around 6 weeks. With one pregnancy my boobs were insanely sore starting at 4 weeks. Like it hurt so much I couldnt wear a bra. I dont know about everyone else but I always have a knot in my lower stomach so that’s how I know I’m pregnant before symptoms show :joy:

I threw up 2 weeks in, took a test and pregnancy test confirmed it right away.

My back started hurting and had heartburn bad and took test just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant with 3rd

First two pregnancies, the days before my period was due, total exhaustion. Baby three and now four, week 5. Morning sickness and exhaustion.

Every person is different but my first pregnancy symptoms begin around the day of my missed period. Usually indigestion and sore breasts.

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A week in. Had super vivid dreams. Then, a week later, my boobs hurt like never before!

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I started feeling them at about 3 weeks when I didn’t feel hungry all day and then when I tried to eat a salad at dinner and it tasted like dirt, I somehow knew. Went to get a pregnancy test after trying to eat and sure enough… positive.

Some women dont get sick at all both of my pregnancies and one was with twins I never haf any symptoms at all…so I believe all woman are different

A few days before my period was due. I was super exhausted and my boobs were the sorest they had ever been.

A week before my period I was feeling super exhausted I wanted to sleep all the time I tested 3 days before period and got positive

I started getting headaches & nausea at two weeks tested positive right away

About a month and a half this time but last time it took 3 months to even find out I was pregnant and didnt feel symptoms til I was about 4 and a half months

About 10 weeks with #1 and about 7 weeks in with #2. Both were totally different.

About 8 to 10 days after ovulation, with a weird metallic taste and very sore breasts

I felt sick. Run down. For about a week. Asked one of my friends to bring me a test. Ended up taking two different tests and both was positive. This was within the first couple weeks.

I knew two weeks or less with my son. With my daughter I was about 6 or 7 weeks before I had any idea!

Both times it was really early. Doc said im just really aware of my body. First was like 4wks and second was 6wks :purple_heart::blue_heart:

Right away i felt different and started feeling sick all the time. Took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant.

I started within days. Not nausea, but everything else.

I started feeling them within a week or two. It began as extreme tenderness in my boobs

With my daughter I had morning sickness the whole pregnancy! With my son it started at 6 weeks and ended at 18 weeks

Fatigue by the third week and everything else around six weeks with all four of mine.

It depends on your body.

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Probably when you are pregnant.

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I knew i was pregnant because of symtoms.

Before missed period with both

One week after missing my menses.

For me was around 9 weeks

When you’re pregnant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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About 5 weeks with #1 and 12 weeks with #2

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It was nearly 2 months after conception, I noticed deja vu, feeling tired, using the bathroom a lot, my food intake grew, thirsty a lot. Boobs started to be stiff and hurt to touch. I have PCOS so not having periods or skipping isn’t abnormal, so when I missed my period I didn’t think twice about it until the day, I could smell the printer ink at my job and it made me nauseous :roll_eyes:.

With my first pregnancy I knew 3 weeks after conception that something was wrong, but pregnancy tests kept saying negative. It took nearly a month and a half to get a positive test.

With both my kids I knew I was pregnant by 4 weeks. I didn’t have symptoms until 9-10 weeks.

I was late in my first trimester with my daughter before I got nauseous at all. I knew I was before I got any symptoms.

1-2 weeks , boobs were sore, then started throwing up (morning sickness)

I didn’t show any signs until about 4-5 weeks. My boobs hurt really bad and my friend said “you’re glowing” I went and got a test and it was positive. The second time I didn’t show any until 6 weeks and I took a test. I missed my period and knew. I didnt get really tired with either until about 15 weeks. I’m currently 30 weeks with our second and I am sooo tired.

4 weeks I thought I had the flu and went to get checked out and had to tell my mom when I got back in the car… long drive back it felt like lol

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It differs for everyone I think. I knew I was pregnant the second my feet hit the floor.

I didn’t have any symptoms until about 8 weeks,

I was about 5 weeks when I showed symptoms with my twins and was showing by 7 weeks

With my miss carried baby 2 days before missed period, with my son 10 weeks, with my 1st daughter 1 week in and with my 2nd daughter 2 weeks in

By 2 weeks I was sick. Took test at 3. Was very sick until after I had the baby

Depends on if it is your first vs. Your 3rd or more… first and second are different from each other too…

6 weeks in, my boobs hurt like crazy. Morning sickness followed shortly thereafter by 7-8 weeks.

Mine was about 5 to 6 weeks in.