When should babies start talking?

hi mamas, my son recently turned 2 years old. He doesn’t talk yet but he does say couple words but not sentences. He does a really good job on pointing at things and knows the body parts by pointing at it when i ask him for example ‘‘where is ur eyes noise’’ and so on… my question is should i be concerned about him not talking yet? my mother in law says there is something wrong with him with not talking​:expressionless::expressionless:even tho her daughter didn’t talk till she was 3years old :eyes:when did ur kids start talking?


My daughter is 2 1/2 and pretty much talks in completely sentences. I would be concerned enough to go to his doctor.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, maybe he isn’t ready yet. I would say if by 4 he still isn’t talking then maybe schedule a doctors appointment. Keep up the great work mama bear!

This was my son to a T. I contacted early on speech therapists to come evaluate him. They told me he was fine, he definitely understood everything and was just not going to talk til he wanted . 6 months later he just busted out of his she’ll verbally and socially and just exploded. Now he won’t shut up​:joy::joy::joy:

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My son is now 5 and only started talking closer to 3 …now he does not stop talking and is smart as can be! Dont worry !

Talk to his doctor about it. He probably needs speech therapy. My granddaughter in speech therapy she 4yrs old. Her therapist noticed that her tongue tie needed clipped. That really helped her speech improve alot.

All kids are different!! Talk to his doctor if you are concerned, but honestly, he may just need more time!!

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My oldest talked super early, she just turned three and is talking in clear and consistent sentences with proper use of pronouns. Her little sister can understand when she’s being spoken to and is babbling but not yet talking. They’re 18 months apart but completely different children

Birth to 3 and head start

I had the same issue with my son and his pediatrician said its a boy thing. Within weeks of that visit he didn’t know when to zip it. Do what makes you comfortable. All the internet doctors have different diagnoses 💁

Have birth to three early intervention come and do a screening, it’s free

Every kid speaks at different times, my eldest was like that and super smart about things. But didnt start talking until after 3, my youngest is the same she knows words and will use them when she wants. Just keep talking and trying to have her repeat you, if not get the hearing checked just to be surea

My son was the same way. He had fluid in his eardrums which distorted the sounds. They gave him a very specific antibiotic and he was speaking clearly within two weeks. Note though he didn’t talk until 2 he is now about to be 28 and has not shut up since he started !! Lol

I wouldn’t be too concerned yet. Some kids take longer than others. I think my son was closer to 3 when he really started talking. As long as he understands what you are saying, babbles and tries to talk, and seems to hear fine I wouldn’t be overly concerned. If he’s anything like my first son, once he starts…he’ll NEVER stop😂

My son will be 3 in July and isn’t talking Niether :frowning: he knows everything I say and has no issues with it. But I’ve been concerned with mine as well

No all kids are different.

Mine didn’t say more than 10 words until she was 2. It’s like the day after she turned 2 she suddenly started speaking in 2 word sentences. Now 25 months and she is doing 3-4 word sentences. I can’t believe how her vocabulary exploded overnight. I was very concerned too but as long as he’s learning and knows what you’re teaching him, I wouldn’t worry.

My middle son did the same thing and under pressure a speech therapist saw him. Was told there was nothing wrong and he’d talk when he was ready. Boy were they right sometimes now I’m wondering why I ever wanted him to start cuz all I want him to do sometimes is be quiet cuz he never stops!!

My son done the same and is still in speech therapy at 9 years old, he started it at 2 1/2. We ended up teaching him sign language. Id at least bring it up to his Pedi.

It was the same for my oldest son. He didn’t start talking till he was 2 1/2 years old, and when he started talking it was like he knew how to the whole time.

Boys are more active and hands on, so it takes them a little longer to start talking.

People who don’t talk a lot listen better and observe and think a lot more. Most geniuses were slow to speak Einstein included.

No, he will in his own time

Is he around other kids that talk? My first son wasn’t talking at 2 1/2. They finally sent us to speech therapy. Within 2 months he had a complete vocabulary and was where he should be. In the end…he didn’t feel the need to communicate. He wasn’t around other kids his age that spoke and we “talked for him”. Meaning, we knew what he wanted and gave it to him when he pointed. So he had no reason to communicate with us.

I really don’t know what to say but every kid develops different my little girl is very advanced for her age and she’s 2. If you feel there’s a problem talk to his doctor and see if he’s delaying with anything.

My son was the exact same way at that age, he’s 3 now and is doing much better, still has a few babbles here and there but I just work with him on forming full sentences.

Id think there is an underlying issue but have you brought it up to the Dr? I’m sure they would have recommendations & maybe even some testing & therapy…

My nephew is 2 he just started talking words… my doc said boys are more delayed than girls the more one on one my sister did tbe more he started saying things

My son is 2.5 years. He talks but no sentences and only a few words here and there. I brought him to a speech therapist that made me feel like I was stupid and the worst mother in the whole world. She says a 2 year old should know 450 words and I think she’s stupid. My son knows everything. Can point stuff out and communicates in his own way. We are still waiting on a different speech therapist for an assessment but hes so smart in other areas. Everyone says he will talk when hes ready

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My kiddos were very much taking by the time they were 2, but if you are really concerned about it I would definitely ask your pediatrician. All kids are different. Maybe try to pull language out of him by asking him to say his body parts rather then pointing. It’s worth a try.

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My son will be 2 in a few weeks and he talks so much my oldest was the same but every child is different i would talk to his dr about it and go from there

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All my kids were talking full sentences before there first birthday


20 month old, she says i see you, no don’t want, 3 word sentences. But, i don’t know if that means your baby has a problem. All kids are different. My friend had 21 month old son who really just started the word repeating stage.

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He’s totally fine. Totally. I have 9 kids. 1 talked sentences at 2, the rest took more time. My special needs child didn’t do any of what your child can already do at his age

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my son did that and would point at what he wants or needs he was babbling alot well at age 3 he got diagnosed with autism and adhd he is now 4 he goes to therpy and school and talks but still babbles and points but he can say words

Try to encourage talking. Instead of saying where is your nose? Point to your nose and say what is this? If he’s wanting milk attempt 3 times to get him to say milk please. My oldest daughter had a speech delay and I realized it was mostly my fault because I would respond to her many cries and whines and pointing instead of encouraging her to speak. After about 2 weeks of trying to encourage her she woke up one morning talking in full sentences and hasn’t stopped talking since! Lol! She’s 11 now! My youngest also had a speech delay thanks to her 3 older siblings constantly catering to her! Lol


All kids are different my first born daughter spoke full sentences at 12 months and had a very advanced vocabulary. My second born daughter is 2.5 and doesn’t talk very well and has been in speech therapy since she was 18months.

I would seek out a speech therapist and get there opinion. My kids startung walking and talking early. But they were also in daycare from 3 months on.

When he is confident and ready

It really depends on what you think and if he just turned two I’d give it time. My first son was the same way but he also wasn’t really showing much interest along with other moods he’d have. He went to speech therapy for two years in a classroom setting and from then on he talks out of his ears. All kids are different and cope differently at that age but since your son just turned two it may be a bit early to evaluate him as a speech delay.

By the age of 2, 2 1/2 my son knew his ABCs, colors, shapes, and some counting. He was also talking in complete sentences. Before 2 he really didn’t say much. Once he hit 2 he just blossomed.

my son was 1 and my daughter just turned 5 but she is also developmentally delayed

I can’t believe people are laughing at this. This mom is asking for support.


I’m a mom of 5 and each of mine talked at different ages. I was a little nervous with my fourth so I had him tested for speech just to see if he qualified which he did. His speech teacher comes to our home once a week for 30 mins and he is caught right up now. I believe we started his speech lessons right after 18 months, he just turned 3 in March. It never hurts to get him them tested, sometimes it’s just nice to hear from a professional that everything is on track.

Mine started at eight to nine months I used to spell candy to tell my husband to bring and my oldest would say I want cangy too both boys walked talked early

My son will be 4 in Aug and is just now talking coherently

My son is 18 months and really only says dada and mama. We’re checking to make sure he’s not tongue tied and also gonna put him in speech therapy. Maybe he’s just a late talker but nothing bad can come out of speech therapy.

Check out Early intervention…its great they come once a week for a hour…plus ther is a playgroup…and gets them all set to start school!!! Best thing I ever did!!!


Every one is different some famous people didn’t talk until.they we’re Five years old and Einstein was one among others

Talk to your doctor. They have tests and all kind of things to make you feel better…like TOMORROW.
I remember worrying about that constantly. Just get your answers from a credible source. Bring him in to his pediatrician and the dr will tell be able to give you the peace of mind that you need.

Mine didn’t talk until 3. I did get him assessed just before 2 though. In our case he was fine but if you’re concerned get a medical assessment done. Start it sooner rather than later as it can take a while to see a specialist.

Don’t do baby talk and don’t give in when he’s pointing, use simple sentences
“Mommy I want a drink” or just repeating drink with him keep encouraging him

My daughter blabbed all the time n within time it became words n now small sentences she will be 2 in june.

My first 2 were really early talkers but my 3rd didn’t talk till he was 3.

My daughter was 2 with the help from early intervention, she just needed that lil push and it took off

My son had to have speech therapy because he would only babble instead of saying actual words. I felt bad for my mom, I didn’t even say my first word til I was 5. :flushed:

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He’s fine. My son is the same way, but he’s making progress and talking a little more at a time. If you notice he has plateaued then you should be concerned and put him in speech therapy

My daughter was the same way. After we moved from Missouri to Utah, I think the change in altitude was why but she kept getting ear infections. She had 6 in the span of 3 months.
We got tubes in her ears and after that she started talking more. Actually she started listening better too.
I think a large part of slow speech is lack of confidence in themselves, they don’t have the confidence to try stringing words together. She still struggles to enunciate or say full sentences at 3 but she loves singing.

Talk to his pediatrician, they ask the right questions to determine if you need to work with someone or not. Thats the perfect age to start if it’s needed.

My son is this way. Well was at that age. He is 3 now. At 2 I mentioned it to his dr and he referred us to a Child Development Center, they have a family support specialist that helps you know what is “normal” or what needs help, they give you resources, anything your child might need (my son got a sensory swing), and they got him a spot in a special pre school as well as got us contacts on private speech therapy and occupational therapy. And let me tell you. In just the four months he has been going his vocabulary has doubled. As well as his attention span for learning has increased. Early intervention is the best because if he does need a little help in school you know a year, two years before he goes so you can get him the help he needs instead of throwing him into kindergarten, where who knows how long he will struggle before they do something. And it’s all free (the private therapy we have to pay a copay on our insurance)

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Mine was talking a bit over 1 yr. You can have him checked out, but not all children start talking or walking at the same time. One thing that might help is when he points at something he wants say the word for the item a couple times. Doctors also say your child will either walk or talk first but not both because of how the brain develops.

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My son did not talk until almost 3…sadly he is still talking🤣

My younger daughter is 3 this month . She is not talking at all . She not putting sentences together, no eye contact and lots of other stuff . She is going to be tested for autism

My son is 3 doesn’t say complete sentences he was diagnosed with a speech delay at 2 years old… he is getting better but there’s times where we still can’t understand him… he does point or just grab what he wants… he went through speech therapy until he turned 3 (last November) and started preschool the day he turned 3 so that’s helping too

I didn’t think my second son would ever talk. He was nearly 4 before saying sentences. He was in tital 1 and speech therapy until 3rd grade. He went on to skip the 8th grade and lettered every year of high school in sports. He graduated at 17 and joined the army and he is 25 now is certified in HVAC but is deployed rite now. So even if they start off slower they can grow and make everyone very proud! Don’t worry to much about it just read lots of books to them and they will pick it up!

Mine blabs and says words is two my other spoke at ten months I think each is different. Does he understand what your saying is important I could tell mine something and he goes and gets it or knows what I’m saying just doesn’t have the opportunity to talk as much his brother tends to speak over and for him

4 of my 5 barely spoke until they were 2 1/2 yrs

My son was over two before any real words developed. Today he has the largest vocabulary of anyone I know. I did have he tested as people raised concerns. However the therapist told me the words will come, be patient.

My first didn’t start really talking until age 2 or so. She could communicate but because she was hearing 2 different languages regularly the ped said her brain was trying to decide which one she wanted to use. At 4 she uses English and Spanish easily. My 2.5 year old started talking sooner than his sister did because he also heard her talking. He hears Spanish as well but he doesnt speak it like his sister does. He used sign language to communicate til he felt comfortable talking. Now neither one of them will hush -_- lol

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My nephew didn’t talk until after 3 my daughter started talking at 2 1/2 and my son hasn’t started but he just turned 2.

Mine turned 2 in November.Speaks in full sentences.repeats everything he hears good or bad.lol.he has a 6 yr old brother and a five year old sister both very verbal.

Girls also develop faster than boys do. My son is two as well and says alot of words, and put two to three words together like hey momma or oh my gosh but hasn’t said like full on sentences. So I took a deeper look into it and it’s nothing to really be concerned about until you hit the age of three… if he still isn’t talking by the age of three then I’d be concerned and talk to his doctor. Just remember all babies are different my oldest is five now but when he was about a year and a half and was speaking full on sentences, taken off the bottle and potty trained all by 16-18 months old. Just work on it do some reading exercises, picture or word flashcards ect. You got this momma !!

Each kid is different tell your mil to hush I’m sorry I don’t usually make that kind of comment lol but how dare her say something is wrong with your baby your baby is just fine