When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

I was wondering how long after a missed period should I wait to take a pregnancy test? I’m a day late and I know that is still early, but I was/am having some symptoms like I was with my first pregnancy. My boobs are sore, and when I went to cook hamburger meat last night the smell was making me real nauseous where I couldn’t eat and I microwaved a hot pocket and the smell of that made me nauseous. Which are the same symptoms as before.


It would be fine to take one today. I took one three days before my miss period and got a positive!

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I waited probably almost 2 weeks to take one but that was just because I had gotten so many negatives and I thought for sure this time I really was but I was so scared to see only one line again so I waited longer and as soon as I took it it popped positive before I could even sit it down. but you can take one sooner! I just waited because I feared disappointment but thankfully it was finally positive❤️

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You can take the “early” tests up to a few days before your period is supposed to come.

My body registers pregnancy early (I think I ovulate on a different than “average” time) so I usually can tell right around 4 weeks or before

I took one the day my period was suppose to start and I got a positive. My boobs were also really sore . And my legs was cramping . Didn’t think anything about it until my period didn’t start that morning .

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I had a very clear positive the day after my period was due, I was 4 weeks and 1 day :grin:

Right after me and my husband tried a couple times I took one and it was positive don’t really matter when u do it if it’s negative wait and couple days and try it again good luck

I tested only 3 days late a got a very dark obvious positive

Take one now. I didn’t even miss a period when I tested positive with my last. My boobs just really fricken hurt so my husband was like YOURE PREGNANT. We laughed. Bought 3 tests. N I surprised him with 3 positive tests when he got home from work :blush:

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I got a positive test 13 days after the night my daughter was conceived. Of course, I used one of the early test, the digital ones that actually estimate how far you are also. It said pregnant 1-2 weeks. I couldn’t believe it.

I got a positive about a week before mine was due

I took one 5 days after my missed period. I was 6 weeks.

Can just about anytime around when due for your period… I found out 2-3 days before mine was even due

I took a test the day I was due on and got a strong positive

Get a early test and take it,

It depends really, like if you get pregnant on cycle then testing now would tell you positive or negative, but if your not like me my last two pregnancies then unfortunately you cant track of your last menstrual cause the dates are off, mine was off cycle by like two weeks. Test now if neg now and you dont get it in a week your pregnant and will probably get a positive

I took the test a week before my period even was suppose to start and it was positive I was 3 weeks pregnant

I found out I was pregnant all 3 times before I had a missed period. My body doesn’t handle hormones well, and my pregnancies were excruciating, so my symptoms were pretty pronounced very early.

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Idk honestly i just test when symptoms show i have pocs and my periods are not regular but i usally show symptoms around 4-5 weeks thats usally when i found out about little one i can go months without a period

I tested positive with every pregnancy before my missed period. You just need to make sure you are using concentrated urine. For example first morning pee

I took one a day before my missed period with my daughter

I had false negatives with both of my pregnancies my son was born July 04, 2015 and I got a negative urine test And 2 weeks later I got a positive my daughter was born November 19th 2018 and with her I miss my. Got negative tests in negative blood tests and 2 weeks later I got a positive home test and they did blood work

took one at first sign of being sick ,before my missed period! sure thing pregnant your body knows! just sayin’

I tested 10 dpo with my last and it was positive. My others I would out at 3 and 5 weeks. I have pcos so periods aren’t reliable, I just tested with my older 2 when I got that “feeling” I may be. My last one I was tracking ovulation and all that and knew extremely early

I’d wait until I was a week late

With my daughter I didn’t even wait until I was supposed to get my period I took one like a week before it and I got a positive then with my 2nd son I didn’t remember when my last period was and took a test it was positive then went to the ER I was 6weeks pregnant

Everyone is different though

So is the flu. But congrats if so

I honestly had no symptoms of being pregnant till I was over a few more weeks but I knew my period was wait so I tested. You can test now. Most will show up before period is even missed

I took my test 4 days early because of a hunch
I was so sore. Tired for no reason.

I took a test and was positive 10 days before I got my period! Now having twins boys and girl

I took a test when I was a few days late with my first came up positive I used one of the digital clear blue ones said I was 1-2 weeks went to the doctor and I was just 2weeks pregnant

I’ve tested the day I missed my period and have had positive tests.