When do you start showing in pregnancy?

Hi moms.
So iam 13 weeks tomorrow with my second kiddo.
And I’m not showing? I have a bit of belly fat and weigh about 79kg. Tummy still feels super soft.

Is that normal? And did anyone else experience that?
I have crazy morning sickness right through the day and vomit a couple of times.

I dont know if I need to worry about anything.
Also my next appointment is in 2 weeks


I didn’t show or “feel” pregnant until well after 20 weeks with my 3rd.

No worries! I am 27 weeks and I just started to show at 25 weeks. I was also sick all day every day for 3 months. It’s normal. You have to remember that every pregnancy is different. Best of luck to you mama!

So at 79kg depending on how tall you are, you’re a bit chunky so odds are you won’t show right away with how small baby is right now. And I’m NOT bashing at all before crazies come at me! I’m a bit chunky as well. Try not to stress to much because it’s not good for you or baby. Just do everything you normally would while pregnant and look forward to your next appointment. Breathe momma. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I didn’t either, it just took more time with my second. Also had a lot of the same symptoms as you, ended up on nausea meds temporarily and it helped tons!

I’m still not showing and I’m 17 weeks and I have really bad morning sickness it’s perfectly normal

Some of these questions that are asked. I can’t help it :rofl::rofl::rofl::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


I’m at almost 11 weeks and i have belly fat around me, but not showing. Head up momma. No need to stress

I didn’t show until about 22 weeks

I didn’t start showing until 23 weeks

I didn’t show until barely now and I’m 33 weeks

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Your uterus is JUST beginning to grow past your pubic bone. Its gonna be a few more weeks.

I didn’t show until 28+ weeks with my 2nd.

I didn’t show until almost 30 weeks with my second

So I’ve always been really skinny, I’m 5’8 and I normally weigh 125-135lbs…with my first son who was 10lbs 1oz at birth, I didn’t show until I was 22+ weeks…my second I showed at 4 months and he was 6lbs 15oz born at 37 weeks . And I’m now pregnant with my 3rd and I didn’t show until about 16-17 weeks, I’m 23 weeks today. So I think it’s different with every pregnancy.

I didn’t feel my babies until about 15 weeks and didnt start showing until about 25-27 weeks. And was sick for 4 with my son.

Every person is different. I think the only one for me where i didnt show early was my first. The others I was 10 wks in and belly starting to pop.

Yh I’m on the larger side and I didn’t start showing until I was 22/23 weeks gone, I’m 25 weeks now and there’s no stopping this belly from growing :joy:

Shit I’m 16 weeks and I’m barely showing. Lol I haven’t gained any weight it’s just shifting to my stomach slowly.

Don’t be worried. Baby is probably fine

I’m in my first pregnancy, 26 weeks and I just look like I ate a big meal…I don’t look pregnant at all-not even in my swimsuit. I wouldn’t be concerned as long as you and baby are getting everything you need

I wasnt showing till I was about 6 or 7 months along

Im 29 wks pregnant with my second and barely showing. My sister said “you finally look 2 months pregnant” with my first I was huge and it was very obvious I was pregnant at 15-16 wks

I didnt really show until about 5 months but it was all at once lol. I was 175lbs and only gained about 20-23lbs the whole pregnancy AND I’m 60" tall.
Everyone shows at different times depending on how tight your core abdominal muscles are

I didn’t show until about 6 months, but I was about 7.5 months before the general public could identify me as pregnant and not just bloated. Everyone shows differently though!

I don’t think anyone shows that early

I didn’t even show a little bit until I was almost 5/6 months. totally normal.

My belly when I was prego with my first was big amd hard at top but my bottom belly was soft :roll_eyes::grin: Iv seen baby belly’s look all kinds of crazy lol so yes it’s normal lol and I didn’t start showing with my first baby my little girl till I was like 25weeks , but my belly button poped out like at 30weeks

My 3rd didn’t show until 23 weeks

I think this was at 28-30weeks I can’t remember lol my belly didn’t get any bigger till right at the last month+6days over amd I had morning sickness bad I threw up every day all day non stop , so I wasn’t very big lol , I was much bigger at like 37-40+weeks , but u cam see I had a hard top amd flabby bottom lol , this was 2018 , lol

I was still wearing bikini at 5 months and my son ended up weighing over 8 lbs. I put all my weight on in the last 4 months. But if you are nervous go see your Dr. :heart::baby:t2:

I am 19 weeks and starting to show quite abit. I am overweight .

13 weeks is a bit early to show all. Not being rude but all depends on body type. I was bigger set when j had my first and couldn’t tell I was pregnant till about 6 months :joy::joy: I lost a huge amount of weight and my second and third pregnancy showed really early

I was pregnant with twins and didn’t start showing until about 26 weeks

I didn’t start showing until 24 weeks with my first, it’s ok especially if you are fit

I went to Christmas at my family’s house 5 months pregnant and nobody knew anything I hadn’t told anyone that I was pregnant I was nervous on what everyone would say

I didn’t start showing until close to 6 months with all my kids and I am carrying 34 weeks with #5

I didn’t really start showing until I was around 16-19 weeks.

I didn’t even show in till i was like 6 or 7 months and throw aout my whole pregnancy i had really horrible morning sickness so i had to be put in medication

Most women aren’t showing that early. Your uterus is still in the pelvic bone. To be honest it all depends on your body type, how many pregnancies you’ve had and how you carry babies. If your more fit you won’t show till later because you have a uterus working against a more toned abdomen. With my first I didn’t start showing till 24 weeks. With my second it was 20 weeks. Both pregnancies my bump was considered small.

I didn’t get a bump until like 16 weeks with both kids

I didn’t show until 7 months with my daughter

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Side note, I showed at 8 weeks with my son. I got huge.

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I didn’t start showing until I was 7 months when I hit 145 l bs

Didn’t know that I was pregnant with Andrew and Joseph

I didn’t start showing until 28 weeks. As long as your doctor says everything is okay, you’re fine.

I just popped a month ago and now I’m 37 weeks🤷🏻‍♀️