When should babies start walking?

I have a friend who’s baby is 19 months and still not walking. I don’t want to say anything, but do you think this is ok? She has said her dr. Says everything is ok, I just worry for her, and I know she feels insecure about it. What are you thoughts? Do some babies just walk really late with no other underlying issues?


Its not your child and it doesn’t concern you. As long as mom is taking child to the pediatrician to be seen if it’s an issue as in something is causing delay it will likely be handled.

Also some babies just prefer to crawl, be carried, ect


My daughter didn’t start walking until almost 20 months old. She’s perfectly healthy. She just wasn’t ready. Mind your own business.

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My daughter walked at 18months. My other two walked at 16 months and 14 months. They are all teens now. They were just late bloomers but perfectly fine.

My second child was a late walker. If she and her pediatrician are not concerned then you shouldn’t worry about it.

Every child is different and does things in there own time. If the Dr is worried then it should be fine just tell her to be patient. she can do some walking exercises with him