When is it okay to job with baby?

With spring approaching and nearing my six-week pp appointment, I want to get back into shape and go on a stroller run with my littles as soon as the doc gives the approval. When did you feel comfortable going on stroller runs with your littles? Does anyone have any suggestions on a good double stroller?

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Anytime the weather is nice and not too windy. Ive taken my babies out to jog when the weather is about 70 degrees and above

As long as it’s above freezing and they’re dressed for the weather.

6 months is what my dr recommended! Baby’s need to build muscles before they can handle that kinda bouncing around!


I run with a BoB duallie. It is expensive but holds its value. Try and find one second hand. I keep mine inside to keep it nice, so I can sell later. There is also a weather shield, when baby is old enough to ride without car seat. I’m a runner, so I started as soon as I was cleared to exercise.

Anytime as long as you boss is cool with it!

Not that young for sure. Shaken baby syndrome isn’t only caused by angry parents, a bouncing stroller can be dangerous.


Mine is 2 months and I just started with a jogging stroller that you can drop his car seat in with. Also I am doing running/walking although that has more to do with my ability level than anything.