When does bleeding so down after you give birth?

When does bleeding start to slow down afer you gave birth? I lost a lot of blood after having my baby…so much that they kept coming in to check on me often…apparently it slowed enough for them to feel comfortable sending me home but its been two weeks and it is still very heavy and I am passing big clots…when should I worry about this?


Here is a picture of a magnet that the hospital sent me home with after I had my babe. Hope it is helpful! I was bleeding pretty heavily for about 3 weeks and then moderately for 2 weeks. My bleeding stopped a couple days before my 6 week checkup.


Everyone is different. I bled for 6 weeks straight of heavy bleeding.

Bleeding has a lot to do with activity level! If you are resting bleeding will slow down but if you are up and running around, cleaning, laundry it will be heavier!

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They checked me quite a bit before I left the hospital. I was bleeding for 5 weeks and it was all pretty heavy. I am back to my period every month now and it is super heavy. But clots are scary so you should maybe get it checked out to be safe.

For me, by the time I had hit the 2 week mark it had slowed to a normal period amount.
If you have any concerns please go see your dr or to the hospital

I had a c section and it still lasted 6 weeks for me. Mine was pretty heavy til about week 4-5

Mine was heavy for 3 days then I was light or spotting for another 3-4 weeks

Ugh :weary: it lasted 6 weeks for me heavy to


Call your doctor and ask if you can.
Mine was heavy for about 4 days, but then it was just a regular light flow for like 4 weeks.

i had c section, was bleeding for 3 weeks

Had C-section for both children. The girl was heavy for about 4 weeks then slowed down. Lasted almost 6 weeks. With my son, heavy for 1 week, then slowed down. Lasted for 2 weeks

Call your dr or go to er. It can be normal to be heavy but it sounds like yours may be excessive. Better safe than sorry!!

Go to emergency if your concerned…

Everyone is different I bleed heavy for about 5 days then it goes down to a period amount and at about 2and half 3 week mark it stops that all 4 my baby’s but iv had family who bled heavily for a few weeks and continued to bleed for 7-8 weeks

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Anywhere from 4-6 weeks is within normal range but everyone’s body is different!

How do you feel, do you feel ok. There is a range to normal, if you feel it’s abnormal it’s a good idea to get checked. It may not be abnormal. What does your intuition say?