When is it safe to have intercourse after having baby?

I’m currently 4 weeks (going on 5 weeks) post c section and am feeling comfortable enough to start getting sexually active again with my partner. I know they reccomend waiting at least 6 weeks. However, I was wondering when or if other mama’s feel it’s best to get back in the swing of things again.


I have 6 and I waited 6 weeks.

3rd week, not cuz I was ready… lol! Cuz I was tired of being harassed!


I waited 3 days :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:


I didnt wait anywhere near 6 weeks and I was fine after my c section but probably better to go by what the doc says eh lol

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I would absolutely wait 6 weeks that’s the guideline for a reason dear, not to mention you can cause infection and many other complications please wait it’s only 2 more weeks


Shit I did it like days after lol

It’s not worth it. You are not healed on the outside until around 6 weeks and internally it takes 2-3 months to completely heal. There is a reason that doctors say to wait.


6 weeks … because of that open wound in your uterus the size of a dinner plate, no matter how you delivered :woman_shrugging:


As soon as you feel up to it

6 weeks. I have 4 working on my 5th and I wait the 6 weeks. You could get an infection, it could cause bleeding and pain. Just wait.


I did at 5 weeks but was careful and I was on top.

I didn’t have a c- section but I waited 8 weeks to get back into things and trust me it wasn’t because I wanted to hold out lol my husband didn’t want anything to happen Incase it hurt me and my stitches didn’t dissolve like normal either so I had to get them taken out which made the process longer to wait. I would say take it slow if it hurts or you start bleeding a lot maybe stop but it’s all your comforbility

When the dr tells you it’s ok. You have a wound healing from the placenta being removed and can get an infection


I made it a week with my first one, probably about 2 weeks with my second. I’m now pregnant with my third and will try to wait the full 6. We shall see!!


I waited till my doctor gave me the okay.


I waited… and got pregnant again!!:woman_facepalming::astonished: Be careful!!

I did at 4 weeks with my 1st csection. . I was feeling good and frisky…

Got a NASTY infection in my uterus…

Wait the 6 weeks. . They say it for a reason…

(Btw, my uterus has a HUGE window and is weak… thanks to the infection )


Definitely wait for intercourse. There are lots of other intimate activities you can start doing as soon as you feel up to it though.

When you’re OB says so !

I didn’t have a c-section, but with my first 2 i waited, 3rd, i waited 3 weeks, 4th…i don’t remember. If you’re ready you should be fine.

It was 4-5 weeks for us but didn’t have C section and used protection.

11 days PP after our third :woman_shrugging:

11 days PP after our third :woman_shrugging:

5 week’s and omg it was so beautiful!

I waited like 8 weeks… I wanted to be sure that it was safe for me to do so.

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We did 2 weeks post c section and now I have Irish Twins lol


I had a c-section. We waited 4 weeks. I got the okay with my doctor though, and I was feeling ready. We used protection, went slow. Never had a single problem. If you feel up to it and have been okay’d by your doctor, you’re good to go! Just make sure to communicate and let your partner know if your in any pain or uncomfortable!

I waited… Maybe 2 days? Lmao! Just gotta be gentle.


I waited until about 3 weeks postpartum with all of mine. I’d recommend waiting until you see your doctor for your follow up or at least 6 weeks

I bled the entire 6 weeks the first time and I also had stitches that took awhile to heal. So probably like 7 weeks with my first. I barely bled and my stitches healed pretty fast after my second, so we only waited about 5 weeks. The reason they recommend waiting is because sex and even tampons can cause a life threatening infection in your uterus where the placenta was attached. It’s essentially an open wound for the first 5 to 6 weeks or so.

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Ya’ll wild with that 4weeks or less business. I was still wearing the hospital underwear at that point. :sweat_smile:


I waited til I felt healed and comfortable enough to. We started slow with just touching and worked our way from there. It is recommend to wait and is safer but I had 4 kids and did the same with all of them.

All of 6 weeks. Sometimes more. There is more chance for infection if you dont wait. Trust your body and take care of yourself.

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I did it a week later :woman_shrugging:t2:
I also have Irish twins :woman_facepalming:t2:


I didnt have a c section but I only got 2 or 3 stitches so once those were gone by 3-4 weeks I was ready to go lol. I couldnt wait the 6weeks

As soon as you feel your body is ready for it…

I only waited I think 3 weeks but I didnt have a c section

All of you who had sex before your follow up or 6 weeks WITH A C SECTION don’t give two f**ks about your uterus #ijs lol

You got sliced tf open bruh


With my first bub i had a c section and i was the same as u and ready at 4 weeks…i asked my gp if it would be ok and he said yes, use condoms tho

I waited 3 weeks after my c section. It was right for me. If you are not comfortable, you need to do what is best for you. No matter the length of time

Whenever you feel ready.

I waited 2weeks it’s fine n I had 3 c section I waited 2 weeks for all

I waited till I was 4 weeks after my c section

I had c section…5 weeks…but nothing to wild…lol

8 or 9 weeks after my c section x

most women do it when they are comfortable but doctors prefer for you to wait until after your 6 week checkup so they can see how your womb is healing

6 weeks ,Want to mess Up your healing,


It’s really based on making sure your insides are healed and preventing infections.


Go a head get pregnant again​:joy::joy:

No but really i waited till 8 weeks and it still hurt my body to much to be sexually active though it took me forever to heal! My incision healed great but i always had problems with it reopening and with my scar tissue. I would honestly wait until your doctor’s cleared you.

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2 weeks post c section with my son. 1.5 weeks post csection with my daughter. My doctor asked me if I was already sexually active and I said yes. She did t degrade me any for it was just wondering if it was comfortable and if I had any pain. Both were no answers and she said good and proceeded to check my scar and went on with the appointment like nothing happened.

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I waited the 6 weeks with my first. With my second and third I waited until I stopped bleeding at about 3 weeks. Trust your gut and body. Stop if it hurts

I was terrified I waited almost 3 months … my partner was not happy …

OMG 2 and weeks. No way.

I waited the recommended time plus some because I didn’t want to risk tearing my internal incision open

Wait the 6 weeks. You have a plate-sized wound inside of your uterus where the placenta was. Give it time to heal


My hubby was begging at two weeks
Unlike vaginal delivery we csections don’t have cuts in the vagina and no reason to not gently use the sex organ. Be mindful of getting pregnant

We waited until o had 2 days of no bleeding before having sex…maybe 2 weeks post with my second but waited the full 6 with our first since I had a stitch that took forever to heal and no longer give me pain (no c section for either)

Just wait the six weeks! You have an open wound inside you from your placenta not to mention your C-section… if you just won’t wait call ur Dr first.


Whenever you’re comfortable. 4 kids and the longest we waited (normal birth) was not even 2 weeks.

Your going to get so many other answers for this but they tell you 6 weeks for many reasons. 1 of them is a C-Section is major surgery it’s not something to mess with. I had a surgery that had a similar cut to a c-section and I waited 12 weeks which I know is crazy but it’s major surgery. 2 you are extremely fertile after having a baby and if you are already naturally fertile this is your body on steroids. You are playing roulette with getting pregnant again before it’s safe for you to do so.

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Wait. Iirc you need to make sure to heal the spot where the placenta was

I waited a week or 2 💁

When it comes down to it. It is your personal decision.
But do think about how well you’ve healed.

I just want to understand how some women are pregnant 9 months, have a baby, deal with a new born and STILL wanna get freaky :joy::joy::joy::joy:


There’s other ways to handle business atm.
Play around and get pregnant again. :rofl:
I had zero complications and still waited. Spiced things up though bc we did other things. :smirk:
Risking a pregnancy back to back isn’t worth it.

wait until you get proper birth control… when you have a c section you don’t have to wait the whole 6 weeks depending on your progress. My doctor told us it was okay at 4 weeks postpartum from my c section.

I tried at 4 weeks and cried. But a week later a little slower and a different position it was a lot better, still uncomfortable at first but got better. (Make sure he wears a condom!)also think about how healed your incision is. Tbh I’m 9 months pp and still sometimes get a pain in my scar.

I waited till the bleeding stopped and I didn’t hurt anymore. We took it slow. It was about five weeks. Just use protection because you can get pregnant again super easily and that wouldn’t be good because you are still healing on the inside.

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Even if you went natural they say 6 weeks to give your body time to heal. The placenta leaves a big wound on your walls and that takes time to heal. Now on the c-section part, it takes longer than 6 weeks for the scar to be completely healed (I know it did for me) its something you really need to discuss with your doctor. I understand wanting to be close to your husband again but the body takes time

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I did it ten days u know ur body go for it

2 weeks I waited an i don’t plan on waiting 6weeks if I heal sooner like last time.luckily getting iud before leaving the hospital

Aye wait. the post medical condition of your body is in. I wait it out. I had a episiotomy so it took us about 3 months for me to feel comfortable and my other half was concerned with me and willing to wait it out. If your man is nervous and wants to wait, take the time. You don’t find too many men that can be understanding. Perhaps as well he may feel uncomfortable starting soon in worry he might hurt your lady parts. Good luck mama.

Honestly we didn’t make it past 4.5 weeks after birth. 1st pregnancy was a vaginal birth and made it 4.5 weeks, 2nd was a csection and made it 4weeks. I felt fine and we went slow.

Wait the 6 weeks. Or longer Your body needs the time to heal.


I waited until 6 weeks and then used protection on his behalf, until I knew the pill had been in my system two months. Hell no to getting pregnant whilst having a new born.

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My husband and I tried when I was 4 but it was painful so we waited until I ready which we tried again at 8 weeks it was still uncomfortable but not as bad

There’s a 10 month age Gap between my two eldest. No issues were brought up and never had any myself but I’d be careful, c-sections are major surgery so please take care. Only you know how your body feels zx

As a csection mom i would say wait till you have seen your dr i had issues with my csetions closing on the inside and didnt have pain so i tries to push it early ended up need more recovery time

My husband and I waited about 3 months. After being gutted like a fish and being up all night with a newborn, neither of us wanted the other to even breath in each other’s direction.


I’m 8 months this is my first. Having a lil boy​:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts: if I tear which pray for me and daddy that I don’t :wink: how long should I wait till I get it on again or how long does the doc say . Even if I don’t tear do I have to wait ?

You should listen to your doctor.

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Talk to your doctor. They’ll be able to tell you whether you’re healed enough to even consider sexual activity. I’d be worried about the internal healing if it were me personally.