When is it safe for my son to be around his friends?

What is the new covid protcol? my son tested positive on money and its now friday and he tested negative…he only had symptoms for one day and wants to go outside and play…can he still spread it?


As a health care professional i will say that the virus affects everyone differently. Some people can be contagious for 4 days and others for 14. I would say play it safe for a few more days and wear a mask. The shortened isolation time is only due to the fact there were shortages of workers in health care and factories. It had nothing to do with the actual illness being less contagious/serious. But honestly if he tested negative, as long as he continues to wash his hands he should be fine.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When is it safe for my son to be around his friends?

What did your Dr say?

It’s a minimum of 5 days and a mask for the following 5 days


He can be around others on day 6 with a mask on and no symptoms.


I believe it’s a week everyone I know they tested positive was back to work a week later unmasked

I hate the 5 day rule. I know people who have tested positive on day 6, but still had to return work. On day 5 covid doesn’t magical dissappear. You can go around people again once you test negative. Hopefully you kiddo is doing well.


I believe its 5 days but hes also tested negative. If he has no symptoms I’d let him play.

He should be fine to go out and play. I 100% would not mask him outdoors! Especially in the heat.

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He tested negative so let him go play with his friends


He’s negative. He’s good to go.


I got it in April, wasnt bad at all but i had to wait the 10 days public health told me to i wasnt allowed out at allbut im in Manitoba


If he has tested negative and has no symptoms (no cough left ) let him go play.

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Where I’m at it’s 5 days quarantine, then 5 days masked and social distancing

5 days. It’s wild. I was with someone after their 5 day quarantine and my entire family got COVID (except my boyfriend who is apparently immune lol)

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Honestly I don’t think they know anymore. I think they just make up whatever rules they want. I know people who went to work and trips with a positive test but no fever. “Drs” said it was fine. I know people who still do the 2 weeks plus some. I think you talk to the friends parents and just go from their. Make up your own “rules”, because no one knows.


I think the protocol is 10 days now. 10 days after testing negative.

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Where’s this as we don’t even have to self isolate if we feel ok

It all depends on what country you’re in. In Australia you need to quarantine for 7 days from the day you test positive. You can only leave isolation if you’re symptom free

covid changes depending on the country. it may be more aggressive in yours than in mine😂 it may like other countries and people more😂 … that’s a joke btw…

look, they change the rules all the time, but they already told us it is here to stay. so i wouldn’t be quarenteening, i wouldn’t be isolating. learning to live with it is what we should be doing, just like any virus. let him go see his friends.


If he is testing negative he should be fine. I’m glad you are concerned about others. This is very rare these days. Others are selfish and would of sent their kid out positive

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When I was positive a few months ago the letter I received stated 5 days and no need to get retested again after the 5 day mark. If he is already showing negative then he should be fine to go but I would suggest contacting your local health department and finding out the rules for your state since each state is different.

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