When should baby sleep in their own room?

Hi! At what age would you let a baby sleep in their own room?


My daughter is 4 and still in our bed


My son was maybe 2 months old

My son was 2 months old!

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3 years old with both of my kids :joy:


Whenever you feel like you are ready. Don’t let other people rush you, they aren’t little forever and you will definitely miss it.

I always told my sister, parent at your pace, not anyone else’s.


AAP recommends 1 year to reduce the risk of sids


From newborn if you have a baby monitor

U can from any age it goes from u and the baby my little man is 6 n half months n I don’t feel ready to pop him into he’s own room yet but yet with my now 6 year old he was in he’s own room, do it when u feel comfortable with it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks x

All three of mine have slept on their own since they were born. I used baby monitors so that I could hear them in their rooms.

My little one has been sleeping in her own room since she was like 6 months old. Only time she sleeps with me is if she’s sick or teething.

My daughter has been in her own room since 6 weeks old.

I’m gonna struggle with this cause I’m hoping to get my own apartment soon with my sons own room and idk how he’s going to do in it

Do it whenever you want to. Every baby is different I was put in my room at 2 months, my brother was always in his room, and my other sister went in her room around 4 months. Just make sure you trust yourself to get up to check on them. I personally will keep my son in bassinet until he out grows it!

Since day one they can be in there all day but at night they sleeping with me :joy: I’m too attached :weary:

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I think mine got moved from my room around 3 months…

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5 months with baby monitor

Birth… my children have always slept in their own room. 4 kiddos… so far so good

Once he started rolling over on his own around 5-6 months

We did 3months in crib in town room. In bassinet first only because I had a csection and couldn’t reach into crib comfortably.

3 months for my 3 oldest.

As soon as you’re ready.
I’m moving my son into his own room when he gets too big for his bassinet.

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Mine has from the time I brought him home

My daughter slept in her crib in the room next to ours right away. My son shared our bed until he was 2 1/2. He screamed if he couldn’t be near me. Each child is different. We weren’t afraid of SIDS back then. I just wanted to sleep! Only way to do it was keep son with us. After sleeping with us, then he slept with his sister until he was 4. Finally he would sleep alone. Today he’s married with kids of his own.

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All 3 of mine started sleeping in their bedroom at 3 months old

I started at 9 months with baby monitor. Would probably start around 6 months with my next

Day 1 when coming home from the hospital … I know it sounds horrible to some people, but my boys and my sisters and I did, so did 3/5 of my nephews / nieces and we are all fine.


My kids started sleeping in their own bedroom when they turn 3

Lol. My grandkids are 16 and 14 yrs old. When they come over to stay the night my husband wants them to sleep in our room, still. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I keep telling him they’ll be in college and you’ll still want them in our room. :joy::joy::joy:

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I had planned to do an e tire year with my son to help prevent sids but he grew quickly too long for his bedside bassinet. He also started waking more to sounds after the 4th trimester so he moved into his crib in his room around 4.5 months

Right away. I made the mistake of co-sleeping with my youngest, and 6 years later we can’t get her in her room. We lost her older sister as a baby, so I was always worried something would happen to her.

I did around 5 months both boys once they out grew the bassinet. Though naps were often in other room from day one

My daughter was three months old when she was too big for the bassinet. I think that created the foundation for her now at 5 to fall asleep on her own in her room by herself.

Once their sleeping thru the night. Unless their stubborn with that lol then no later then 3 months old. But that’s my opinion because I avoid co sleeping. Once they out grow the bassinet.

First night home. I’m a tough love parent

My kids slept in their own room from day one we all slept better! They are all alive and independent healthy !

Still pregnant. My main worry is SIDS so I’m afraid that kid will sleep with us :confused:

Birth and a year old they slept in their own room but they always slept alone.

My daughter was 13 months and my son was 3 months old when he started sharing the room with her. Most of my friends had a nursery set up before baby arrived so their babies had their own room from birth.

1 and a half. I was one of those moms who was always worried about SIDS and kept my baby right by me.

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We had the crib in our room for the first few months. She slept in the crib in her own room probably 4-5 months old

Newborn with baby monitor

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My first born was 7-8 months before we switched her to her own room (we didn’t co sleep, she slept in a bassinet then crib in our room). Baby #2 will stay in our room until he outgrows bassinet then we are making the switch

When they slept through the night.

I’ve done between birth and 16 months. Depends on the baby.

Both of my kids were around 3-4 months old. Once they outgrew the bassinet or rock n play then it was time. I wasn’t comfortable co sleeping.


As soon as we moved into a house with enough bedrooms :rofl:

My son was 19 months old when we switched him… But it’s all on how you feel and when your ready

She has always had her own room and randomly slept in it since she was born. But she’s been in her bed pretty consistently for the last few weeks. She’s 5.5 months now. Sadly I’m sleeping worse because I’m afraid of something happening and not hearing her even with the camera/monitor in her room.

The sooner the better! From day 1 with my oldest, my middle was 5-6 months and my youngest is almost 3 and still sleeps in my room :sob: she’s in her own bed but will not sleep in her room

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3 /4 months!
That’s when mine started growing out of their bassinet! Then I slept w a baby monitor/ video cam & was able to see & hear if baby needed me!

Mine did at 2 weeks. I had baby monitor.

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I couldn’t sleep with the baby in my room because I was so concerned with every movement or lack of movement or sound made so I had to have the babies in their own rooms from day 2.

My oldest son was like a couple days own when he started sleeping in his own room cause he would not sleep in the bassinet and I was not going to co sleep with him… Both my boys have been sleeping in their own beds sense they where born and I have never had any trouble with them going to bed… I had them on a schedule right away because I needed them to know when bedtime was… The only time they feel asleep in my bed was when they where sick or had a bad dream but once they feel asleep I would put them back in their beds so when they woke up they knew that is where they slept… They are now 16 and 14… If you are afraid if not hearing them when they cry trust me you will hear them… I am a heavy sleeper and even now I still hear them when they get up in the middle of the night… Its a mom thing!!!

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Mine did at closer to 2… :woman_shrugging: I still use a monitor w camera and sound…

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Newborn. I waited until I got a video monitor

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Once my LO started rolling over on his own I put him in his own room. :woman_shrugging:t2: so like 5 months

When they start sleeping through the night. For my three kiddos that was from anywhere between 6 months to a year…

I believe studies say having babies in your rooms until at least 6 months. Lowers chances of SIDS. Mine were in our room until 6-7 months.

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We did it from the day they came home from the hospital. Never an issue…even now when i tell them to go to bed theres no fight. Its easy bedtime.


ASAP…or at least in the own bed in your room the first 6 months

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6 months. Tiny babies are not meant to sleep alone. Crib beside your bed. Lower risk of SIDS.

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Do what you have to do depending on your circumstances but in my case I was living in a one bedroom apartment so we slept in the same room but now after 2 years of that and saving money I have a 3 bedroom house and my 2 kids have their own room

Do what you have to do depending on your circumstances but in my case I was living in a one bedroom apartment so we slept in the same room but now after 2 years of that and saving money I have a 3 bedroom house and my 2 kids have their own room


8 weeks…own crib, own room.


My babies ALWAYS slept in their bed in their room. I my have slept in that room for a few months. But they need to get used to be in their space and comfortable sleeping alone. I think it’s important for children to be independent and that’s where it starts.

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I started at about 6 months. I used a bedside bassinet until then.


10 mo this but he was always in his own bed in our room

The day I bought them home from the hospital


Not a one size fits all kind of question.


Not willing to let my 11 month old CIO so he is still with me. He’ll sleep in his own room when he’s ready.

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5 years. My kids sleep with me. Cant don’t any other way. Couldn’t imagine then in a room away from me.


6 months in our room. In a bassinet by my bed until then. It reduces SIDS

My first was 3 months and my second was 5 months. My second stayed in our room (in her bassinet) longer because she was still waking up frequently to eat.

Asap my gf got our baby transitioned from her crib to a bed at 12 months she will walk to her bed and hop in it with a bottle and her music box playing and knock right out

I wanted to keep my daughter in the bassinet in our room for a year (“gold standard”) but shes outgrowing the bassinet so we moved the bassinet into her own room about a month ago in preparation for moving her into the crib.

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At baby age lmao.no offense but we dont co sleep ever none of our 5 slept in bed


We put ours at 6 months he slept well not hearing us toss and turn and I’m sure we snore :joy: we got a sound machine because I know he was used to the fan in our room running and he slept good

A little over a year old. In a pack and play beside my bed until then

When ever they start sleeping through the night on their own. Mine took naps in their own room from birth and would sleep at night in a bassinet until like 3 months. Than it was full time in their own beds…I have 4 kids and the baby would alway get woken up if they were in my room by my husband. He would cough in the middle of the night scare the shit out of the baby then mama would be up for the next two hours…

I had angle care for both of my children, they both slept in their own cribs.

A lot of people say as soon as they sleep through…

12-13 months in my house they all slept through the night at 4-7 weeks old…in a bassinet or as they got bigger in a cot in my room

when you are comfortable knowing that they are safe from sids
Its a personal choice nobody can make that decision for you…

I kept our babies in our room for the first year, our 5th was in there longer but that was only because we were redoing the girls room.

At 2 days old. When we came home from the hospital.

From the start. Any co-sleeping makes them dependent on it


We didn’t have a room for ours until she was 10 months, she has been doing great since. Sleeps through the night and for a lot longer. Best decision in my opinion, wish we had been able to do it sooner.

The day they come home from the hospital. Baby monitors were invented for a reason. That space i believe is for myself and partner.


The day they come home? We never had either of our kids in our room.

It’s different for every child & parent. We had our son’s crib in our bedroom & moved it into his own room at 3 months old. He couldn’t sleep through the night and we theorized our snoring was waking him. Once we moved him into his own bedroom he slept longer stretches consistently.

My baby was in her own bed by 3 months

Day 1… otherwise you’ll be back in a few months/years to ask HOW CAN I GET MY CHILD TO SLEEP IN THEIR OWN BEDROOM!.
I can not understand why anyone would come sleep with their baby.,in parents room or bed il.its ridiculous


3 weeks old. Only because she was on a Billie light in the living room for the first half.

36 hours old lol but i basically just stood over her for months♡

4 months due to sids concerns. And makes feeding easier.

At 4 months when they were too big for the bassinet :slight_smile:

Probably about 3-4 months

My daughter was 4 months old when we transitioned her in the crib in her own room. Before that she was sleeping in her bassinet in our room.

3 months to 5 months he was in his own crib then Daddy kept going in for any sound even sleep sounds so he started sleeping in our bed. He is 9 months old and I am easing him back to his own room now and plan on threatening Daddy if he does this again when he gets off the road :joy:

I still cosleep. Ones 8 and ones 3. They sleep most nights in their rooms but still with me when they want.

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For the first month He slept in his crib in his room… I basically slept on the floor near him lol. Now he’s 4 month and successfully sleeping in his room alone. We have a baby monitor… my husband and I sleep peacefully in our bed.