When does birth control pill start working?

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Is birth control somehow used to create nail art designs?


For me it didn’t lol

depends on the method

When ur showing nails the birthcontrol will work…

This page was only for nails i thought,
But weird questions and post are here.

If it’s your first time using them,it takes a week.

It’s too late if you’re asking. Should have painted your nails instead


Wow, you have a horrible doctor if this was not discussed or were you too busy doing your nails to pay attention?


It is generally accepted to be safe after 30 days of taking it every day at the same time so the hormones build up a residual in your body.

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The pill is a month, the shot is 2 weeks, the bar is about 2 weeks and the iud is about 2 weeks to a month. Also depends on the person and how active they are.

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Immediately id you keep the tablet clenched between your knees…

When the acrylic dries I think…