When is it okay to bring the person you are dating around your family?

I just got out of a toxic relationship of almost four years, and we have one child together. I recently started talking to another guy, when is it okay to introduce and start bringing him around my family? He’s been around my son prior to the breakup and already knows my son. But was curious about family events and when it was okay or if it was too soon to bring him around my family. Maybe I’m overthinking this…

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Why don’t you throw the party and he’s there as part of the hosting committee so part of the household. Everyone comes says hello to the hosts and whatnot.

If hes comfortable with it thats what matters.

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If it was okay to take new guy around your child already why you think it’s not okay to meet your family? Kids shouldn’t meet new relationships too soon they suffer more then a family member


You’re overthinking it. I was in a toxic, abusive relationship for 2 years. I have 4 kids. My ex and I had split but were still living under the same roof (he refused to move out). I finally filed a protective order in April of last year. I met my husband in March of last year. Started dating him in May of last year. We were married in July of last year. There is no too soon. If you’re happy and your son is happy, your family/friends should be happy for you.

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If you’re comfortable enough to bring him around your son you should be comfortable enough to bring him around other family. I would be more cautious with my kids than anybody else.


Whenever you feel comfortable with it. Ultimately its your life and people move on and when you feel that this person can be trusted and you want them included like family. You will know when its time

Average is 90 days but it is your life and if new guy is a good guy friends and family will see it and welcome them.

Ur kids are more cautious 2 be having a new guy around so if he already knows him and is okay with him then u should be good. However ur personal judgement is what is best. So when U feel it’s best for whatever reason 2 introduce that’s when u should.

Whenever you are comfortable

thats a totally YOU decision dear… this situation is unique to you and your kids as it is for everyone. Choose carefully but its your choice 150%

I’d say it’s more of a comfort thing for both you and him. It’s about you two more than anything.

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I’d say as long as you’re comfortable with the idea of bringing him around. Coming out of a toxic relationship can be hard to judge that though, so maybe just talk it over with the people you want him to meet so that you’re all on the same page and they know you’re comfortable/safe in the whole situation


Overthinking. Do you.

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Not until it’s serious. If you just got out of a toxic relationship, do not date again but work I’m putting yourself back together. You need to focus on your child, not dating or you will end up in another toxic relationship.


I have a similar battle. I can’t figure out intruding time frames in the first place. I don’t let my kids meet anyone and honestly I wanna be able to set an acceptable time frame in my mind that I remind myself is appropriate. I know it’s all about feeling right but sometimes it’s also to me at least it’s about appropriateness.

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If he’s already been around most I’d say it’s fine when you feel comfortable with ;")

When you and your partner feel comfortable. It’s not about your family, besides they should support you.

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I would say whatever you are comfortable with, personally I would wait until its serious. I was in a toxic relationahip with my sons dad who cheated on me and went right into living with another girl. :roll_eyes:

At least 6 months. In that time you’ll have gotten to know him and find out what kind of person he is. You’ve also just gotten out of a toxic relationship so I’d suggest that you concentrate on your child and yourself for a while.

I’d say when it’s comfortable for the two of you. Personally, I wouldn’t do it until you know it’s serious. Saves from future questions of “what happened to that guy” but that’s just me. Don’t let anyone decide besides the two of you

A year min around family and kids.

In my opinion you just got out of a toxic relationship, why would you want to jump right back in a hot frying pan with another relationship??? Who says he is not going to use you, get what he wants and then leave you high and dry!!! Then that would be another toxic relationship. I would be worried about my child and making a home for my child, you do not need a man in your life right away. Take time for you and your child. It’s ok to be friends but I would not rush ok into anything. I would get myself straight, find a job, provide for you and baby. You need no man to provide for you and baby. That’s why GOD gave you brains, use them!!!

Always keep in mind that you don’t want your child to become attached to someone who may not stay in your like permanently. The worst is when you see them attached to someone that you no longer want in your life.