When is the 3rd trimester?

I am just very confused I got papers from the L&D because i thought my water broke which it didnt he was just laying funny and causing my bladder to leak And they gave me papers with information about the 23-26 weeks of pregnancy it said that youre in the third trimester at 24 weeks lol I thought the third trimester was the 28th week… did they change it over the last three years??


I always thought it was week 28 marked the beginning of third but my pregnancy app says week 27?? Also confused lol

Its changed a lot in 14 years

It could be a typo. Google says week 28 also.

This is what my pregnancy app says

What to expect when your expecting 5th edition says 28 weeks

Its 28 weeks. Looked it up this week cause i was curiouse.

1st trimester ends roughly 13.5 weeks… 2nd trimester ends at roughly 27 weeks…and then you’re in your 3rd trimester. 40 weeks broken evenly between the 3 trimesters is roughly 13 1/2 weeks give or take a day or so

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It might be because a child can survive now at 24/25 weeks.

My son is 2 and it was 28 weeks, according to my doctor. HAS to be a typo or something? Lol

This confused me so much when I was pregnant. Every book and website I read said week 28 was the start. Lady at WIC argued with me saying I was in the 3rd trimester at week 25. I was like no I still have 3 weeks