When should babies hit milestones?

Hey mommas, just curious when your LO started doing certain things. Like sitting up, rolling over, cooing, giggling and crawling? I feel my son is very advanced for his age but don’t have many people to ask, as he’s my first baby I don’t know what is the normal and what to expect. Thank you in advanced! :relaxed:


Downloaded the cdc milestones app!

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My son is just over 3 months and he rolls from front to back, coos and giggles like crazy, and is a supported sitter already :heart: won’t be too long until he rolls back to front, he’s getting close and he also tries sitting up sometimes when I’m holding him laying down :blush:

Don’t try to rush things… :baby: every child had his/her own time off doing things… just enjoy the discovery of it all… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


Everytime he has a doctor’s visit they will give you a guideline of what he should be doing at a certain age and you can work on it ahead of time

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Every baby is different and develops and does stuff on their own pace. So please don’t compare them.


I use the ovia parenting app. It brings up milestones when baby should be getting close to them.

My son is about 2.5months and he can coo a lot and just started really giggling. Still no attempts to roll but that may be because he hates tummy time.

I have 4 kids and each of them were different my oldest was far more advanced for physical milestones but she struggles academically. My son was and is fairly advanced in everything but has adhd and o.d.d. my 3rd child was fairly advanced with physical aspects but has retention problems in kindergarten. My youngest was average with physical aspects but had a speech delay. I would focus more on reading to your child than when they will crawl because it will help them so much academically as they get older!

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All three of my kids were sitting up by 4 months, crawling by 6, standing by 10 and walking by 12

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My son has been rolling over since 10 weeks and hes been cooing and giggling since maybe 6 weeks

My daughter started rolling at 5 months, sitting at 8, crawling at 11, and she’s 17 months now, and still not walking unassisted, but pulls up and walks along things. She is a few months behind because of a lengthy NICU stay.

My son was 4 months old when he rolled over
-5 months old he could sit up on his own
-6 months old he was crawling
-7-8 months old he was pulling himself up n walking along the couch
-9 months old he was walking then running n he then learned to climb n all that good stuff lol

All babies are different I don’t believe there’s such a thing as advanced.


My son is also very advanced. He is 6 months old now.
He was rolling over by 3 months both from belly to back and back to belly.
He was crawling by 4 months and now he is trying to stand at 6.
All babies are different tho and I wish desperately he would slow down.