When should babies be started on solids?

What is a good age to start baby on solids? My babe is 4 months old and my doctor gave me the go ahead but my sister freaked on me and said babies shouldn’t have food until 6 months…who is right?


This is a really hard question for a multitude of reasons. Solids aren’t recommended until 6 months for a variety of reasons. Without knowing your child, it’s hard to say. I would follow a doctor’s suggestions over anyone else’s, but just be cautious to what you are introducing this early.


My kids were eating cereal in their bottles at 2 weeks…


Definitely go with what Dr says, if they say baby is ready then I’d say they’re ready. My Daughter got the go ahead at 4 months also and I started with vegetable puree and baby cereal.


The true way in my experience has been when a simple 8 oz bottle of formula no longer fills them up then I started w/ very little bcuz my kids had stomach issues & gi dr said too soon will indeed be detrimental to them so for a baby w/ any kind of stomach/colic etc that was what I was told

I would listen to your Dr over people on fb :rofl: just for the fact that Dr are trained professional and actually see your child . And another thing everyone is gonna have their own opinions and things are different with each of their children then yours

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I’d start them out at 4 months a little at a time. At 4 months I was giving my baby at least one feeding of solids a day until 6 months I started full time solids.

My Dr advised us that since our son was showing all signs we could start purees at 4months then move onto foods(baby led weaning) at 6 months if we chose to. We did both as she suggested and it was great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All of my babies started on solids at 3-4 months. When they started grabbing at my plate and drooling over my food, i shared lol.
I would listen to my child’s doctor, unless you don’t trust the doc and you don’t feel your baby is ready.

I would go with your Drs advice. But do it slowlygive each one for several feedings to make sure baby isn’t allergic.

If baby is showing signs of being ready then baby is ready. My daughter started at 4 months and is 2 1/2 and eats just fine and almost anything!

I gave my baby a small amount of purée sweet potatoes or green beans in breast milk at 3m. It’s determined by how your baby responds to it. Vegetables have never harmed a baby but cow milk has.

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6 months plus ALL signs of readiness. Even at 6 months if all signs not there, baby is not ready.

Not before 6 months and showing all signs of readiness. Food before 1 is really just for fun. Research open gut. It can be extremely dangerous. My first sin was 6 months, my second was almost a year.

I would not think at 4mos. Mine was like 6 months but, of course it’s ur kid you do what you think is best…

Recommended 6 months but as others have said, u know ur child and what ur doc said x

Things change as science develops. With my now 9YO it was six months. With my now 4YO it was four months

My ped told me the same about my 4th girl. She wasn’t ready. I attempted at 5m but she didn’t want anything to do with it. At 6m she started to like it… she’s almost 11m old now.she doesn’t care for real food yet. (She’s a little bit behind)

Is your sister a pediatrician? :woman_facepalming:t2:

Well your sister with no medical degree of course…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Listen to the Dr obviously

6 months with all signs of readiness. Only thing babe needs before 6 months is breast milk or formula.

My daughter will be 4m Dec 11 she is on solids started last week she is doing great and loves it

Does your sister have a PhD? Probably not…