When do you start introducing solids to baby?

At what age did you start giving solid food? Any tips?


Pediatrician recommended stage 1 baby food at 4 months. From there we gauged her interest. She never really cares for baby food except sweet potatoes and bananas.

We would give her a crumb of what we were eating and she was very interested in that. So we started to give yogurt, mashed up fruits, cottage cheese, until she could chew. She’s 10 months and eats pretty much whatever she wants.

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Yesterday…:woman_facepalming:t4: oh wait. You mean for babies… if your baby is breast feeding the recommendation is 6 months before introducing solids.

For formula fed babies it is recommended that they start infant cereal at 4 months. Building to vegetables and fruits gradually


5-6 months. Start with one food at a time (vegetable or fruits, it doesn’t matter) and wait 2-3 days before introducing a new food so if he develops a reaction you’ll know which food.

4 months, but they still need formula or breast milk for a year. Your pediatrician will tell you all of this at check up and vaccine appointments.

Breastmilk or formula for at least a year. Baby food at 6 months. Both my boys loved the gerber yogurt melts.


New recommendations say 6months… But we went by the child and have 4 each one was different… When they can sit with little support, shows an interest in your food, mouth starts moving when watching you eat, hold out hand when your eating…

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My first was 6 months and my second was 5 months, formula doesn’t cut it for her.

I would wait and and your doctor. Most will tell you for a formula fed baby to go ahead at 4 months with at least cereal but with a breast fed baby they’re probably going to recommend you wait until 6 months.

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Mine 3 months, cereal, stage one baby food.

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5-6 months. Started with ceral and worked our way up.

26wks on 1st
25 weeks on second and third.
Tried giving pureed stuff to my first but soon realised it was a waste and he wasn’t so interested. Moved to baby led weaning and didn’t look back. Second two were handed a banana as their first food. :muscle:
I used to give anything off my plate that wasn’t too hard to chew up. Loads of broccoli, soft chicken (after a few weeks), soft pasta (well cooked) I’d blend tomatoes and other veg as a sauce for them to suck up with pasta, bread in homemade soup, strawberries, tomatoes (boiled and peeled), toast, soft cooked carrots. Etc.

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Followed my doctors recommendation and started at 6 months and I made all my baby food. Did not fully stop breast feeding until sixteen months.

4 months for the first. Closer to 6 months with the second.

3 months or whenever they seem hungry and breast feeding doesn’t cut it.

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Then again my oldest us 21 and youngest 13.

6-7 mos. my baby just turned 7 mos and she’s just now getting used to solids. Now, I think 4 mos is too early although I started my son on solids at 4 months…

Babe should be 6 months (adjusted age too) and meeting all signs of readiness before solids are given. Babe needs to sit unassisted for at least 60 seconds, lost tongue thrust reflux and be interested in food.

Feeding before 6 months can damage their digestive system and lead to other life long health issues.

When starting solids, you will continue to nurse/give bottle 30 minutes prior to food. This ensures babe is still receiving the proper amount of nutrients from breastmilk/formula.

I gave my son purrees from 5 months until 8 months and at 9 months he started eating what ever i ate

I just started, my daughter is 8 months. Id been giving her baby food. But now im mixing solid food.

I followed my pediatrician’s recommendation and started solids at 6 months. We started with mashed up avocado and then banana. We introduced 1 new food per week. Baby liked food but wasn’t super serious about it till 7.5 months.

I started my first at 4 months (had been told to do this by the health nurse, up until my appointment when I told the nurse I had started him a few days before apparently it had changed to 6mnths and she had a go at me) so my 2nd I asked before I started him and got told it had changed back to 4mnths due to issues with kids being started later. So he got started at 4mnths too. Foe my 3rd I didn’t bother asking what they were recommending these days and started her at 4 1/2mnths as she was a few weeks preemie. Never had an issue with any of them, they’re all great eaters although the older 2 don’t like to eat mushrooms or onions, they eat basically everything I give them.