When my 3 week old spits up, it also comes out her nose: Is that normal?

Almost every time my baby eats (she’s just over three weeks), she spits up, and it comes out of her nose. I don’t remember this ever happening with my son. Is this normal? Is she eating too much or just have an upset belly maybe or getting too much air? I don’t want to make an apt if I don’t have to. This didn’t start until about two weeks, where it’s almost every feeding this happens. She’s still gaining weight and growing (her newborn clothes almost don’t fit anymore), so I don’t think it’s enough where it effects that. Am I being paranoid, or has anyone else had this happen?


Try propping her head up. That’s what my child’s doctor told us to do.

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My daughter had this issue as well. Our pediatrician told us that a baby’s esophagus is not strong enough to keep the spit up down and it’s normal for it to come out of their nose in some cases, just like as adults when we vomit sometimes it comes out our nose. We were told to keep her propped up for 30 minutes or so after eating. We also switched her to a pre-thickened formula and it has helped tremendously.

Could be acid reflux an in that case you would want to bring her to her dr for medicine…

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My daughter did this until she was 4 months old every feeding. Doctor said it’s normal!

If you’re formula feeding, swap formulas. My first had to swap to Enfamil Prosobee. And my second had to swap to Enfamil gentle-ease. They were spitting up with the regular enfamil. And we didnt want to risk swapping brands.

Have her checked for GERD. One of my twins suffered with it until I found a doc that could help him. We had to use the Playtex Vent Air bottles, only give half an ounce or so then burp , and continue with half ounce at a time until she finishes. My son was on medication for his until he was 7.

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Maybe just call the triage nurse at the pediatrician rather than make an appointment just yet, to see if they can provide some helpful tips.

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Possibly just needs to sit up some after eating, could also be a milk/dairy intolerance.

Definitely worth having it looked at just to be safe

My daughter was doing this for a while. She’s 3 months and doing good so far.
I lifted her head up more while she ate, and I’d try to keep her upright or at least partially sitting up for a bit after her feed.

My son would spit up every feeding and didnt understand. His pediatrician informed us he had severe acid reflux and ended up being lactose intolerant(not anymore hes 3 somehow grew out of it). I was trying to exclusively breasfeed at the time. She said to completely change my diet. I ended up feeling like i was doing more damage and feeling guilty i switched to a special formula for acid reflux. She said if there was no changes with him spitting up (my diet breastmilk) i was damaging his esophagus could lead to him needing surgery to repair. Hes 3 and healthy as ever. Always been in the 90 percentile in growth.

Reflex it could be due to milk allergy do you drink milk and breastfeed or are you giving her formula that has milk proteins in it?

Smaller feedings sitting the baby up for 30 minutes after feedings making sure you burp the baby are all good solutions for the symptoms but that’s probably is something else going on like milk allergy

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Switch to Enfamil Ar with Rice in it

My son does this and he’s almost a year.

Burp every ounce of formula. Leave baby sitting up for about 30 minutes past feeding. Make sure her head is raised up when feeding

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Send an email to her doctor. Some doctors can give you an answer over email so you don’t have to make a physical visit :slightly_smiling_face:

Switch to nutramigen.

My daughter had severe acid reflux and this would happen every time she ate

Acid reflux. We had to elevate ours while she was eating. Every oz we would take a break and burp her really good. After eating she would be elevated up for 30 mins. When she was in her bed we had to elevate the bed. We put books under the legs to elevate(do not put anything in the bed to elevate). We also switched her formula to soy formula and at around 4 weeks they put her on meds for it. Around 5-6 months she grew out of it.

Mine did that a few times, it was scary af, he couldn’t breathe when that happened and it took him a minute to catch his breath after sucking the stuff out for him. Watch him closely if it’s happening that often. Turns out I just needed to burp him after every ounce, and a couple times after he ate.

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This happened with my daughter and it turned out she had acid reflux. Her pedi switched her to similac sensitive and it helped a lot. I hope you get answers!

My son done the same. It’s so scary to watch. I starting winding after every oz and fed him in a sitting up position. It worked and he grew out of it.

Her flap that holds her stomache contents may still be weak . It will get stronger and or could be reflux. Smaller feedings and sit her up after eating

Check with your dr. You may need to change formula

Acid Reflux. My daughter did the samething.

Reflux… my son’s formula had too much iron… best bet call doc

My 6 week old does the exact same thing on the daily, he’s now on a prescription for acid reflux. You might also notice excessive fussing / signs of discomfort after a feeding, and they may wake more frequently than what is typical for a new born. At one point my son would only sleep for an hour and half at a time. It makes you feel helpless as mother, but just love on them and comfort them the best you can. They can be feeling anything from excessive gas to burning in the throat or stomach to nausea. Often times they just need their mama. I lay my son upright on his back on my chest when we can’t settle him. 90% of the time that’s the solution

We had to switch my son to soy cuz I wore more than he held down. All the boys on my husband’s side couldn’t tolerate milk-based produts til they were over a year.

Had the same issue with my second son. We were told he had reflux. He ended up having a cleft palate that went undetected until he was three months old. It was found by a pediatric ent.

Sounds like acid reflux! Call your pediatrician!

If it’s projectile she needs to see her doc. It may be pyloric stenosis. My son had it.

I’ve experienced that myself

Sounds like reflux. My LO had it and she is 7 months now and I think its finally gone. She has been on Nexium since 4 weeks old.

You need to feed her at a 45 degree angle and don’t Leo down my son did that a long time ago when he was little I’m not put it up and told me to do I hope this helps

I have 6 kids 5 by birth. A few of my children were like this and then I learned burp between every once. It made a big difference. But I’d also be concerned about milk allergy, as once my daughter started on table foods we learned she had a bad allergy to anything with apple in it.


My daughter is 19 months now…I was going through so many bibs and change of clothes a day because every feed she spits up so much…her daycare would tell me she spits up alot. Mentioned it to her pediatrician, he said some babies are like that and as they grow they will get stronger and keep it down…she did but doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor on you next visit.

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I’d at least get in with the dr and have them give you recommendations. My daughter does this too and is on reflux meds. My son did it also, but it never bothered him so he wasn’t on meds for it. Its quite common.

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All those things are connected. So yes it makes sense. She will develop and muscles will begin to function and keep it down from that sinus cavity. Just ensure you clear the nasal passages with a sucker each time.

My child had acid reflux. I spoke with a doctor he said he’d grow out of it. When over a year went by he still did it.I told the pediatrician again. He was finally prescribed zantac. My son had projectile spit up.

When I was a baby mom said I threw up when I ate, I was allergic to milk. You need to see a Dr quick


Try using Dr Browns bottles. They are the best at keeping air out. For reflux and digestive upset I used Colic Ease- best stuff ever. Pulled my kids off all GERD meds and used that exclusively. You can order it online. It’s in a dark brown bottle. Try it. It worked perfectly for our GI problems.

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My son did and he had really bad acid reflux

Keeping the baby up not laying down after a feeding, while burping lightly for a long time. Also probably too full.

Sounds like acid reflux or milk protein allergy. Burp the baby more after every oz.

Sounds like acid reflux may have change milk

This happened to a friend of mine please contact your child’s doctor this could be a serious condition and or the formula may need to be changed

You may need to switch formula and get better nipples if she’s bottle fed. Some babies can’t do whey or lactose at all. Mine actually have a real allergy to cow’s milk. So while I breastfed I couldn’t eat any milk products and when we supplemented with formula we had to do soy formula. I don’t suggest giving a boy soy. They make other, safer things for boys.

I had to give a half feeding, burp, then finish the feeding, burp again. I bought Dr Brown bottles and Breast bottles. Less air during feedings and they work the muscles needed for proper latch, talking, and eating.

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My husband is a blessing.

My son spit up & had to go to soy milk.

Why aren’t these questions on a parenting site?

It’s acid reflux. Pls take her in to get seen. If it goes undiagnosed your child will be super uncomfortable. When my baby was younger we had to mix formulas because of the reflux. We used enfamil A.R & Gentlease

Acid reflux…both my boys had it and now our newborn daughter…enfamil A.R. is great!!

That happened to my son when he was a baby and when I took him to the doctor for it she recommended me a different formula

If you feed her sitting up on your lap it’s helps alot doctors recommended it for my kiddos and it works

Almost sounds like reflux…is she spitting or projectile committing g?

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If ur doin formula he may not be able to have milk

Añgèl Ñehà check this out hun. like i told u, it might be reflux. :relaxed: take care of him

Happens to most babies who come before 36 weeks because their esophageal valve is not fully developed. Other than that, it could be reflux.

There could be an issue w her ilium it can harden n can need surgery if not I’d assume acid reflux. My youngest had an ultrasound to check his ilium n it was fine. He was given Zantac n he was a completely different kid after!

It happened once when my 1st was newborn so after he breastfed I used to keep him up burp him till he didn’t need to burp and let his milk settle on his stomach and then put him down

I wouldn’t make a dr. appointment just yet. This happened with my daughter almost every time I fed her. I was a younger mom & called my mom freaking out thinking something was really wrong. Try a new bottle that will allow less air (not sure on what bottles are out there now as my daughter is 20) burping her more often as you’re feeding her & keep her in a sitting position during and after feeding. I did all of that with my daughter & it really helped.

Think you might wantto call your ped’s ofc for their recommendations-could be a weak sphincter at the end of the esophagus which your baby may or may not outgrow-the ofc can make some comments- there is always the fear of aspirating the formula especially if the baby spits through the nose in an upright position-sonds like this is an every feed thing of bringing formula up thru the nose-you need to reach out for advice to someone who knows what is best!

Ask your Dr. about reflex.