When do your kids nap?

Those with little ones in daycare or Pre-K. What time is their nap time? And how long? Ty


They do a mid morning nap/rest and an afternoon nap/rest I dont think either is more than 2 hours

He doesn’t nap at home ahah we will nap at daycare from 12-2

My son stopped napping around 3 years old

My almost 3yo still takes 1-2 hour naps, my oldest would only nap in PreK not at home she is now 6yo

I work at a daycare. Our rest time is usually between 12:30 and 1, whenever we get lunch cleaned up and take the kids potty/change diapers if needed, until about 3. Most kids wake up between 2 and 2:30. They just stay on their cot looking at books or playing quietly with toys. We aren’t allowed to wake them up, unless their parents ask us to, because it disrupts their body’s normal sleep cycle. We have some that don’t nap after they get to the 3 year old room.

The daycare/preK nap time is 12-2 where my kiddo went. She stopped taking naps though around 3ish.

Nap time at the daycare I work at is from Noon- 2:30

My son is in K3 they take an hour nap maybe a little over
Last year my other son was in k4 and they also took an hour nap. Usually in afternoons I think like 1-2 ish

But started kindergarten and no naps

My kids stoped napping around 3 or 4 years otherwise they would stay up til 11pm.

Where I work nap/quiet time is from 12:30-3:00. Not all the kids sleep the entire time but average is two hours. Daycare and the teachers keep them pretty active and almost all the kids sleep. I do know some parents say their kids do t nap at home. Personally my kids stopped napping about 2- 21/2 but then went to bed at 7 and slept until 7 or 8

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She stopped napping at 2.5 to 3 years old.
She just goes and goes and goes.
Also because she would stay up till 11pm and wake at 6am then nap for too ling at day care

Naps stopped before 2 years old lol. Not by my choice, they just refused to all hell lol.